Lagunitas Brewing Company & Short’s Brew Passion Grass West By Mindwest

Purchased Lagunitas Brewing Company & Short’s Brew Passion Grass North By Midwest, 4.6% ABV from the local Harris Teeter grocery store. Passion Grass North By Midwest is a pale ale and pours a yellow color with a bright one finger white head that gives off very faint hop aroma with sour, tart grassy aromas that then lead into a bitter, sour, fruity lemon, tropical, grassy, flavor that finishes with a tart bitterness and a fruited tart bitter after taste with a light mouth feel. Lagunitas Brewing Company & Short’s Brew Passion Grass North By Midwest is not good I give this a F+. The tart sour flavor do not blend well with the bitterness of the pale ale. No it’s not good, it taste more like fresh fruit that has gone past it ripeness and is spoiling. No I don’t recommend that you try Lagunitas Brewing Company & Short’s Brew Passion Grass North By Midwest, it is bad but I did finish my twelve ounces and I will not go back to it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Birdsong Brewing Co. Jalapeño Pale Ale

Birdsong Brewing Co. Jalapeño Pale Ale, 5.5% ABV is one of my favorite local Charlotte beers and I have thought to myself while enjoying it that I probably should give it a review, well here I am giving you that review. Jalapeño Pale Ale starts out with a base of Birdsongs Free Will Pale Ale, which I should review, then they use whole Jalapeños without the seeds, seeds are where the heat or spice is contained, the idea or flavor profile that Birdsong is going for is a pale ale with jalapeño flavor without the heat that comes along with it. Jalapeño Pale Ale pours slightly deep yellow almost gold color with a one finger tight head of white foam that dissipates into some quite nice lacing with hot pepper aroma with some faint bitter notes coming in behind the heat that take you a spiced heat flavor up front that is bitter in the middle of mouth with some heat notes that continue to the back of the mouth that all finish with a bitter heat with a bitter heat/spice finish with a light mouthfeel. Jalapeño Pale Ale’s heat flavor are not spicy they are more of a pepper warmth or heat like quality and goes well with the smooth bitter pale ale that is ever bit of an A+, and one beer that I recommend. I will say that I probably could only drink about three to four pints of this before the flavor overwhelms my taste buds, but its a good beer to have while enjoying a meal or watching a sporting event. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Wrightsville Beach Brewery Puppy Drum Pale Ale

Wrightsville Beach Brewery Puppy Drum Pale Ale, 4.9% ABV is another purchase from Pop The Top Bottle Shop here in Charlotte, and Puppy Drum is brewed in Wilmington North Carolina and pours a deep copper color with a one and half finger white head that slowly fades into aromas of bitter crisp dry notes with a dry flavor in front and middle of the mouth that become a bit more bitter on the end with a bit of crisp bitterness to it with a nice bitter finish and a bitter dry yet crisp aftertaste with a lighter mouthfeel. Not a bad pale ale, but the bitterness grows a bit as Puppy Drum warms. Wrightsville Beach Brewery Puppy Drum Pale Ale is a B- beer, it does not really blow me away with its flavor but it’s a good pale ale that doesn’t overpower your taste buds and one that you could drink a few of and yes it’s one you should go out and try. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Birdsong Brewing Company O.P.P. Pale Ale with Pineapple

Birdsong Brewing Company O.P.P. Pale Ale with Pineapple, 5.8% ABV, another purchase from Pop The Top Bottle Shop ands is brewed with Simcoe, and Cascade hops. O.P.P. (Other Peoples Pineapple) pours a hazy yellow with an almost two finger creamy white head that stays cream with nice cream lacing that give off a slight bitter tropical aroma with little to no pineapple notes that flow in to a taste of light fruity tropical flavors with not much pineapple with a bit of a creamy texture and a sharp bitter note in the middle and on the back of the mouth that finishes a little creamy with a sharp bitter fruity note with a bitter light fruit aftertaste with a light yet creamy mouthfeel. This beer advertised that it was tropical with pineapple and I really didn’t get any of that. But what I did get was okay, C+. I always like Birdsong Brewing beers but this was slightly off their mark, and yes I might have O.P.P. again and probably recommend this pale ale but not if you like pineapple. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Sierra Nevada Sidecar Orange Pale Ale

Originally posted March 13th, 2017

I love oranges so would I like this Sierra Nevada Sidecar Orange Pale Ale, 5.3% ABV? Well I like the original Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. So lets see! Sierra Nevada Sidecar is a newer year round offering. Sierra Nevada Sidecar pours a light top medium copper color with a two and a half finger head of white that fades at a steady pace leaving behind some minimal lacing. The aroma is orange/orange juice of course with orange peel, orange seeds. There is a faint pine yet earthy notes. Taste is much the same as it smells on the nose, there is the orange/ orange juice, orange peel and seeds with a pale ale earth and slight pine on the back of the mouth. But this Sidecar is more orange than anything. The mouth feel is light to slightly medium and finishes with a faint bitter orange flavor that leaves the same juicy after taste that lingers until you take another sip. Overall Sierra Nevada Sidecar orange Pale Ale is great, it get an A. It has a big orange flavor with a little bit of pale ale flavors towards the end that make it a great drinking beer. Sierra Nevada Sidecar is something that you’d want again and again. The flavor does not overpowering your palate. It has the right amount of balance to it. I do like Sierra Nevada Sidecar Orange Pale Ale, and I recommend it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Maine Beer Co. a little beautiful something

