Highland Brewing Pilsner

This beer here is a re-review of Highland Brewing Pilsner. I originally reviewed this three years ago. I’m re-reviewing this Pilsner because as your pallet grows and your taste can change. You might find something to be good then your palate grows more sophisticated. So let’s see how my pallet has grown. This beer is from Asheville, North Carolina, and is 5.5% ABV. This beer has all German hops. This Pilsner pours a golden yellow color with a one and a-quarter finger white head. The head quickly fizzles away to nearly nothing. The aromas are crisp, slightly hoppy, with a sweet note. The flavor is crisp with a light sweetness and bitter notes. The bitterness does take the beer’s overall flavor off a bit. This beer’s mouthfeel is light. Then this pilsner beer finishes with a bittersweetness. That bittersweetness does show itself in the aftertaste but in a lesser form. There is a breaded note aftertaste as well. I gave this Pilsner a B+ back then. Now aftertaste drinking it again. I would say it’s a C. The bitterness holds this back a bit. But it’s average, in my opinion. It’s a fine average Pilsner beer that I would have again, but this would not be my first choice, but I still drink it. Highland Brewing is underrated, in my opinion. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

The Mason Jar Lager Co. Pull Tab Pilsner

I have not heard much of The Mason Jar Lager Co before, but I have seen Pull Tab Pilsner. I got this in a mixed six-pack recently. This beer is 4.7% ABV and is from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. This beer pours a yellow color with a one 1/2 finger white quick head. This beer’s aroma is dry, sweet, crisp, and clean. The flavor is dry as well, sweet, & bitter. The mouthfeel is light. Then this beer has an off-putting finish. It is bittersweet and awful. Then comes a quick aftertaste of terrible candy. This beer’s flavors are not getting along with one another. They don’t test well altogether. I found this beer to be awful. That sweetness that hits the back of the tongue is hard to get past. I couldn’t finish this beer. I only got to half before pouring the rest out. I’d give Pull Tab Pilsner an F+. It is okay until the beer hits the back of your tongue. The aftertaste doesn’t stay long at all. So that helps a little. I would not drink this again, nor would I recommend it. It was not good. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Oskar Blues Brewery Double Dale’s American Double India pale ale

Double Dale’s came to me from a local grocery store, “build your own” mixed six-pack. This beer is an American Double India Pale Ale from Oskar Blues Brewery. This beer is a Double or Imperial version of the brewery’s Dale’s IPA. This IPA is 9% ABV. Oskar Blues has three locations of brewing. The original is over in Longmont, Colorado. There is another in Austin, Texas, and one near me in Brevard, North Carolina. This IPA probably came from Brevard. Thar is where most of the east coast beer of Oskar Blues comes out. This IPA pours a darker yellow with a five-finger white head. It slowly dissipates into nice lacing around the glass. The aroma is piney, dank, hoppy, and bitter. The flavor follows the nose with piney flavors and is smooth with light citrus. The mouthfeel is smooth and semi-full. Then this double IPA finishes bitter, hoppy, and piney. The aftertaste is smooth and bitter with nice hoppy notes. This IPA does not taste or drink like a 9% ABV beer. This beer has a delicious flavor. I give this an A. The piney notes are strong. You notice that piney flavor throughout. It’s good and one that I highly recommend. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Fonta Flora Brewery Blood Butcher Mixed-Culture Ale

This beer, Bloody Butcher Mixed-Culture Ale is a Farmhouse/Appalachian Grisette. This ale is 5.2% ABV from Fonta Flora Brewery in Nebo, North Carolina, with tasting rooms in Morganton and Charlotte, North Carolina. It has Red Heritage corn. This ale pours a bright yellow color with a three-and-a-half finger of bright white head. The aroma is funky and dry, with corn and light sweet notes. The flavor is complex, with a funky corn-sweet flavor and a dry middle/end. The mouthfeel is medium but on the lower side of that. Then this beer has a dry corn finish. Then comes the dry-ish aftertaste that is lightly sweet and has a salt note. The aftertaste doesn’t linger at all. It’s there, and then it’s gone. I enjoy Blood Butcher. I give this ale an A+ with a high recommendation. It’s different from most beer and is a welcome change from all the “IPAs” and more commonly found crafts. It is not too complex that you can’t finish one or go on for another. It is a well-brewed and balanced beer. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company Something Cold Premium Blonde Ale

This ale, Something Cold Premium Bold Ale, is another purchase from Stateliness Elite. This beer is 5% ABV. This beer pours a golden color with a three-finger white head that fades slowly. It has a grain aroma, with a lightly sweet citrus flavor and bread notes. The taste is citrusy, bright, clean, and with some grain flavors with a hint of bread. The mouthfeel is light. Then this blonde ale finishes crisp and clean with a light fruited flavor. Then you come to a crisp aftertaste of bread and grains. This ale is an easy-drinking beer. You could have many of these. This beer would be good on the hot golf course. The flavor is just right and doesn’t overpower your tastebuds. I give Something Cold an A. It has all the deliciousness with none of the filler. I recommend you try it! Please be kind, stay safe and remember to enjoy! Cheers!

