J. Wakefield Brewing Ponch & Jon Northwestern Style IPA


J. Wakefield Brewing Ponch & Jon Northwestern Style IPA, 6.5% ABV is a beer that I purchased from Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop partly because of the can neat looking artwork, partly because of the CHiPs connection and because I don’t see tomay J. Wakefield beers in my area. Ponch & Jon is brewed with Strata, Idaho 7, & Simcoe hops. This IPA pours a cloudy hazy yellow color with a very slow fading pillowy white fluffy three and a quarter finger head. Ponch & Jon gives off a nice tropical citrusy aroma that is dank and pine with a nice tropical citrusy dake flavor with some pine notes that hit the taste buds in the back of the mouth, that come to a nice thick bitter finish and a nice tropical hoppy aftertaste that linger just enjoy to enjoy and has a slightly thick mouthfeel. I do enjoy this style of IPA but not on the top of my list and J. Wakefield Brewing Ponch & Jon Northwestern Style IPA is good getting a B+. I think that the slight pine notes to be a touch out of place for this IPA style and does not really go all that well with the tropical flavors, but it was not the most terrible thing I’ve had. It had a nice about of good tropical flavors with some nice bitter notes that really were tasty and this was quite an interesting beer if you like New England style IPA I would say, sure go try J. Wakefield Brewing Ponch & Jon Northwestern Style IPA. Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Hopfly Brewing Company Bocce Backspin IPA


Hopfly Brewing company Bocce Backspin IPA, 7.0% ABV is a Rocky Mount North Carolina Brewed IPA part of Hopflys Adventure Series. Bocce Backspin IPA is double dry-hopped with Citra, Azacca, and HBC 58C hops. Bocce Backspin IPA pours a somewhat thick, for an IPA, yellow cloudy color with a two and quarter white head. Aroma is tropical with juicy tropical fruit bitter notes that takes you for your first sip. Which has a nice juicy tropical fruit like mango with nice citrus orange bitterness that comes on a bit strong but in a pleasant way with a nice juicy tropical finish and a nice bitter orange and tropical fruit aftertaste with a bit lingering bitterness with a full mouthfeel. The lingering bitterness after each sip was just a tiny negative note for Hopfly Brewing company Bocce Backspin IPA but it was pretty good, getting an A-. I like the combination of tropical fruit flavors with a nice orange flavor. I think that this a good beer for you to try if you like bitter tropical IPAs. Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Throwback Thursday: Fullsteam Brewery King Basil Bièr De Garde

Originally posted on September 21st, 2015.


I have never had the style Bière De Garde before till now. I found one from Fullsteam Brewing from Durham North Carolina. King Basil Bière De Garde, 8.0% ABV is brewed with five types of Basil. King Basil pours a copper/deep gold color with a two-finger white head that stays around long enough for a good look before fading into some halfway decent lacing. Not too much light comes through and with that said not so much of the carbonation could be seen. The aroma is perfume like with nice basil notes and a very faint yeast scent. King Basil has a nice light yeasted flavor followed quickly by a big rush of basil that hits the taste buds nicely. This taste is somewhat similar to Summer Basil but this one has a broader basil flavor. The mouthfeel is light to medium with a nice faint basil finish that leads into a nice floral after taste with little yeast notes. This is a great beer and a refreshing one as well. I say this is an A. I like how more than one type of basil is used in this to really broaden the basil flavor. That really makes this beer good and keeps it from being a stronger version of Summer Basil. I really recommend that you try Fullsteam Brewery King Basil Bière De Garde. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Town Brewing Co. Cruise to Nowhere



Town Brewing Co. Cruise to Nowhere, 4.8% ABV is a tropical session sour ale brewed in Charlotte, North Carolina, and fermented with mango, guava, passion fruit, blood orange & Hibiscus. Cruise to Nowhere is the 2019 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) gold medal winner. Cruise to Nowhere pours a pinkish-red color with an almost two finger thin white head that fades steadily with fruity tropical aromas that are sour with a touch of tropical flora. Now the taste has a nice tropical fruit flavor of passion fruit which is bigger than that of the mango and guava, and toward the middle and rear of the mouth, you get a nice blood orange citrus fruit. The overall tropical flavor is sour and tart without being too sour that it squinches up your face and finishes with a tropical sour/tartness and with a nice tropical sour aftertaste that is quite refreshing with a lighter mouthfeel. I can easily see how and why Town Brewing Co. Cruise to Nowhere won gold at GABF, it is definitely getting an A here. This sour beer is just the right combo of sour to tropical fruit make for a real gold medal winner that you should not miss out on, it a good beer! Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!  

