Ass Clown Brewing Company Orange Citrus IPA

Purchased from Total Wine, Ass Clown Brewing Company Orange Citrus IPA, 6.7% is brewed in Cornelius, North Carolina. It is also triple hopped with Citra, and brewed with orange peels. This beer pours a cloudy orange color with a thick tree finger cream looking white head. The nose is juicy with citrus fruit like oranges, and orange peels. There is a decently bitter and hoppy smell to it as well. That same aroma carries itself into the taste. I found orange and orange peels. There is a bitter hoppy flavor as well, with a thicker mouthfeel. This IPA has a bittersweet orange finish and a lingering bittersweet citrus fruit aftertaste. This beer is a big bitter orange. I give Ass Clown Brewing Company Orange Citrus IPA a B-. I found this to have just a little too much orange flavor to it, but it was not the worst orange IPA I’ve had. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Deep River Brewing Co. Lemoncello

Originally posted April 8th, 2017.

Creativity is key to brewing and producing craft beer. Brewers get creative with ingredients. Even with the can or bottle type. With the name and artwork on the label. One example is Deep River Brewing Co. Limoncello Tart Ale Brewed with Lemons, 5.4% and is produced in Clayton, Johnston County, North Carolina. Limoncello is a sour blonde ale brewed with Sarachi Ace hops, a boatload of lemon. I am not sure how to measure a boatload and fermented with a proprietary yeast strain developed with technology at NC State University. Limoncello pours a darker yellow color has a bit of a brown, murky hue to it with almost no head. The aroma is quite pleasing. Fresh with tart lemons and lemon peels with the slightest hint of a sour note. The flavor is at first slightly tart with lemon but is refreshing at the same time. Toward the middle of the mouth, Limoncello becomes a bit more tart, and the lemon comes through more, and on the back, the sourness shines a bit brighter without overpowering the tart lemony flavors there. The mouthfeel is light with a bit of thickness as you swallow. Limoncello finish tart, slightly sour with a refreshing quality. After taste lingers with lemon/lemon peels but does not stick around. Lemoncello does not pucker up your taste buds in the after taste. Lemoncello is good, and it deserves an A. I found that none of the flavors clashed or overpowered one another. They all got along well and formed a wonderfully refreshing beer. I not the biggest fan of fruit beer, I like them enough, and some fruits are not what I would say are great to brew beer. But lemon in beer, now that is a great choice. I think lemon can enhance a beer or add another layer of flavor without making it into something not enjoyable. So you there should go and try Deep River Brewing Co. Limoncello Tart Ale Brewed with Lemons. I recommend you too. Cheers! Please Enjoy Responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Windy Hill Orchard & Cidery Gala Peach

Originally posted on October October 27th, 2014.

I love beer, and I find ciders to be just as good. I like its fruity sometimes-dry sweetness. I love that you can put most fruits in them. Each can have a unique flavor. Well, I just had a local Cider from right over the North Carolina border in York, South Carolina. This beverage comes From Windy Hill orchard & Cider, and this is their Gala Peach, 6.0% ABV. Gala Peach made with Windy Hills Stayman Winesap apples and locally grown peaches. This cider pours a very bubbly rich golden color. I could see through, and not any head because most ciders do not produce much head on it. This Gala Peace is sweet peach with hits of fresh juicy apple. I got an apple skin smell too, but it is a bit faint. The taste is sweet with peached flavor with touches of apple. You mostly get the peach. The body is light, and so is the mouthfeel. Gala peach is easy and refreshing to drink. I would give Windy Hill’s Gala Peach a B. This cider did not blow me away, but I like it enough. I mean cider can only go so far and be so good, and it is a simple beverage. You can be too creative. I like peaches a lot, and I recommend trying Windy Hill orchard & Cidery Gala Peach for yourselves. It’s good. So go out and pic this wonderful Windy Hill orchard & Cidery Gala Peach sweet hard cider. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Strongbow Hard Cider Gold Apple

