Legion Brewing Oktoberfest Oak-Aged Oktoberfest Lager

This Oktoberfest Lager or Märzen Bier is Oakoberfest Oak-Aged Oktoberfest Lager. This beer comes from Legion Brewing in Charlotte, North Carolina and is a 5.5% ABV. This beer, is aged on charred American Oak. This beer pours a deep amber/copper color with a four finger slowly fading beige head. The aroma is of caramel, malted notes, spices, and vanilla. The flavor is a creamy caramel sweetness, spiced notes, malty flavors. It has a dry finish with a light bitterness. The aftertaste is a bit dry. There is also light spiciness, and some faint bittersweetness. I’ve had better Oktoberfest Lagers. This beer not so good I’d give this a D+. It’s not the worst Oktoberfest style beer I’ve had, but it comes close. It has more bitterness than I like, even though it has an International Bittering Unit of 27, which is low. This beer isn’t near the IBU’s of any IPA or Pale Ale. That is not what you typically find in a Märzen/Oktoberfest Lager. The fact that this beer is aged on American Oak is interesting. You don’t see this style of beer aged on or in anything. I wouldn’t say you should stay away, but I wouldn’t seek it out. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Spoetzl Brewery Shiner Beer ¡Órale! Mexican-Style Cerveza

This beer, ¡Órale! is the newest beer from Shiner Beer’s Spoetzl Brewery. This beer is a 4.5% ABV Mexican-style Cerveza brewed with Agave. Before I get into this beer review, I’d like to thank KLG Public Relations for sending this to me. This Mexican-style beer pours a golden yellow color with a fizzy one-finger head. The aroma is sweet, clean, and slightly dry. The flavor is crisp, refreshing, a little sweet, and smooth. The sweet is from the addition of Agave. The mouthfeel is light which you’d expect from a Mexican-style beer. Then this beer finishes with a light sweet resting flavor that fades as it continues into the aftertaste. This beer ¡Órale! is a solid offering from Shiner beer. This beer is a B+ beer. I recommend trying it. Most of the time, you will find this style is just lager with lime. Now that can be both bad and good. But the Agave is something different and will set this apart from other Mexican-style beers. Please be kind, be safe, and remember, always enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

O.G. Yuengling & Sons Traditional Lager

Yuengling is one of the oldest breweries in the United States, it has been around since 1829. This beer is their Traditional Lager, 4.5%. It’s an Amber lager, and it is easily accessible, found in most places that sell beer. This lager beer pours a copper, amber color with a fizzy one-finger white head. The head fades rather quickly. This lager has a caramel sweet aroma. The flavor is caramel sweet, malty, and light. The mouthfeel is light. Then this amber lager finishes with a bad metallic sweet flavor. There isn’t much aftertaste, except for a flavor or the inside of the vessel that this beer was made in. I found this Yuengling Traditional Lager to be boring and not very good. I give this beer a D-. The bit of caramel sweetness Barley made it tolerable. Yes, I did finish this, but I did it quicker than I normally would. I wouldn’t recommend this amber lager. It’s something I would pass on New Belgium Fat Tire is a better choice for an amber lager. I have reviewed that beer if you’d like to check that out. But there must be people out there that like this beer for it to be around for so long. They must be doing something right, at least by the people who like this Yuengling Traditional Lager. Please be kind, be safe, and remember to always enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Town Brewing Co. Spratt’s Premium Lager

Lager is probably a bad word when it comes to craft beer drinkers. That’s is because we craft drinkers think of Bud, Miller, Coors beers. These are not good beers, according to craft drinkers. But there is more and more lager beer made by craft beer breweries. This particular lager is Spratt’s Premium Lager from Town Brewing Co. It comes in at 4.6% ABV, which is on the lower abv scale. This Lager beer is brewed right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Spratt’s Lager finest pilsner malt, heirloom rice, and American hop. This lager beer, pours a clear gold color with a bright one-finger white fizzy head. The aroma is clean, sweet, and fruity. The taste is also clean and fruity with a white bread note. The mouthfeel is light. Then this lager beer finishes with a crisp light fruity flavor. The aftertaste is slightly dry and fruity. This lager beer is better the most macro lager beers. It’s a B-. There is nothing memorable about this beer’s flavor profile, and that’s generally what a lager is. If you want something simple in a beer, I recommend Spratt’s, Premium Lager. Please be kind, be safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Obolon Brewery Magnat Lager

This Lager is another beer from Kyiv, Ukraine, from Obolon Brewery. This beer is Magnat Lager, 5.2% ABV. I purchased it from Total Wine, hoping that some of the profits from the sale would go back to help Ukraine. This beer is a typical Euro pale lager. It is golden with a thin one-finger head. The aroma is ready, crisp, lightly sweet, and malted. The taste is clean and crisp with light malt flavors and light sweet notes. Not a lot going on flavor-wise here. The mouthfeel is light. Its finishes with a crispness with awful bread. The aftertaste is not there. It has that metallic note. This beer is not good, but it is barely better than some domestic macro beer here. It’s not as good as Obolon Lager. I give Magnet Lager a D. It was boring and lacked flavor. If you are curious about it, then go ahead and try it. But I wouldn’t have this again. Please be kind, stay safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Lost Worlds Brewing Adventure Series Stinnes Helles Lager

