Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Burne

Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Brune. 6.2% ABV, from Charleston, South Carolina is a Belgian-style brown ale or referred to as Brune. Brugge City Brune pours a deep copper brown color with a one and a half finger semi-white head that quickly fades into nothing with not a thing left. There is a sweetness on the nose with very faint bitter notes and some alcohol notes as well that make way for a similar taste with some sweetness, faint bitterness, and a caramel notes coming in towards the back of the mouth that all have a manufactured taste that finishes with a manufactured taste of mild sweetness and not much aftertaste of a faint caramel. Overall this Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Brune is not so great, getting a D+ here, it reminds of a more sweeter soda with a more caramel flavor. I don’ t recommend Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Brune, oh no it’s not great.  \ I did think it was very good, it taste like a manufactured soda, and I don’t think I would have or buy this again. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!       

Lenny Boy Brewing Co. Festbier German-Style Lager

Lenny Boy Brewing Co. Festibier German-Style Lager, 6.3% brewing here in Charlotte, NC and purchased from Pop The Top. This is a traditional German-Style Lager that pours Gold yellow color with a two-finger clean white head that steadily fades away giving semi-sweet honey biscuit malts with a very faint light hop note. The taste is on the bland side with honey-sweet notes that coexist with a faint hop character and a biscuit notes that finishes with a very faint hop twinge and a faint sweetness that has a short aftertaste that is minimally sweet and hoppy with a slight metallic note with a light mouthfeel. Lenny Boy Brewing Co. Festibier German-Style Lager is slightly on the boring side getting a low C-. I’ve had beers in this style where the flavor popped this Festbier has an overall bland flavor profile and yet I did finish a pint of it and wasn’t totally grossed out by it but I would not by this again, but it’s not the worst choice. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

The Unknown Brewing Company Vehopciraptor Triple India Pale Ale

Yes, you read that correctly, Unknown Brewing company Vehopciraptor Triple India Pale Ale, 9.9% with 90 IBUs is a triple IPA and you don’t really see those types of IPAs. Vehopciraptor brewed locally here in Charlotte, NC with nine hop and nine hop additions. This is the first time I’ve seen this in a sixteen-ounce can, before it usually been in a bomber or 750 milliliter bottle. Velociraptor pours a deep copper color with dark orange edges with a two-finger white creamy looking head that leaves great lacing behind and has a strong dank sticky hoppy aroma that is slightly malty with nice bitterness coming through. Taste similar to the nose with nice strong dank resin notes with a nice bitterness that is sticky but somehow smooth, you don’t really get the full brunt of the 90 IBUs, but as it warms more of the strong IBU comes through. Vehopciraptor finishes bitter sticky with a slightly malty flavor and a little oniony aftertaste with a full mouthfeel. I found Unknown Brewing company Vehopciraptor Triple India Pale Ale to not really feel as much of triple IPA that it is, and that helps give this monster IPA an A. It has good traditional IPA flavor profile besides being a big triple IPA.  If you like big IPAs then I recommend Unknown Brewing company Vehopciraptor Triple India Pale Ale. Please drink responsibly! Cheers!        

Throwback Thursday: NoDa Brewing Company CAVU Blonde Ale

Originally Posted on September 7th, 2014

I’ve seen more and more beer in cans recently and that isn’t a bad thing. In the past canned beer wasn’t thought of as good as the bottled beer. People thought the materials of aluminum cans would make the beer taste funny. Now can technology has gone many times better. But canned beer can go places that bottled beer cannot. You can take can’s of beer to the beach, put them in a backpack, or in the cooler without worry, and aluminum cans don’t break when dropped. NoDa Brewing Company here in Charlotte, North Carolina makes beer in cans and here is one of their newer beers CAVU (Ceiling and visibility unlimited), 4.6% ABV, and is in a rather cool looking sixteen ounce can. CAVU pours a clear golden color with a one-finger fizzy wheat head that dissipates quickly but leaves behind minimal lacing. I found lots of light streaming through the glass with healthy amounts of carbonation. The aroma is a bit fruity with a bit of grapefruit and some oranges. There is a slight whiff of pine in the aroma as well. NoDa CAVU has a crisp taste of fruity hops, this is due to the use of west coast hops, I found there to be grapefruit and orange with hints of a piney grassy taste on the back of the mouth. I also found a buttery cracker flavor in the middle of the mouth and towards the back. CAVU has a medium to light mouthfeel with a nice hop character. This beer finishes nicely with a crisp hoppy bit and has a fruity hop aftertaste. NoDa Brewing Company CAVU gets an A, this is a good beer that doesn’t overpower your taste buds and is easy to drink as well as refreshing, and has a very cool looking can too. I enjoyed this one very much and I do highly recommend that you go and try NoDa Brewing Company CAVU for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

The Beer News

Here are this week’s news and events happening in the Charlotte, North Carolina area!

