Southern Pines Brewing Company Mosaic AF

Southern Pines Brewing Company Mosaic AF New England IPA, 6.1% with 30 IBUs purchased from Total Wine and brewed in Southern Pines North Carolina is quadruple dry-hopped with Mosaic hops, oats, wheat, and lactose. If you aren’t a Millennial then you are probably scratching your head and wonder what AF is or mean, it’s just As F*ck, when something is very cool or something or someone too much, in the case of this beer it means lots of Mosaic hops. Mosaic AF pours a deep yellow hazy orange color with an almost three finger white head that slowly fades back into itself giving you nose tropical juicy fruits with a little grapefruit-like note. Taste is tropical juicy fruit with light grapefruit coming in towards the back of your mouth with a faint hint of grassy bitter notes that fade out kind of quick with a slight bitter hoppy light grapefruit finish that carries over into a similar aftertaste that lingers for a few seconds before quickly dashing away all with a medium mouthfeel. Southern Pines Brewing Company Mosaic AF New England IPA is okay, and I think that Mosaic hops are good but I felt that they didn’t go all too well with the oats and lactose. I give Southern Pines Brewing Company Mosaic AF New England IPA a D+. Maybe if they use a little bit less of the Mosaic hops then maybe it would be better. Did I hate this beer? Not particularly, it was drinkable but its that bitter hoppy note on the end that throws the beer off. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Revelry Brewing Company Never Sunny New England India Pale Ale

From Charleston South Carolina, Revelry Brewing Company Never Sunny New England India Pale Ale, 7.0% ABV was purchased from the local Total Wine. Never Sunny is another beer in the NE IPA category which is very popular right now and may continue to be just a popular. Never Sunny pours a cloudy/hazy yellow with a two finger thick white head with juicy tropical fruit aroma with citrus sweetness and a hint of a hoppy bitter note waffling into your nose. Taste does follow the aroma with nice sweet juicy tropical flavors with some citrus oranges and some light bitter/hoppy notes on the back of the tongue. Never Sunny has a juicy tropical finish a sweet juicy fruited citrus aftertaste that linger for a short time with a medium mouthfeel. This is pretty much a standard New England hazy IPA, it exactly what it’s can states and I think it should receive a B. It’s real good but it does it blow me away with flavor, and I am starting to grow a little bit tried of these New England hazy IPA and IPAs for that matter. I think that NE IPA are good but they keep standard IPA from a growth. I recommend Revelry Brewing Company Never Sunny New England India Pale Ale, I enjoyed it, it was refreshing. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Hopfly Brewing Co Tablebanger Hazy Pale Ale

Purchased Hopfly Brewing Company Tablebanger Hazy Pale Ale, 5.4% ABV from Pop The Top Bottle Shop. Hopfly Brewing Company in Rocky Mount, North Carolina brews this hazy New England pale ale with Citra and Waimea hops. Tablebanger pours a darker yellow/orange juice color that is hazy with a tight two finger white head with fruity sweet piney aroma, found citrus fruits, oranges, and grapefruits on the nose. Taste in goos with nice amounts of mellow citrus fruits, oranges and grapefruit with a nice pine note washing over the middle of the mouth with a hoppy note on the back with a nice citrus fruit finish that is a little bitter a piney and a slight linger of orange and grapefruit on the aftertastes with a lighter almost medium mouthfeel. I have never really seen a hazy New England Pale Ale before which is interesting and is very crushable and easy with a good refreshing quality that gets a B. The citrus flavors are good but could be turned up a bit to make them stand out but are still good in this beer anyhow. It’s a good beer and I think this is a good take on a Pale Ale, and I also think this would be a super awesome IPA, but I see why Hopfly Brewing Company Tablebanger Hazy Pale Ale is not an IPA. There are too many already this is something different but not too different. I recommend Hopfly Brewing Company Tablebanger Hazy Pale Ale, it’s a good one. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!