Burial Beer Co. Dusk Dark Lager

Dark Lager’s are one of my favorite beer styles. This dark lager here is Burial Beer Co. Dusk, 5% ABV from Asheville, North Carolina. Burial Beer uses German Pilsner and roasted malts. They also hop this beer with Tattnanger and fermented with house lager yeast. This dark lager pours a black color with t two-finger slow and sticky beige head. The aroma is of toffee, dark roasted malts, and light coffee. The taste is of coffee, toffee, lightly malted roasted flavors. So around the middle of the mouth, you get chocolate and a tootsie roll flavor. The mouthfeel is somewhat light and medium. Then this dark lager finishes with nice semi-sweet chocolate roasted flavor. The aftertaste has a slightly less sweet, but it has a roasted note of coffee and tootsie roll. Burial Beer Co. Dusk Dark Lager is a solid dark lager. I give this dark lager an A+. Dark lagers are drinkable dark beers. They are what I would consider a winter lager version of a regular lager. This one is really good as I would expect from Burial Beer Co. They always beer great beers. This Burial Beer Co. Dusk Dark Lager is one I recommend! Please be kind, stay safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Oxbow Brewing Co. Sap HAUS Smoked Lager with Maple Syrup

I love a smoked lager. Some can be like barbecue in a glass. This beer h Oxbow Brewing Co. Sap HAUS Smoked Lager with Maple Syrup, 7% ABV. This beer takes eight weeks to produce in Newcastle, Maine, with real Maine maple syrup. This lager pours brown with a three-finger tan head that slowly fades. The beer has aromas of smoke with hints of maple sweetness. The flavor is sweet with maple and a little bit of smokiness. You don’t want too much smoke on a beer like this, nothing worse than drinking a campfire. Then this lager finishes with a light sweet smoked flavor that lingers in the aftertaste. When you get down toward the end of the maple becomes more pronounced. But over this is a good beer. Oxbow Brewing Co. Sap HAUS Smoked Lager with Maple Syrup is a B+. This smoked lager didn’t taste like you were drinking straight pure maple syrup. It had just the right amount of maple syrup flavor and smokey flavors. I would have this again. Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Burial Beer & Fair State Brewing cooperative Dark Bohemian Lager

Burial Beer & Fair State Brewing Cooperative Dark Bohemian Lager, 4.2% is a collaboration between the two breweries and is a one-off beer. Bohemian hops are used in this dark lager. Now dark lagers are just lagers brewed with some kind of dark malts. This one pours a deep black color with a cream semi off-white two and a half slow fading sticky head. The aroma is creamy roasted sweetness with light coffee notes. It doesn’t have an aroma like a big beer. The taste is creamy sweet, malty, roasted, and you get a little coffee flavor with a light mouthfeel. This dark Bohemian lager finishes smooth with some roasted malts and a sweetness that does carry over to the aftertaste faintest of bitter notes. This Burial Beer & Fair State Brewing Cooperative Dark Bohemian Lager reminded me of how I like a dark lager. It was really good as is the major majority of Burial Beers. I think it is well-deserving of an A+. It is well brewed with exceptional flavor that you should try for yourself. Please be kind out there, stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!