  • Thursday, September 26th. IPA Series Release: Friends in Low Places IPA. Birdsong Brewing Co. 3 pm-10 pm. Join us for another brew from our Limited Release IPA Series!

    This time we’re bringing you Friends in Low Places, a low calorie/carb IPA, with just 94 calories per serving and 6g of carbs! Join us for the release of this limited IPA on Thursday, 9/26!

    Crisp and refreshing with bright tropical aromatics, our new low-carb IPA delivers a full flavor with a fraction of the calories and carbs. Easy drinking without guilt!

    Friends in Low Places will release on draft and in cans at 3p!

    Per 12 FL OZ – Average Analysis:
    Calories 94
    Carbohydrates 6 grams
    Protein 1 gram
    Fat 0 gram


  • Friday, September 27th. Citranomicron Release. NoDa Brewing Company. 3 pm-10 pm. Join us on Friday, September 27th at 3 pm for a special release. This hefty Imperial IPA, sitting at 10% ABV, was made with our mash/lauter tun as a super hop back.👌🏻 With this vessel, we use a high dose of Citra whole leaf hops at a rate that we would never be able to achieve on our main production brewery. 😲This brew mostly utilizes Citra but also has help from Mosaic, Cascade and Mandarina hop. Come by to enjoy this ominous ode to the mighty power of Citra. 🍻


  • Friday, September 27th. Brewmaster Dinner with Carolina Beer Temple. Carolina Beer Temple. 7 pm-10 pm. Tickets $50 at Join us as we continue the celebration of Steele Creek Beer Week with Harry’s Grille & Tavern & Carolina Beer Temple! Harry’s Grille & Tavern Executive Chef & Carolina Beer Temple Certified Cicerone are teaming up for a fun evening of food & beer! They’re preparing a five-course menu with beer pairings to enhance the flavors of each dish.

    Tickets are limited. Reserve your spot today!

    First Course

    Ahi Tuna
    Diced and mixed with avocado, and sesame. Garnished with wasabi Dijon aioli

    Paired with Resident Culture Brewing “There Is No Light Without Dark” Schwarzbier

    Second Course

    Petite Wedge Salad
    Candied pecans, chevre, granny smith apples, dried cranberries, orange ginger vinaigrette

    Paired with Botanist and Barrel “Chai of the Tiger” Rum Barrel-Aged Cider made with Chocolate Habanero Tea from Asheville Tea Company

    Third Course

    Blackened shaved brussels sprouts with lemon crème Fraiche

    Paired with Westmalle Trappist Brewery “Tripel”

    Fourth Course

    Grilled sliced spinalus (Ribeye Cap)
    Seared mushrooms, port reduction

    Paired with Olde Hickory Brewery “2017 Event Horizon” Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Honey

    Fifth Course

    Apple Strudel
    French vanilla whipped cream, cinnamon whipped cream, fresh berries, and candied apple slices.

    Paired with Brasserie de Rochefort “10” Belgian Quad


  • Saturday, September 28th. Wet Wet Can Release! Sycamore Brewing. 12 pm-11 pm. The day after being harvested, we heaped fresh, sticky Michigan has grown Crystal and Chinook into this special, once a year treat.

Beer & Chips Pairing: Wooden Robot Urban Farmhouse Brewery Green Beast IPA & Frito-Lays Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper

This Beer & Chips Paring; Wooden Robot Urban Farmhouse Brewery Green Beast IPA, 7.5% ABV & Frito-lays Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper. I spotted these chips at my local Harris Teeter and knew it was time for a pairing. I have a review of Wooden Robot Urban Farmhouse Brewery Green Beast IPA posted here on this blog. Frito-lays Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper has a yellow with green Jalapeño flakes on them and has a smoky spicy potato aroma. They have a nice light crunch with a nice potato spice and smoke light smoky bacon-like flavor when you take a swig of Green Beast after ingesting a chip the beer cuts down on the Jalapeño spice leaving a nice potato bacon flavor. However, the Jalapeño does slowly creeps back later after the beer washes down over your tongue but not as strong as the initial bite. T  Wooden Robot Urban Farmhouse Brewery Green Beast IPA does pair somewhat okay with Frito-lays Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper, I give this whole pairing a C+. The Jalapeño flavor washes out with the beer and kind of recovers and I would like to have more Jalapeño throughout the beer. Both the beer and the chops are great on their own, it’s not bad together, just not great. Please drink responsibly!