Throwback Thursday: Mother Earth Brewing Dark Cloud

Originally posted October 1st 2012IMG_1137.jpeg 

It has been a bit of a crazy, but fun week around my house, this past week with my brother’s family came into town for his birthday. But I am here now with yet another beer review. This is another North Carolina brew, from Kinston, North Carolina, and Mother Earth Brewing. This is their Munich-style Dunkel Lager, Dark Cloud 5.10% ABV. This is the second time having this. First was during a beer tasting I gave this past week. This is a dark German lager. Dark Cloud pours a dark brown color with a rocky whitish two finger head, and very very little light was come through, hazy in the glass. The aroma on this is very malty and sweet with nice bread notes, faint coffee scents too but more of a lighter roast coffee. There was a very very faint raisin smell there too but it’s almost not existent. This Dark Cloud has a nice aroma overall The taste on the Dark Cloud is malt forward, yeah lots of malts, but not overly malty and yes it’s a bit sweet to semi-sweet. this has a lot of mouthfeel on this, you really get that nice malt flavor all over the mouth. I did find a somewhat of a coffee taste here, but none too strong like a stout or porter. There is a very faint somewhat of bitterness to the very end but was okay. But that doesn’t take anything away from the overall flavors of this Dunkel. The aftertaste is still malty but a little less, still good and sweet yet bready. There is no bitterness, but the sweetness does get a bit stronger in the aftertaste. Nothing overly sweet, but good none the less. I find the aftertaste a half tick better than the first taste still great. This beer is not heavy or thick, but it is a drinkable, sessionable and a good beer to have more than once. Overall I give this a B, just for the fact that I found a very tiny bitterness within the great malted flavor. I like this one, it is well done, well brewed and I will be looking forward to having his again, maybe if I have them again and again I will maybe become a B+. I think it could become better with me over time may be a short time. The bitterness was just a half-point off for me, but nothing that made me gives this fine Dunkel any lower of a  grade or pour it out. I like it very much and glad it’s an N.C. beer. Try this! Cheer! Please enjoy responsibly!

NoDa Brewing company Hop So-Low IPA


NoDa Brewing Company Hop So-Low IPA, 4.2% ABV is a Low-Calorie Low Carb India Pale Ale brewed in Charlotte, North Carolina with 2.6 grams of carbs, 100 calories per 12 ounces serving. Hop So-Low pours yellow with a three-finger bright white head giving you very light and very faint piney, hoppy pilsner aromas with a faint hint of citrus fruit. Taste pretty much light and faint with a hoppy pine notes and some super subtle citrus notes. Hop So-Low is pilsner/lager like with a very very faint IPA profile that finishes light with a touch of piney citrusy bitterness and not much of an aftertaste and with a very light mouthfeel. NoDa Brewing Company Hop So-Low IPA is not a good beer, I give it a D. Usually NoDa Brewing Company brews good beer, but not this one. Low carb low-calorie beer should not be an IPA I don’t think it works very well and I would not try this at all. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Throwback Thursday: New Sarum Brewing High Rock Red Ale

Originally posted July 11th, 2016.  


