Sugar Creek Brewing Company Unlimited Juicy East Coast India Pale Ale

This beer Unlimited Juice from Sugar Creek Brewing Company, is a new seasonal beer for the Charlotte, North Carolina-based brewery. It is a slight departure from their Belgian beers. This IPA is 6.5% ABV. I saw this beer on the brewery’s Instagram, then a few weeks later, it showed up at my local grocery store. This beer has IPA Cascade, Citra, and Simcoe hops. This beer pours a hazy/cloudy yellow color with a two-finger fluffy white head. The aroma is juicy tropical and citrus fruits with a bitter note. The flavor is juicy with orange, pineapple, melon, and bitter notes. It has a good balance of fruits and bitterness. There is a yeasty and light creamy taste too. The mouthfeel is medium. Then this beer comes to a bitter, juicy tropical fruity finish. Then you get a tropical fruit salad aftertaste. This beer is fabulous, and I highly recommend it. I give Unlimited Juicy an A+. This IPA is refreshing and easy to drink. This IPA is well balanced between fruity and bitterness. It is a warm-weather beer. So Go and get yourself some. Please stay safe, always be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers

Elysian Brewing Company Full Contact Imperial Hazy IPA

This beer, brewed in Seattle, Washington, is Full Contact Imperial Hazy IPA. This beer is brewed by Elysian Brewing Company and comes in at 8.8% ABV. This big IPA has 2-Row, Malted Wheat, and Unsalted Wheat malts. This beer also has Centennial, Simcoe, Strata, and more. Elysian didn’t say what more is. But I think there may be Citra hops too. This IPA pours a yellow color with a two-finger white head. The aroma is fruity, citrusy, dank, boozy, and bitter. The taste is alcoholic, and fruity with tangerine and orange. There is a dankness to this beer with bitterness. The mouthfeel is medium. This beer finishes with a dank, bitter, citrus flavor. The aftertaste is bitter, orange/tangerine, and boozy. I found Full Contact to be average and not that strong. I would give it a C. It wasn’t bad, but nothing was memorable. I would pass on this beer next time. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Goose Island Beer Co. Hazy Beer Hug

This beer Hazy Beer Hug is part of the Goose Island Beer Co. Beer Hug series. This Hazy IPA is 6.8% ABV. This IPA has Amarillo, Galaxy, and Nelson hops. This IPA pours a light yellow/orange color. It also has a one-finger white head. It quickly dissolves. The aroma is fruity (pears, peaches, and white/green grapes) and bitter/hoppy. The flavor is also fruity with green grapes, peaches, and pears. This beer is hoppy and bitter. The mouthfeel is slightly medium. Then it finishes with a bitter fruit flavor. Then comes a bitter aftertaste that quickly turns fruity just as the aftertaste fades away. This Hazy Beer Hug was average, not a terrible beer, but not great. I would give this hazy IPA from Goose Island Beer Co. a C. I didn’t find any of the flavors off-putting or terrible. It just did not wow me. I would recommend it for its boring. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Redhook Ale Brewery Storm Surge Hazy IPA

Before I get into the review, I am taking two weeks off from drinking January first until the fourteenth. Then I will be back to regularly scheduled reviewing. Now back to this review. This beer is Storm Surge Hazy IPA. This beer weighs in at 6.8% ABV. It’s from Redhook Ale Brewery in Seattle, Washington. Redhook has been around since 1981. They have breweries in Portland, Oregon and New Hampshire. This hazy IPA has Premium, 2-Row, Melanoidin, biscuit, and wheat malts. It also uses Galaxy, Mosaic, Lemondrop, and Cascade hops. This beer pours a hazy yellow color with a two-finger white head. The aroma is bitter, juicy, and fruity, with lemon and some malt. The flavor is bitter, fruity (light lemon), and juicy. It has a strong alcohol feel to it. The mouthfeel is medium. Then this beer finishes bitter, and hoppy with a fruity, juicy flavor. The aftertaste is a lingering bitter alcoholic fruitiness. This beer grows on you as you drink it down. It was hoppy enough. It was just the right amount of juicy fruit. I give Storm Surge Hazy IPA a B-. It does have more of an alcoholic finish that I like for this style of beer. But that is the only fault of this beer. I do recommend this beer. It’s pretty easy to find just about anywhere you by beer. Please be kind, stay safe, and always remember to enjoy responsibly! Have a happy holiday! Cheers! 

Hopfly Brewing Company Shatter Hazy Pale Ale

This beer Shatter from Hopfly Brewing Company is the first beer I have seen/had from their new brewery here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This beer is a 5.8% hazy pale ale. This beer is part of Dank Expressions and is double-dry hoped, with Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin, and Mosaic Spectrum hops. This pale ale pours a hazy yellow with a three-finger white head. The head has decent retention. The aroma is juicy melon, hoppy and bitter. The flavor is similar to the smell with juicy bitter melon and hoppy creamy notes. There is a light powdery taste on this beer that you might get from a dry-hopped beer. The mouthfeel is medium. Then this beer finishes with a hoppy semi-dry melon. Then you get a bitter fruity aftertaste last long enough to enjoy it. I enjoyed Shatter Hazy Pale Ale. I would give this beer a high B+. It is refreshing and not so heavy that you can’t drink a few of them. I think it has a nice balance of flavor, drinkability, and mouthfeel. I would recommend trying this. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