Birdsong Brewing Co. Movin’ On Up Hazy Pale Ale

Birdsong Brewing Co. Movin’ On Up Hazy Pale Ale, 5.8% ABV brewed in Charlotte, NC with Idaho Gem, Strata, Cashmere, El Dorado hops, flaked oats, and wheat. I saw this on a Birdsong display at my local Total Wine, I decided to purchase it because it a hazy Pale Ale, not a hazy IPA, it was a bit different. Movin’ On Up pours a Hazy deer yellow nearly orange color with a two-finger slightly off white head giving off bright tropical sweet fruity aroma with nice bitter notes. Movin’ On Up has a nice tropical fruit flavor with some light mango and pineapple that bitter yet juicy with a nice light sweetness with a tropical fruit finish with a nice sweet yet faintly bitter aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. Birdsong Brewing Co. Movin’ On Up Hazy Pale Ale is interesting in the fact that it is a Pale Ale that is nice and tropical with just the right sweet fruit and bitterness that deserves a B+, just give it a slightly more hoppy bitter notes and it would creep up to an A-, but it has nice tropical fruit notes that make it nice and refreshing with a nice sweetness and yes I do recommend you try it! Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Wooden Robot Brewery Green Beast IPA

Wooden Robot Urban Farmhouse Brewery Green Beast IPA, 7.5% SABV now in cans, and was only on tap. Green Beast is one of the first canned along with three others from Wooden Robot Brewery here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Green Beast, purchased from Pop The Top is brewed with local barley, wheat, and oat malts and dry-hopped with Cungeist Hops. Green Beast pours a deep orange copper color with a two-finger steady white head that fades into a nice white cap that gives peachy hoppy aromas that have a little bitter orange note coming through slightly. I got a peach taste with some bitter hops and a tiny little sweet note with a nice fruity bitter finish with a faint peach. The aftertaste is bitter and much like an IPA, but you get a very faint peachy bittersweetness with a medium mouthfeel. Wooden Robot Urban Farmhouse Brewery Green Beast IPA is certainly a different take on an IPA and was enjoyable getting a B here. The peachy was certainly a nice and yet different added touch, and it really cool to see such an awesome brewery canning their good beers, no you can have Wooden Robot Urban Farmhouse Brewery beers at home or wherever you want! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Ballast Point Brewing Grapefruit Sculpin

Originally posted on November 4th, 2015


I have said this many time before, IPAs are growing in popularity more and more each day. Breweries are coming up with new and inventive IPA’s all the time, it seema like there is at least 6 new IPAs a day out on the market. Here is a popular one from Ballast Point Brewing Company in San Diego California, Grapefruit Sculpin, 7.0% ABV. This is a grapefruit version of their famous Sculpin IPA. Grapefruit Sculpin pours a copper color with an off white two and a half finger head that dissipates a normal speed and leaves medium sized lacing behind. The aroma is like a normal IPA but with a nice grapefruit juice aroma to go along with the piney earth notes. I found to have sour bitter grapefruit scent to it that was nice on the nose. The taste is earth a little bitter with touches of pine and yes there is a big grapefruit flavor that reminds of Shine Ruby Red Bird but with out ginger. Grapefruit Sculpin isn’t overly hoppy or bitter, it has the right amount of it to really balance it out, but I find that the grapefruit isn’t as predominate, as it should be for a beer with grapefruit in the name. But that doesn’t kill the beer though. I think Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin is a B+. I would like to have it be juicier with more grapefruit. I enjoyed this and thought it was good. Just need a touch more grapefruit is all it needs. I recommend try it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

The Beer News

Here are this week’s news and events happening in the Charlotte, North Carolina area! 