This beer, Stinnes Helles Lager 5.1% ABV, from Lost Worlds Brewing in. Cornelius, North Carolina, is a 2020 North Carolina Brewers Cup gold medal winner. This Helles Lager beer is named after Clara Stinnes, a German race car driver. In May 1929 she jumped behind the wheel of her Adler Standard 6 automobile with her companion, she drove across Europe, over Asia, through the Pacific, across South America, and across the United States, where is briefly met, President Hoover. In June 1929, she arrived in Berlin after a 29,000-mile trek. She was the first person to circumnavigate the world by car. This beer pours a golden color with a barley two-finger thing white head. The aroma is breaded, citrusy, light pice, biscuity, and light malt The flavor is similar to its aroma. There is bread, biscuit, and some light sweet notes. The mouthfeel is light. Then it finishes with a light spice and ready notes that carry over to the aftertaste with a bit of bitterness. This is a good Helles beer. It’s an A. It has a great refreshing flavor. I would have this again and again, and so should you. Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Obolon Brewery Lager

Hailing from the Obolon Brewery in Kyiv, Ukraine, this is their Lager beer, 5.2% ABV. I purchased this Ukrainian Lager from my local Total Wine in hopes that buying it would somehow help the efforts in Ukraine. It’s not often that I see beer from Ukraine. This lager pours a typical gold lager color with a one-finger steady thin white head. The aroma is of bread grains, a light artificial sweetness. The taste is the same artificial sweetness with bread grains and a slightly metallic flavor. The mouthfeel is light. Then this lager finishes with an artificial sweet grain flavor that lingers for a second or two in the aftertaste. Obolon Brewery Lager is a typical lager with a Euro pale lager flavor. I give this lager a C. It’s average but better than the American lagers. It has a few good points overall. It’s the worst beer I’ve had. I would have this again. Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Grimm Artisanal Ales Invisible Touch Helles Lager

This Helles Lager Invisible Touch, 4.9% ABV from Grimm Artisanal Ales in Brooklyn, New York. This Helles Lager pours a golden color with a one-and-a-half-finger white head. It steadily fades into itself. The aroma of this beer is biscuity, malty, crisp, and has little spice. The flavor is crisp, breaded, biscuity, malted, piney, and spiced. The spice is a peppery spice but comes to life on the back of the tongue. The mouthfeel of this beer is light. This hells then finish with a nice breaded, biscuity flavor. The aftertaste is semi-sweet, biscuit, with a pine note at the very end. This Grimm Artisanal Ales Invisible Touch Helles Lager is quite good, and It’s an A+. I have not had a Helles Lager in quite a while, and this was great to return to the style. I highly recommend it. Please be kind, stay safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Oxbow Brewing Co. Sap HAUS Smoked Lager with Maple Syrup

I love a smoked lager. Some can be like barbecue in a glass. This beer h Oxbow Brewing Co. Sap HAUS Smoked Lager with Maple Syrup, 7% ABV. This beer takes eight weeks to produce in Newcastle, Maine, with real Maine maple syrup. This lager pours brown with a three-finger tan head that slowly fades. The beer has aromas of smoke with hints of maple sweetness. The flavor is sweet with maple and a little bit of smokiness. You don’t want too much smoke on a beer like this, nothing worse than drinking a campfire. Then this lager finishes with a light sweet smoked flavor that lingers in the aftertaste. When you get down toward the end of the maple becomes more pronounced. But over this is a good beer. Oxbow Brewing Co. Sap HAUS Smoked Lager with Maple Syrup is a B+. This smoked lager didn’t taste like you were drinking straight pure maple syrup. It had just the right amount of maple syrup flavor and smokey flavors. I would have this again. Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Spoetzl Brewery Shiner 1909 Heritage Lager Beer

This beer Coming out of Shiner, Texas, from the Spoetzl Brewery, is Shiner 1909 Heritage Lager Beer, 4.5% ABV. This lager beer was sent by KLG Public Relations, and I would like to thank them for this beer. This Shiner Lager beer is named for the founding year of the Spoetzl Brewery, 1909 by Czech immigrants to Texas. This lager is made with 2-row barley and noble hops, which are hops grown in Europe particularly Germany. 1909 Heritage Lager Beer pours a gold color with one finger quickly fading head. The aroma is typical lager, faint bread notes with a bit of raw barley. The taste is smooth with light bread notes. The mouth is full, and this beer really coats the mouth. This lager finishes with a slight beaded malt flavor. The aftertaste is semi-sweet and really sticks around and lingers. This is a beer that starts off okay and then it really grows on you. Spoetzl Brewery is Shiner 1909 Heritage Lager Beer is B-. This is not one of the top lagers buts it is good. I think its a B-. I think they are going for a wider appeal with this lager, and not just trying to please the taste buds of the craft beer enthusiast. But I think it will not make a craft beer enthusiast pour this out. I found it not to be so bad, kind of good actually. I will even recommend it. So try it sometime. Please be kind, be safe and enjoy responsibly!