NoDa Brewing Company Fusion Series Vol. III with Passion Fruit

A while back on this blog, I reviewed Vol. II from this NoDa Brewing Company Fusion Series. This beer is Vol. III with Passion Fruit, 9.4% ABV. This beer is an imperial, hazy IPA brewed here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This IPA pours a hazy yellow with a two-finger white steady head. The aroma is tropical (passion fruit) and bitter. The flavor or taste is tropical passion fruit, bitter/hoppy, and more alcoholic tasting than some imperial IPAs. It has a smoothness to it, along with a resting quality. The mouthfeel is on the fuller side, but I would say that it is fuller. Then this big IPA finishes with bitterness but is slightly smooth and tropical. The aftertaste is tropical with bitterness. This beer is tasty for high alcohol hazed IPA. I would recommend it! The overall beer flavor reminded me of a tropical orange juice if there is a thing. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Bell’s Brewery Official Hazy IPA

I have seen Official Hazy IPA, 6.4%, around for a while now. I haven’t decided to buy a package of it until now. This beer is a New England hazy IPA from Bell’s Brewery in Comstock, Michigan. It is a dry-hopped combination of Mosaic, Citrus, Azacca, Amarillo, and El Dorado hops. This hazy IPA pours a golden yellow with a two-finger white head. There is good retention on the head. The aroma is of citrus fruit, tropical fruit, and bitter notes. The taste is also of citrus fruits and tropical fruits. You find mango, peach, pineapple, orange, and melon. There is a nice bitter note on the back of the tongue. The mouthfeel is on the lighter side. Then this IPA finishes with tropical citrus fruit and bitter flavor. Then comes an aftertaste of bitterness with hints of fruits. This beer is good. This beer got better and better the more I drank it. I give this an A. It has all the right flavors and has a nice balance with good drinkability. I recommend you have this. It will not disappoint. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Foothills Brewing Hazyum IPA

Hazyum IPA, 6.9% ABV is a hazy version of Foothills Brewing’s (in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) Hoppyum IPA. Foothills Brewing uses locally sourced wheat and malts. This IPA pours a cloudy darker lemon yellow color with a two-and-a-half finger white head. The head is somewhat quick to go. The aroma is tropical, orangey, and bitter. The flavor is also tropical and orangey with grapefruit, melon, and pineapple. It is also bitter towards the back of the tongue with a bitter and tart flavor. The mouthfeel is light but barely. Then this IPA finishes with a tropical fruit flavor. The aftertaste is of bitter tropical fruits. This IPA is a nice hazy version of Hoppyum, a tropical forward Hoppyum. I like Hazyum, and would Gove this a B+. I still think that Hoppyum is just a bit better. I would still recommend Hazyum IPA. Please be kind, be safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Armored Cow Brewing Things We Don’t Say Hazy IPA

From right here in Charlotte, North Carolina, Armored Cow Brewing has made a beer that benefits and brings awareness to mental health. This beer is Things We Don’t Say Hazy IPA, 5.8% ABV. This beer pours a hazy yellow color with a four-finger white thick and fluffy head that is slow to fade away. The aroma on this IPA is juicy, fruity (citrus orange), hoppy and bitter. The flavor of this beer is juicy with orange citrus fruit, crisp, smooth bitter, and piney. It has a light mouthfeel. Then this IPA finishes with a piney fruity note. Then gives an aftertaste of bitter citrus fruit. This beer is great hazy IPA. I think Armored Cow Brewing Things We Don’t Say an A. It has a solid drinkable flavor, and it makes you want another when finished. I highly recommend it. It was wonderfully fruity and juicy. Please be kind, stay safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Westbrook Brewing Co. Santa Claws Hazy Holiday India Pale Ale

The holiday season is here, and the holiday beer is already on the shelves. This particular beer is Westbrook Brewing Co. Santa Claws Hazy Holiday India Pale Ale, 7% ABV. This beer is from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. It has Cascade, and CTZ hops. It is dry-hopped with Citra, Centennial, and Azacca. They use Conan yeast. They Also Carapils, oats, pale, and wheat malts. 

This IPA is similar to all their regular IPA. Such as One Claw, Two Claw, and Three Claw. This beer pours a yellow color, with two-finger white head. The aroma is piney, almost like a Christmas tree. There is a Citrus note and some bitterness. The taste is piney, hoppy, bitter, citrusy with grapefruit and orange. It has a medium juicy mouthfeel. It then has a nice citrusy, bitter finish and a bitter citrus finish that lingers until you take another sip. This IPA is a good beer, and it’s not as piney as some other holiday IPAs I’ve had. I give Westbrook Brewing Co. Santa Claws Hazy Holiday India Pale Ale a B+. It is good, but it is not different from a good hazy IPA. Nothing stands out that would make it holiday-specific. If it were a hazy IPA and not a hazy holiday IPA. It would have a higher grade. It is a great flavorful IPA that is well brewed, and I wouldn’t accept anything less from Westbrook Brewing Co. Please be kind, stay safe, and enjoy responsibly!