Southern Barrell Brewing Co. Beach Bully Pale Ale, 5.4% ABV, is made in Bluffton, South Carolina. I was gifted this beer along with a few others that by my good friends and neighbors. I will review the others later. Thank you to them. Beach Bully Pale Ale pours a yellow color and has a cloudiness to it, and it has a two and a half finger white sticky head. The aroma is fruity with citrus and mango. There are bitter hoppy notes as well. The taste is similar to the way it smells. There is mango and citrus among a nice bitter/hoppy flavor that does fade as it passes over your tongue. Beach Bully Pale Ale finishes with a light bitter fruit flavor. The aftertaste is bitter and with a slight fruit note. Southern Barrel Brewing Co, Beach Bully Pale Ale is refreshing and good. I give this a B+. It is slightly more IPA-like than Pale Ale. But it is not too much like an IPA that has an identity crisis. It’s more of a hoppy Pale Ale. I recommend Southern Barrel Brewing Co. Beach Bully Pale Ale. Please be kind, be safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

NoDa Brewing Company 1775 Pale Ale

NoDa Brewing Company 1775 Pale Ale, 5.1% ABV brewed right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This pale ale is in conjunction with the Charlotte Independence Soccer Club, a minor league soccer team. 1775 is the year that Charlotte gained its independence. This pale ale pours a copper color with a two and a quarter finger head of white that slowly fades into nice lacing throughout the pint glass. The aroma is citrusy, bitter with light malt. The taste of this pale ale is much similar to the way it smells, and you get a citrus bitterness with a faint sweetness and a very faint touch of the malts. The mouthfeel is medium with good coverage over your whole mouth. It finishes with a bitter grapefruit/orange note that is refreshing. The aftertaste is mildly citrusy, and it bitterer with just a little linger. This pale ale surprised me how good it was. Sometimes you find a pale ale to be more like an IPA. Some are more of a lighter pilsner. This beer was none of those. It was just halfway between those. I’d say NoDa Brewing Company 1775 Pale Ale is an A+. It would be great for someone who’s never had a hoppy beer and wants to try one. I would recommend this beer to anyone. Please be kind, stay safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Elysian Brewing Company Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale

Elysian Brewing Company Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale, 6.4% ABV, brewed in Seattle, Washington. This Pale Ale is Bittered with German Northern Brewer and Cascade hops and finished with Citra and Amarillo. Superfuzz pours a cloudy gold, light orange color with a one-finger white head that is somewhat slow fading. The aroma is sweet with orange and hints of bitterness. Taste is not as sweet as you get on its aroma, that is some slight bitter orange tartness with little bitterness. The mouthfeel is light but not too light. Superfuzz then give a blood orange fish with a little bit of bittiness and light sweet notes that do carry over into the aftertaste that lingers for a little bit. , 6.4% ABV, brewed in Seattle, Washington. Elysian Brewing Company Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale is a good beer, one that I would give a B to. The blood orange is there, but not a strong or bold flavor. There is enough of it so you know it’s there. I wouldn’t say it’s a punch-in-the-face type of flavor. Plus it’s not overly bitter for a Pale Ale. I do recommend trying this. It’s good for a hot day. Please be kind, stay safe, and enjoy responsibly! cheers!

NoDa Brewing Company Jam Session

NoDa Brewing Company Jam Session, 5.1% ABV has been around for a long time here in Charlotte, North Carolina and I a little surprised I have not reviewed this Pale Ale until now. Brewed locally in Charlotte with imported Maris Otter, Caramunich malts, Centennial, Simcoe, and Citra hops. Jam Session pours an orange color with a fluffy two-finger white head. It has a slightly bitter aroma that is a little bit sweet and there is also grapefruit with some hints of orange. Its taste is grapefruit with bitterness, some light sweetness from some light orange. Mouthfeel is lighter than expected. It then finishes with a light hoppy bitter note and has a bitter citrus fruit aftertaste. This is Pale Ale goes down smooth and is refreshing. I give NoDa Brewing Company Jam Session a B-. The flavors on this are mild overall that do hold its grade down a bit, but nothing terrible. None of the flavors really wow you or jump out at you. Yes, I do recommend NoDa Brewing Company Jam Session. I enjoyed it and will enjoy it again. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Devil’s Logic Brewing Bang A Uey NEPA

Brewed in Charlotte, North Carolina Devils Logic Brewing Bang A Uey NEPA, %.5% ABV is a New England Pale Ale. Bang A Uey is Bostonian slang for making a u-turn. The name is fitting for this New England Pale Ale. This Pale Ale pours a slightly cloudy yellow with a sticky two-finger bright white head. The aroma is citrusy with orange, grapefruit, and a bit of mango. The aroma is strong smelling. The flavor is light with some citrus orange and grapefruit, bitterness. There is a light mouthfeel to this and a nice sweetness. Bang a Uey has a soft bitter citrus finish and a citrus aftertaste. Devils Logic Brewing Bang A Uey NEPA is not as it smells it overall a light easy drinking pale ale. I give this one a high C+. Going into this beer from the aroma I was thinking the flavor would be more than it was. What I tasted was not bad just lighter than I was expecting it to be and that held it just above average for me. Yeah, I would have this again and it would be something to try if you haven’t already. I was not a bad beer. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Triple C Brewing Company Butterfly Smiles Pale Ale

