Oxbow Brewing Co. Sap HAUS Smoked Lager with Maple Syrup

I love a smoked lager. Some can be like barbecue in a glass. This beer h Oxbow Brewing Co. Sap HAUS Smoked Lager with Maple Syrup, 7% ABV. This beer takes eight weeks to produce in Newcastle, Maine, with real Maine maple syrup. This lager pours brown with a three-finger tan head that slowly fades. The beer has aromas of smoke with hints of maple sweetness. The flavor is sweet with maple and a little bit of smokiness. You don’t want too much smoke on a beer like this, nothing worse than drinking a campfire. Then this lager finishes with a light sweet smoked flavor that lingers in the aftertaste. When you get down toward the end of the maple becomes more pronounced. But over this is a good beer. Oxbow Brewing Co. Sap HAUS Smoked Lager with Maple Syrup is a B+. This smoked lager didn’t taste like you were drinking straight pure maple syrup. It had just the right amount of maple syrup flavor and smokey flavors. I would have this again. Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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