Maine Beer Company King Titus Porter

King Titus Port is another beer from Maine Beer Company. This porter is 7.5% ABV. This beer name comes from a silverback gorilla, and this brewery and beer support the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund in Rwanda. This beer has Centennial and Columbus hops. It also has American 2-Row, Caramel 40L, Chocolate, Munich 10L, Midnight Wheat, Caramel 80L, and Flaked Oats malts. This porter pours a deep dark black color with a thick three-finger cream beige head. The aroma is sweet tobacco, chocolate, roasted coffee, and malty. The flavor is creamy and rich. There is coffee, roasted malt flavors, tobacco, and a light hoppy note. The mouthfeel is full. Then this porter has a little hoppy finish. Then you get a roasted chocolate tobacco and malt aftertaste. As this beer warms, the flavors lighten just a little. I found this porter not to be so big and heavy. It has mild ABV for a porter and doesn’t feel so full. It has a lot of flavors to it without being overwhelming. I’d give King Titus Porter an A+. If you see King Titus Porter, then I recommend buying it. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Maine Beer Company Zoe

I went over the state border into South Carolina where they have an actual liquor store and not a state-run ABC store like here in North Carolina. I bought I bottle of Zoe from the Maine Beer Company in Freeport, Maine. This is a hoppy amber ale that is 7.2% ABV. This ale has Simcoe, Centennial, and Columbus hops in it. It also has American 2-Row, Maris Otter Pale, Carmel 40L, Munich 10L, Victory, Carmel 80L, and Chocolate malts. This ale pours a deep amber color with a three-finger rocky beige head, that slowly fades into a nice lacing. The aroma is Malty, sweet, and hoppy. The flavor is malty, with a little vegetable note, sweet, and hoppy. It is pretty much the same as it smells. This is more malted with the way the hoppy notes are lighter. The mouthfeel is full. Then this amber beer finishes with a malted hop note. Then comes the aftertaste of malted hop cones. This is a good hoppy amber ale. I would give Zoe a B+. The sweetness is balanced out by the light hop notes But you don’t get a Hugh punch of hops, because that is being subdued by the malty flavor. This is one beer I would recommend, but it is not easy to find. I got this at Stateline Elite in Fort Mill, South Carolina on Highway 521. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Legion Brewing Co. Blood Orange Juicy Jay East Coast India Pale Ale

Coming from Legion Brewing Co. in Charlotte, North Carolina. Blood Orange Juicy Jay East Coast India Pale Ale. This Juicy Jay is 6.3% ABV. This Juicy Jay is another variation of Legion’s Juicy Jay. This IPA pours a light yellow color with a decent two-finger white head. It fades steadily and leaves behind little lacing. The aroma is fruity (pineapple, blood orange) and bitter. The flavor is bitter, hoppy, light blood orange, and some pineapple. It is hoppy as well. Then this IPA finishes with bitter fruits. Then you get an aftertaste of bitter, hoppy light fruit flavor that doesn’t linger. This IPA is not terrible. But the blood orange is a little light. I would’ve liked a little more blood-orange flavor. I would say this beer is a B-. The original Juicy Jay is a little better. But I would,d say that you shouldn’t try it. It is worth a try. Overall I would say this Variety of Juicy Jay is different, and that’s not bad. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Burial Beer Billows Dry-Hopped Kolsch-Style Ale

I picked this Billows Dry-Hopped Kolsch-Style Ale, 4.9% ABV from my local pasta shop, Pasta and Provisions. This beer is from Asheville, North Carolina. This beeris brewed by Burial Beer. This Kolsch is dry-hopped with Mandarina, Bavaria, and Centennial hops. It is also fermented, with Kolsch yeast. This beer pours a vibrant yellow with a three finger fluffy bight white head. The head fades slowly into decent lacy curtains. The aroma is hoppy, a little lemony, clean but dry. The taste is also hoppy with a lemon and a dry little chalkiness. This Kolsch is smooth, clean, and refreshing as well. The mouthfeel is light. This one doesn’t sit heavy on you. The aftertaste is slightly dry with a bit go hoppy notes. Then comes an aftertaste of hops and a light lemon dry flavor. This dry hopped Kolsch really surprised me with how good it is. It has superb flavors that meld together, making for a delicious beer. I give this an A+. It is fabulous, and I really recommend this beer. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Legion Brewing Oktoberfest Oak-Aged Oktoberfest Lager

This Oktoberfest Lager or Märzen Bier is Oakoberfest Oak-Aged Oktoberfest Lager. This beer comes from Legion Brewing in Charlotte, North Carolina and is a 5.5% ABV. This beer, is aged on charred American Oak. This beer pours a deep amber/copper color with a four finger slowly fading beige head. The aroma is of caramel, malted notes, spices, and vanilla. The flavor is a creamy caramel sweetness, spiced notes, malty flavors. It has a dry finish with a light bitterness. The aftertaste is a bit dry. There is also light spiciness, and some faint bittersweetness. I’ve had better Oktoberfest Lagers. This beer not so good I’d give this a D+. It’s not the worst Oktoberfest style beer I’ve had, but it comes close. It has more bitterness than I like, even though it has an International Bittering Unit of 27, which is low. This beer isn’t near the IBU’s of any IPA or Pale Ale. That is not what you typically find in a Märzen/Oktoberfest Lager. The fact that this beer is aged on American Oak is interesting. You don’t see this style of beer aged on or in anything. I wouldn’t say you should stay away, but I wouldn’t seek it out. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!