I am not one that truly loves the Red Ale style of beer. I like some and I don’t like others, unlike some styles that I love, like a hefeweizen. Red Ale or American Amber is a catch-all for any beer less than dark ale/brown ale in color. Expect a balanced beer, with toasted malt characters and a light fruitiness in most examples. New Sarum Salisbury Brewing Co. in Salisbury North Carolina brews High Rock Red Ale, 6.0% ABV. This Red Ale is brewed with Marris Otter and Rye with an addition of English hops. High Rock Red Ale pours a gorgeous deep amber-red color with a slight off white tan head that sits two and a half fingers high. The aroma is sweet with rye malts and a slight yet faint caramel notes. High Rock Red Ale tastes smooth at first followed by a smooth sweetness and malted sweetness on the back. The mouthfeel is medium with a nice smooth and sweet finish with a nice light fruity sweet after taste that lingers around for what seems like forever. This is one beer that you don’t want to stop drinking it’s for sure an A+. It is smooth and very well balanced. You need to try this! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Legion Brewing Juicy Jay East Coast India Pale Ale


Legion Brewing Juicy Jay East Coast India Pale Ale, 6.3% ABV and with an IBU (International Bittering Unit) of 68, is brewed right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is one of Legion’s Brewing flagship beers. Juicy Jay pours an orange color with a two-finger white head that has a steady fade to it, giving off an aroma of tropical juicy citrus fruit notes with a nice amount of hoppy. Taste is juicy with nice tropical fruits mango with hoppy notes that come together for a dry fruity finish with a nice dry bitterness in the finish with a medium mouthfeel. Legion Brewing Juicy Jay East Coast India Pale Ale, is a solid beer that isn’t overly flavorful but with enjoy to be a wonderful flagship for Legion Brewing, and it is an A. It doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds, it has just the perfect amount of flavor. I highly recommend Legion Brewing Juicy Jay East Coast India Pale Ale. Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!   

Outer Range Brewing & Resident Culture Brewing Out to Pasture Farmhouse Table Beer


Outer Range Brewing  & Resident Culture Brewing Out to Pasture Farmhouse Table Beer, 2.5% ABV is a collaboration between the two brewers brewed in Charlotte, North Carolina at Resident Culture Brewing and dry-hopped with French Mistral Hops. Out to Pasture pours a bright almost glowing yellow color with two-finger white snow like head that is quicky to fade away giving off light aromas of soft lemon with crips a sent. The flavor is Belgian like with soft dry crisp lemon with a hit of a faint grassy note in the middle of the mouth that finishes crisp with very faint lemony notes and carries into the aftertaste with a light dryness and a light mouthfeel that is refresh and easy to drink. This low ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is for the table to have with a meal as to not overpower the meal. Outer Range Brewing  & Resident Culture Brewing Out to Pasture Farmhouse Table Beer is a good bee but not the greatest, I give it a B- just barely a B-. It has good flavor but all are on the lighter side and yes it’s crisp and refreshing but not enough to hurl it up to a much much higher grade. I did enjoy it and yes I would recommend Outer Range Brewing  & Resident Culture Brewing Out to Pasture Farmhouse Table Beer. So go try it! Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly!

Resident Culture Brewing Radical Empathy Pilsner


Resident Culture Brewing Radical Empathy Pilsner, 4.8% brewed right here in Charlotte, North Carolina is a German Pilsner hopped with Hallertau, Mittlefruh, Blanc & Tettnang. All directly sourced from Seitz Farm in Hallertau Germany This beer has been Krausened – a process that uses actively fermenting lager to condition the finished lager, helping to achieve really nice head retention with great tiny bubbles. Radical Empathy pours a yellow color with a three and a half head of white that slowly fades into decent lacing and gives off a weird but real faint metallic noted aroma with a nice biscuity bready bitter hopped aroma as well. Taste is biscuity, bready with a nice hoppy bitterness that is light and with a good crispness that finishes with a little hoppy bitter biscuit and continues into the aftertaste with alight mouthfeel I like the hop flavor profile on Resident Culture Brewing Radical Empathy Pilsner and  I think its a C+ not so bad but I would have like to have more traditional German Pilsner and a little less hoppy flavors on this which weren’t that bad but they kind of clashed with the pilsner. I would have this again sort of soon, but don’t rush out for this, but also don’t miss it either. Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!