  • Wednesday, September, 18th. Flying Saucer Oktoberfest Glass Night. Flying Saucer Charlotte. 7 pm-10pm. Annual Flying Saucer Oktoberfest Glass Night


  • Wednesday, September 18th. Brewery of the Month-Wicked Weed Brewing. Coastal Resturant and Bar. 5 pm-7 pm. Our September Brewery of the Month is Wicked Weed Brewing. A rep from the brewery will be here on the 18th pouring samples of Uncle Rick’s Pilsner and handing out swag. Join us for a wicked good time!


  • Thursday, September 19th. Dank Juice Double IPA Release. Triple C Brewing Company. 4 pm-10 pm. Next up from our Barrel Room brewhouse is Dank Juice Double IPA!This Double pours a hazy golden yellow with a dense white head. Aromas of candied apricots, resinous pine, fresh mango, overly ripened pineapple. Dank flavors of juicy tropical & stone fruit, melon, green hops, and pineapple core.

    See you on Thursday!


  • Thursday, September 19th. Jazzy Belle Belgian Farmhouse Ale. Triple C Brewing Company. 4 pm-10 pm. This jazzy sensation has a sultry ginger bass line, a keyboard of rosemary and an earthy, pepper horn section. A melodic blend of everything great about a Belgian farmhouse ale. Pairs well with ‘Straight, No Chaser’ by Thelonious Monk.6.4% ABV
    26 IBU


  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday, September 19th-21st. OMB’s 11th Annual Oktoberfest. Friday 11 am-11 pm, Saturday 11 am-11 pm, Sunday 11 am-11 pm. OMB’s 11th Annual Mecktoberfest is September 20-22!

    Bier! Pretzels! Lederhosen! Dirndls! Music! Sausages! Steins! Das boot!

    Get ready for 3 whole days of Charlotte’s original Oktoberfest!

    And…… DAS BOOT! We’re bringing back our 1 Liter Glass Boot filled with bier for Mecktoberfest!

    We’ll also have some fun and exciting games & competitions this year including:

    • Stein Hoisting Competition
    • Hammerschlagen (look this up!)
    • Beer Stein Race
    • Beard & Mustache Competition
    • Costume Contest

    EVENT DETAILS & Highlights

    In addition to the Mecktoberfest Märzen Lager, all of OMB’s year-round brews will be on tap throughout the celebration: Copper Altbier, Captain Jack Pilsner, Hornet’s Nest Hefeweizen, Fat Boy Baltic Porter, & OMB’s hottest new beer, 704 Hoppy Wheat Ale.

    Enjoy the taste of authentic German fares such as Pork Schnitzel, Currywurst, German Potato Salad, Frikadellen, Bavarian Pretzels with Copper Beer Cheese, and much more.

    To build your thirst, we highly encourage you to dance and sing along with perennial crowd favorite, The Holzhackern Tyrolean Band, who will be headlining OMB’s Mecktoberfest for the tenth year running. Joining The Holzhackern this year will be the Bavarian band, Little German Band.

    There will also be fun activities and competitions for all each day as well as souvenirs to take home.

    As always, admission is free. Mecktoberfest will take place on OMB’s expansive 10.5-acre wooded grounds at 4150 Yancey Road in Charlotte’s Lower South End (LoSo). With seating outdoors for well over 1,000 and hundreds more inside, there’s plenty of room for friends, families, and dogs.

    Friday, September 20th
    Hours: 11am-11pm
    Little German Band
    Holzhackern Tyrolean Band

    Commemorative Glassware: Gold-leaf logoed Das Boot (1L) available for purchase with the first fill of fresh beer included for $19.99. Limited Quantity. First come, first served.

    Saturday, September 21st
    Hours: 11am-11pm
    Little German Band
    Holzhackern Tyrolean Band

    Commemorative Glassware: Gold-leaf logoed Das Boot (1L) available for purchase with the first fill of fresh beer included for $19.99. Limited Quantity. First come, first served.

    Fun Surprises:
    • Stein Hoisting Competition
    • Hammerschlagen
    • Beer Stein Race
    • Beard & Mustache Competition
    • Costume Contest

    Sunday, September 22nd
    Hours: 11am-10pm
    Little German Band
    Holzhackern Tyrolean Band

    Commemorative Glassware: Gold-leaf logoed Das Boot (1L) available for purchase with the first fill of fresh beer included for $19.99. Limited Quantity. First come, first served.