Triple C Brewing Company Butterfly Smiles Pale Ale, 5% ABV brewed here in Charlotte, North Carolina is a collaboration with INREACH, which is a non-profit that helps mentally challenged people. Butterfly Smiles are made with New Zealand and American hops. Butterfly Smiles pours a deep golden color with a three and a quarter finger white slow head. The aroma is hoppy, piney, with grapefruit, lemon, and some lime. So I am thinking Citra hops used in this beer. Taste is similar to the way it smells. You get nice hoppy notes with taste citrus fruits, lemon, orange, grapefruit, and some lime with piney notes too with a crisp mouthfeel. Butterfly Smiles finishes with a piney citrus flavor and has a lingering bitter stone fruit aftertaste. Butterfly Smiles is a wonderfully delicious Pale Ale. I think Triple C Brewing company Butterfly Smiles Pale Ale is an A-. The pine notes on this do clash ever so slightly with the citrus fruit flavor, but it’s good otherwise, and all the other flavors are good too. I highly recommended Butterfly Smiles. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Bhramia Brewing Company I Voted Today

Bhramia Brewing Company (Asheville, North Carolina) I Voted Today, 5.)% ABV is a Double-dry hopped Pale Ale brewed in conjunction with Tired Hands Brewing (Ardmore, Pennsylvania). I Voted Today is a double dry-hopped pale ale with Sabro & Mosaic hops. This pale ale is pale ale pours a yellow color with a bright white two finger head that slowly fades into itself. The aroma is lemony, grass, with a bitterness. Its flavor is also grassy with lemon and bitter with a faint pine flavor. It finishes with a nice bit of bitter grass and lemon and carries that lemon into the aftertaste with enough bitter flavor to show that it’s double dry-hopped. Bhramia Brewing Company I Voted Today was refreshing and quite good. The lemon did taste the slightest bit off, but it receives a B+. Bhramia Brewing Company I Voted Today brewed by many other breweries and is one Pale Ale you should try. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers

The Unknown Brewing Company Buzzed City

The Unknown Brewing Company Buzzed City 4.6% ABV brewed here locally in Charlotte, North Carolina is a dry-hopped Pale Ale. Buzzed City pours a darker yellow with a one and a half finger white head that somewhat steadily fades away. You get orange notes in the aroma with sharp bitterness and non the first sip it’s orange notes then I it fades in to a sharp bitterness that carries all the way to back of your mouth with citrusy notes with a medium mouthfeel. Buzzed City comes to a bitter citrus finish and an aftertaste that is bitter with lighter orange. The Unknown Brewing company Buzzed City is good but the sharpness that comes in the middle isn’t as good as the rest and that brings this Pale Ale to a B-. Buzzed City has a nice full on orange flavor that is nice and citrusy the rest knocks it down a bit, but I think you should Gove The Unknown Brewing Company Buzzed City a try. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Throwback Thursday: Fish Brewing Company FishTale Ales Beyond The Pale Pale Ale

Originally posted Monday, July 4th.

The other day I was in a Borders Books and bought a few magazines and one of them was volume one of the 2015 World Beer Awards. This magazine has all the winners in every category and their respected countries, great magazine. But this is not a review of that magazine, no, it’s a review of the worlds best beer 2015, Fish Brewing Company FishTale Ales Beyond The Pale, Pale Ale, 5.0% ABV. This is from Olympia Washington. So I had to try it. Beyond The Pale pours a deep orange color with t foamy two and a half finger white head that dissipates at a nice pace while leaving behind some average lacing. The beer is not to clear so some light is coming through. The aroma is a bit earthy and citrusy with grapefruit and faint hints of orange.  Now the taste is nice with grapefruit bitterness and a few hoppy earth notes and towards the middle and back of the tongue, it is slightly malty. The bitterness becomes stronger as the beer warms a bit but nothing too bitter or overwhelming. The mouthfeel is medium with a nice bitter finish and a good malt bitter aftertaste with a slight lingering of bitter citrus fruit. I see this beer trying to be a more than a pale ale without stepping into IPA territory which some pale ales tend to do and for me, that is not what they should do. IPA’s should be IPA’s; Pale ales should be Pale Ales. Beyond The Pale Takes the pale ale style and adds some IPA qualities to it without it tasting like or being an IPA. With the huge popularity of IPA, I see why some brewers what to make a pale ale as close to an IPA. That’s cool, just don’t make an IPA with bigger malted flavors and say here is our pale ale. Fish Brewing FishTale Ales Beyond The Pale is an A. I enjoyed it and would have it again. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Dancing Gnome Beer Lusta


Thank you to Dancing Gnome Beer in Pittsburg Pennsylvania for sending me four fresh Lusta, 5.8% ABV their Pale Ale. Lusta pours a yellow straw color that is slightly cloudy with a nice rocky bright three finger white head with great sticking power and leaving behind thick ropey lacing. After looking at this beer you enticed by a citrusy aroma of light grapefruit and orange aroma with nice touches of creamy bitter notes wafting into your sense of smell that calls you to a taste of citrusy orange and grapefruit that has a creaminess to it with nice bitter notes that is somehow smooth that finishes with a juicy citrus fruit bitterness and a nice creamy bitter aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. Dancing Gnome Beer Lusta is a great beer, an A+ beer, and one that should be a goto beer in any beer drinkers refrigerator. Every ingredient in Lusta just flows and melds very well. Dancing Gnome Beer Lusta is something that should not or ever be missed! Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!