I am not usually a cider drinker, but I don’t mind them. Strongbow Hard Cider Gold Apple, 5% ABV. This cider from Hereford, England. Strongbow is owned by H.P. Bumlers. This particular sider pours a clean and crisp golden color with a one finger white head with good retention. The aroma is of nice fruit crisp apple and a bit of semi-dry white wine. Taste is similar to the aroma with apple sweetness and a little bit of white wine flavor and hints of a semi-dry note with a light mouthfeel that finishes with a white wine apple note that carries into the sweet aftertaste. There aren’t many complexities to this, and that brings me to give Strongbow Hard Cider Gold Apple a C-. This cider is not terrible. It’s just unassuming and underwhelming. I wouldn’t rush to have this again. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

NoDa Brewing Company Guava Gose Beer

This beverage is NoDa Brewing Company Guava Gose Beer, 4% ABV, which is locally brewed here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This Gose is a kettled sour (they let beer sour in a kettle or mash tun) that is brewed with sea salt and fermented with pink guava. This Gose beer pours a golden color that is faintly cloudy with a one and a quarter finger white head. The aroma is yes fruity with tropical notes of guava, tartness, and sour notes. Guava Gose has a tropical tart/sour guava flavor to it with a bit of a salted not that is light at best. The beer has a light tart mouthfeel that isn’t overly tart, just enough to let you know that it is tart. Guava Gose finishes tart with little tropical sour notes and an aftertaste that is a slightly less tropical fruit and more of a salty sourness. Now the best and easiest way to describe a Gose beer is to liken it to a margarita but only slightly so. NoDa Brewing Company Guava Gose Beer is good and is a B. I have had some that are better than this, Westbrook Brewing Co. Gose is a good example, but I will say that there are very few that are better than NoDa Brewing Company Guava Gose Beer. I’d have this again, and yes you should too! Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Throwback Thursday: Brouwerji Lindeman Framboise Lambic

Originally posted September 13th, 2012.

Now here is a fascinating style of beer, Framboise. The Framboise style comes from Belgium and is from barley, unmalted wheat, and wild yeast. After spontaneous fermentation, then fruit added after that. Then secondary fermentation occurs. This Lambic beer has raspberries add to it. This brewery has been doing this since 1811. In my own opinion, they brew some of the best Lambics. This Lambic here has a low alcohol level of 2.7% ABV. It could be deadly due to the great fruitiness and just how tasty it is. It also has a large amount of carbonation. This beer is one of the only beers I have seen with both a pry-off cap and a cork. Well, I must say this one has been in my refrigerator for almost a year> I am not sure, but it seems close, and I have one left. I like to give a shoutout to an Instagram friend Champagnesupernovax, and she said she wants to try this and is looking forward to reading this. Enjoy! Please follow her if you’re on Instagram. This Framboise Lambic pours a dark red, almost blood-red color, very dark with no light seen through this, and there was a light red rose or radish one and a half finger head that was a bit slow on the fade. This beer has a good raspberry scent, and there is a yeasty smell there with a big sweet fruit candy-like scent too. It’s all nice on your nose. When you taste this, you get a raspberry syrup taste that is tart, both sweet and bit sour. It’s a good sour, nothing overpowering. I found this to have a much different wheat taste that I am used to with wheat or wheat-like beer. It wasn’t malt-forward wheat to it like some. You do get a yeast flavor, but it’s more of a less uniform yeast or average yeast flavor that you would get in other yeasty beers. Please, when you get to the middle of the glass and give it a nice swirl to mix the yeast, wheat, and raspberries. But as this Framboise Lambic hits the back of you get a little good tart raspberry. This finish is a bit more tart than the start, but it finishes nice and is very pleasing on you’re taste buds. The overall tart raspberry flavor here. I would give this beer an A+. You can have this fresh or cellar it a while, but when you do have it, serve this at 38 – 41 F. I have always liked this style, just so different from other beer styles and just easy to drink and is refreshing with fruit flavors here. Brouwerij Lindemans Framboise is a great place to start. You should pick one up. I highly recommend you do. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

NoDa Brewing Company Gose Pink Or Go Home!