    Fun Surprises:
    • Stein Hoisting Competition
    • Hammerschlagen
    • Beer Stein Race
    • Beard & Mustache Competition
    • Costume Contest


  • Friday, September 19th. CLT United ’19 Release. NoDa Brewing Company. 3 pm-10 pm. The Charlotte UNITE Festival is back once again! Queen City Unity presents: The Charlotte UNITE Festival. This multicultural event looks to unite people of all backgrounds in Charlotte to celebrate our diversity.

    To support this wonderful organization and their efforts, we brewed, CLT Unite ’19. This Grapefruit Hazy IPA, sitting at 6.5%, is hopped with heavy late and dry hop additions of Azacca and Cascade hops. It’s cloudy from all the wheat and oats used and also from fermenting on grapefruit puree, giving it juicy and zesty notes of deliciousness. 🍻Help us support a good cause and stop by to enjoy this IPA, while $1 from every pint sold will benefit Queen City Unity directly. 🙌🏻


  • Saturday, September 20th. Woofstock 2019. NoDa Brewing Company. 11 am-4 pm. Are you looking to have a Groovy fun time? Come out to Woofstock and bring your furry friends! This year will be our 11th year for the event and it will be bigger and better than ever!

    Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love and Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue are teaming up to bring you this great event! There will be cool vendors…several rescues…AWESOME silent auction…food trucks, great craft beers, and lots of adoptable dogs!
    $5 donation at the door gets you your first craft brew on the house.

    Please check back often for updates on vendors and sponsors on this years Woofstock!!!


    NoDa Brewing Company
    Four Dogs Pet Supplies
    Three Dog Bakery Lake Norman
    First Mate Pet Foods
    Paws Whiskers and Wags
    Green Compass Global
    Williams Subaru
    Charlotte Pooch
    Chariot Creative
    AKBS Photo
    K9 Playland
    Tito’s Vodka

    Paparazzi Accessories
    West End Attic
    Pet Wants: The Urban Feed Store
    Camp Bow Wow Charlotte Metro
    Pets In The City
    Rachel Hemendinger Jewelry
    Barkitecture Charlotte
    TinaMarie Heckman Animal Communicator
    Epic Animal Recovery
    GeekyCutesy Handstamped & Bespoke Designs
    Renewal by Anderson
    Pet People
    Paintings and Things
    Pumpkin Dog
    Pickleweeds Press
    Simply American Dog Treat Truck
    2 Sweet Pet Products
    Pet Supplies Plus
    Glow Spot Glow
    Barkitecture Charlotte
    Hip Hop Smoothies
    Brown Mutt Wood Works
    AC Healing Herbs and Gems
    Hey Buddy Boutique
    Woofgang Bakery Southpark
    Darby Acres
    Twisted Rose Designs
    Lost Coz Designs
    TuxedoKat Imaginarium
    McCraws Bar B Que
    Top Golf Charlotte
    Support Local Apparel
    Spirit Connections

    Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love
    Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue
    Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue
    Greyhound Friends
    You & Me Forever
    Southeast German Shepherd Rescue


  •  Saturday, September 20th. Motel Moments Milkshake IPA Can Release. Sycamore Brewing. 12 pm-11 pm. Our ‘Motel Moments Milkshake IPA’ Can Release is this Saturday at 12noon! Secretive hops rendezvous on milk sugar pillows in this silky smooth, very hazy treat.


  • Sunday, September 21st. Steel Creek Beer Week Kickoff Sale. Carolina Beer Temple Charlotte. 12 pm-8 pm. Tickets at No tickets needed. Kick off the inaugural Steele Creek Beer Week right with our biggest sale ever! We are giving all of our customers an amazing 50% on ALL Crowlers, Growlers, and Wine By the Glass! Our legendary tap list is at your disposal, giving you the opportunity to take home any of them for a fraction of normal. And if you have been curious to try our newly updated list of wines, what better way to do so than at half price?


  • Tuesday, September 23rd. Generously Hopped. Wooden Robot 5:30 pm-10 pm. Throughout September, Wooden Robot’s monthly Generously Hopped brew will benefit Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation! On September 24th, we welcome you to join Wooden Robot and JGCF for a “Kick the Keg” event! Starting at 5:30pm purchase a large pour of Generously Hopped and you will receive a raffle ticket to win some amazing prizes from favorites like Run for Your Life, Honeysuckle Gelato, and FitStop Performance. PLUS, Tiff’s Treats will be on-site to provide free, warm samples of their delicious cookies!