Where was I when the Maine Beer Co. out of Freeport Maine starting distributing their beer in to their Carolinas, well I found a tiny beautiful thing, 5.5% at my local Whole Foods. This American Pale Ale pours a golden color with a two and a quarter white head that gives you fruity aromas with a nice juicy hop note and touches of an earth note with a nice juicy fruit taste and nice smooth hoppy earth notes hitting your taste buds with a nice hoppy sweet finish and a juicy semi-dry aftertaste with a mild medium mouthfeel. This beer is what I like in a Pale Ale, fruitiness with a bit of hoppy notes and not in-your-face bitterness, a tiny beautiful thing Pale Ale is an A. Solid beer and well brewed and one that I recommend trying and I will have this again. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Westbrooke Brewing Co. One Claw Rye Pale Ale


Westbrook Brewing Co. in Mt. Pleasent South Carolina a popular brewing and one of my top breweries brews One Claw Rye Pale Ale, 5.5% ABV, You don’t see too many Rye beers out there but if you look you’ll see that there are some. One Claw pours a slightly hazy yellow color with a two finger firm white head giving off spiced notes with a hoppy fruity aroma with a spiced flavor of slightly hoppy citrus fruits with a nice spiced bitterness, with a bitter rye spice finish and a mildly bitter aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. You can really taste the rye spiced notes on your taste buds. I found Westbrook Brewing Co. One Claw to be somewhat easy to drink and slightly refreshing, a B+ rye pale ale. This beer has a good rye flavor to it as well as a firm bitterness but none overpowering to your taste buds. I recommend Westbrook Brewing Co. One Claw Rye Pale Ale. It’s a good take on an under brewed beer style. Cheers! Please Enjoy Responsibly!  

Abita Brewing Co. Hop-On Juicy Pale


I haven’t had a beer from Abita Brewing Co. out of New Orleans Loiusiana in quite a while but I found a new beer from Abita Brewing Co. Hop-On Juicy Pale, 6.0% ABV a Pale Ale brewed with Cascade, Citra, and Ekuanot hops and pours a hazy yellow with a two finger white head with aromas of juicy citrus fruits with hoppiness hitting the nose as well that all lead into a juicy fruit taste of light orange faint pineapple and good amounts of grapefruit with a bitter smooth flavor on the back of the tongue with a smooth finish and a light bitter aftertaste with a meduim mouthfeel. This beer is a good pale ale that goes down easy and gets a B+. Abita Brewing Co. Hop-On Juicy Pale is fruity without being overly bitter or too harsh. I recommend Abita Brewing Co. Hop-On Juicy Pale. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

Throwback Thursday: The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery RPA, Rein Pale Ale

Orginally posted on July 14th, 2012.


Yes my favorite brewery has been hard at work and here is a NEW brew RPA, no not Rye Pale Ale, this is Rein Pale ale, 5.2% ABV. This is a cross between an American pale ale and a German-style lager ale. OMB brews this with a combination of four different American and German barley malt varieties, spicy American Tettnag and noble Czech Saaz hop. This OMB pours a beautiful light amber color with a thin-ish white head. You can really smell the Hop scent here on this with a nice grassy note. Smells just like a fresh hop field. Nice! This RPA has a moderately bitter taste about it. Not to much bitterness, just the right amount to make it great. Great for most any occasion. There is a very very faint spicy note on the finish along with a still moderate bitterness that finishes light and crisp. This beer is a good NEW brew for OMB and they have done it yet again, in making an awesome and tasty beer. I love this brewery and can not say enough good things about them. This RPA is part of a small growing trend of hoppy/bitter beers that have been hitting the market recently, after the height of IPA crazy hit, which is now not so popular as it once was. Now the trend is more toward less hop and more bitterness but too much bitter and it sour which is the next trend I think. But this hit the trend make well with its hybrid American pale ale and German lager ale. Great beer. Just the right amount of bitter in this one. Not too much, yet not to little. Good work OMB! Keep it up. I would by this again, have it over and over again, just like all the beers they brew. I love a good tasty OMB brew! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Unibroue Don De Dieu


The Unibroue brewery does an outstanding job on brewing great beers, and this one is right with all they’re others. This is a triple wheat ale in the Belgian style brewed with spices, and is a strong one at 9% abv, and is refermented in yeast. This big wheaty brew pours a very cloudy orange almost a brownish color with a thick pillowy white head. It’s a beautiful beer to look at. I see this I and wow I want to have it. There is plenty of wheaty scent to this along with a scent of alcohol. Very nice wheat and orange scents to this. There is also a nice clove spice note, along with a  very faint orangey-banana as well. Again all very nice overall scent to this. Now the taste is more of a heavy wheat, do to the fact that it is a triple wheat. So this is not as drinkable as others. Don has a nice orange spice note that is most pleasing to your pallet. But I would call this refreshingly nice and good to drink. Don De Dieu has a nice heavy spiced wheat aftertaste that is slightly less than the start, but this finishes nicely. I love the triple wheat aspect of this beer, and Unibroue did that very well. I will even go a step farther and say that the bottle this wonderful wheat came in was nice with it gold foil around the neck and over the bottle cap was a nice classy touch, and Unibroue always has just interesting pictures their labels which I do find a bit neat. I like the Unibroue brewery and Don De Dieu a lot, even though it sits heavy in your stomach. It has all the right flavors done just right. That’s the way you do a big triple wheat beer. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!