Brewed locally in Charlotte, North Carolina, NoDa Brewing Company Gose Pink or Go Home!, 3.8, a Raspberry and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Gose. This Gose style beer that benefits Project Pink that helps support and fight breast Cancer alongside Charlotte Radiology with mobile screenings. Gose Pink or Go Home pours red-like color with a two-finger white steady head. The aroma is tropical, raspberry salted with some sweetness. The taste is similar to its aroma with guava, raspberry sweetness, a bit of tartness with a slated flavor. Gose Pink or Go Home finishes tart, fruity with light salty, and a tart aftertaste. It has a nice light mouthfeel. Overall I found NoDa Brewing Company Gose Pink or Go Home! to be a little above average. I give it a C+ grade. This Gose is not bad, have had better examples of a Gose beer. The salted notes with a little lackluster, the raspberry was a bit overpowering but not terrible. If I had this to drink, I wouldn’t say no. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly!

Angry Chair Brewing & Westbrook Brewing Zoose Joose.

Angry Chair Brewing & Westbrook Brewing Zoose Joose, 4% AVB is a collaboration between Angry Chair Brewing in Tampa, Florida, and Westbrook Brewing in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Zoose Joose is an Ambrosia Sour Wheat with Tangerine, Pineapple, Cherry, Coconut, Lactose, and MarshmallowZoose Joose pours a deeper cherry color with a light pink two-finger steady fading head. The aroma is sweet with a nice tangerine cherry flavor with a vanilla note from the Lactose and probably the marshmallow. The taste of Zoose Joose is quite similar to the aroma with a nice sweeter fruity flavor, and nice vanilla Lactose with a cherry tartness that has a coconut marshmallow finish that lingers into the sweet yet tart aftertaste with light to almost medium mouthfeel. Angry Chair Brewing & Westbrook Brewing Zoose Joose is surprisingly good and receiving an AIt has good sour beer quality to it with a nice Lactose sweetness add to gives you a flavor that is worth a try! Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Golden Road Brewing Mango Cart Mango Wheat Ale

Golden Road Brewing Mango Cart Mango Wheat Ale, 4.0% ABV first in a series inspired by Los Angeles fruit cart vendors, brewed with 2-row, wheat malts, and Bravo hops. Mango Cart pours a bight yellow with a one finger fizzy white head that quickly fades away with aromas of sweet ripe tropical mango. The flavor is filled with fresh ripe mango sweetness with some light tartness, and a light to medium mouthfeel that has a nice tropical mango into the aftertaste with a hint of a light wheat note. This is very easy to drink with loads of bold mango sweet flavors, I give Golden Road Brewing Mango Cart Mango Wheat Ale an A+. It is a solid beer, but I didn’t really get much wheat ale qualities in mango cart which can be good becuase wheat beer tend to be heavier Mango Cart was not that heavy which along with it’s non overbmang flavor makes it a good sessionable beer, yes it crushable (easy to drink). So I recommend Golden Road Brewing Mango Cart Mango Wheat Ale its really tasty. Please stay safe and enjoy responsible! Cheers!

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Limited Series Moons of Saturan

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Limited Series Moons of Saturn, 7 % ABV is a Berliner Weisse style sour brewed with orange peel, lime peel, Key lime, passion fruit, and crystallize ginger. Moons of Saturn is inspired by the refreshing Saturn cocktail, which is a gin based version of a Mia Tai. Moons of Saturn pours a crispy golden color with a quickly fading one and a quarter white head with nice fruity tropical tart citrusy aromas with hints of light ginger. Flavor is somewhat similar to its aroma it has a slight funky flavor of tropical gingery fruits, passion fruit, with a nice tartness and citrusy highlights with a nice amount of sourness hitting all the right taste buds on your tongue with a nice lighter mouthfeel that comes to a nice tart and sour tropical finish and has a nice light ginger aftertaste with a linger of tropical citrusy fruit. Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Limited Series Moons of Saturn is quite tasty getting an A+. It’s a refreshing beer even for a fruited sour, I highly recommend Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Limited Series Moons of Saturn. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!