Kona Brewing Co. Big Wave Golden Ale

Big Wave Golden Ale is another beer from Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii. This beer is made in Portland, Oregon, and is 4.4% ABV. This ale is a core Kona Brewing beer. This golden ale has Pale 2 Row Premium and Carmel 20 malts. It also has Galaxy and city hops. This beer pours a golden color with a one-finger head. The aroma is fruity, sweet, crisp, and lightly hoppy. The flavor is light, crisp, fruity/sweet, and with a hint of a hoppy note. The mouthfeel is light. This beer is refreshing. Then it has a nice hoppy note finish that quickly turns into a faint orange. The aftertaste is hoppy, sweet, and crisp, with a little orange flavor that lingers for a second or two. This beer is average, it’s good, but nothing jumps out. I give Big Wave a B-. It’s a beer that you can finish. I mean, the flavor is going to hinder you from finishing it. It’s also not going to immediately draw you into having another. I wouldn’t pass up this beer. But if you do, you aren’t missing too much. Please stay safe, be kind to all, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Brouwerij Verhaeghe Ducheese De Bourgogne

This beer, is a Flanders Red-ale style beer produced in Vichte, Belgium Ducheese De Bourgogne. This beer is 6% ABV. After primary and secondary fermentation, this beer matured in oak barrels for eighteen months. Then the final product is a blend of eight-month-old beer with eighteen-month-old beer. This ales meant to honor Duchess Mary of Burgundy. This beer pours a brown color with a three-finger rocky beige head. The aroma is tart, slightly sour, and fruity. The taste is also fruity, sour, and tart. There is a bit of an oak note coming through. The mouthfeel is medium. Then this blended ale comes to a tart finish with nice fruity notes. The aftertaste is pleasant, fruity, tartness, and light sourness.This beer didn’t taste like it looked. By the looks of it I thought it was to taste like a dark beer, but it didn’t taste that way. It was more like a Belgian Lambic. I would highly recommend Ducheese De Bourgogne. It was fabulous. I give Ducheese De Bourgogne an A+. Please stay safe, be kind, and always remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

NoDa Brewing Company Lil Slurp Hazy India Pale Ale

I had the Imperial version of this IPA, Big Slurp. This beer is Lil Slurp Juicy India Pale Ale from NoDa Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. This beer is 6.0% This Lil Surp comes in twelve ounces six-pack, whereas Big Slurp cam in a sixteen-ounce four-pack. This beer has Sultana, Exp 17701, Mosaic, Strata, and Citra hops used in this IPA. This IPA pours a hazy bright yellow with a two-finger white head. The aroma is juicy tropical/citrus fruit. You get oranges, orange peels, and pineapple. The smell is also bitter. The taste/flavor is juicy with tropical and citrus fruit such as orange, pineapple, mango, and bitter notes. The beer’s mouthfeel is medium, but it does coat your mouth. Then it has a juicy fruit finish and a bitter/fruit aftertaste. This Lil Slurp IPA is very delicious. I give this IPA an A+. I highly recommend Lil Slurp as well as its Imperial version Big Slurp. I have previously reviewed Big Slurp. This beer, however, isn’t as big on bitterness or alcohol as Big Slurp. It has all the right delicious flavors that all come together for a fantastic juicy India Pale Ale that you’ll surely enjoy! Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Golden Road Brewing Golden Road Cerveza

Golden Road Cerveza is from Los Angeles, California and is 4,8% ABV. This beer is a Mexican-style lager. From what I found on their website, and is no longer around. In its place is Street Cart (salt & lime cerveza). This beer pours a golden color with a one-finger quick white head. The aroma is crisp with biscuits, & sweetness. The taste is similar, with breaded notes, crispness, and some light sweet notes. The mouthfeel is light. Then it has a refreshing, lite, sweet finish. Then you’ll get an aftertaste of light sweet breaded malt notes. This beer is a pretty standard Mexican-style lager. I would give Golden Road Cerveza a B-. The overall beer is light on flavor that isn’t bad. I would recommend this beer. But it is one that you could drink and forget. Nothing stands out. Please be safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Widmer Brothers Brewing Company Brrr Hoppy Red

This beer from Portland, Oregon, is Brrr Hoppy Red, a Northwest Red Ale from Widmer Brothers Brewing Company. This red ale is 7.2% ABV. This beer won silver in 2015 at the International Beer and Cider Competition. It has malts such as Pale Malt, Caramel 10l, Caramel 80l, Carapils, and Dark Chocolate. It also has hops such as Alchemy, Eureka, and Cascade. Cascade is grown in the Northwestern USA and used in Northwest beer brewing. This ale pours and red/brown color with a one-and-a-half beige head. The aroma is malted, hoppy, and sweet. This beer has a strong alcoholic not to it as well. This beer tastes bitter, hoppy, sweet, and malted. It’s a long strong for a 7.2% ABV. The mouthfeel is full, and it does coat your mouth a bit. Then it finshes is strong, and bitter malt. Then you get a bitter aftertaste with a muted malt note. This beer is a little bit too strong and bitter. I give Brrr Hoppy Red Ale a D+. The alcoholic and bitter notes clash, and that knocks it below average. I would have this again and would not recommend it. It does not have a good balance of flavors, and I could not find one good flavor. Maybe the malty flavor was okay, but this wasn’t the worst beer. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Revelry Brewing & Free Will Brewing Summer Slow Down

This beer is Summer Slow Down, a hoppy blonde Ale, and a collaboration between Revelry Brewing in Charleston, South Carolina, and Free Will Brewing in Pennsylvania. This beer is a summertime beer, and they won’t make this again. It is 4.8% ABV. This blonde pours a yellow color with a three-finger rocky white head. It is slowly fading but does fade into thick wide lacing throughout the glass. The aroma is light and hoppy with lemon. The taste isn’t far off from its smell. There is a lightness to it that is lemony and hoppy. The mouthfeel is light. Then this blond beer finishes with a juicy lemon and a slightly hoppy flavor. The aftertaste is light tasting and hoppy, and you’ll find a lemon flavor there. This beer is a tasty and refreshing hoppy blonde ale that you should drink. It doesn’t have a lot of flavors, but what it does have is good. I give Summer Slow Down a B+. This beer misses going to the top of the grade because all the flavors are a lot and could be slightly more flavorful, but they are good. You should be drinking this beer! Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Olde Mecklenburg Brewer Unfourseen India Pale Ale

This here is a new beer from Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. This beer is from Charlotte, North Carolina. This beer is Unforeseen India Pale Ale. It is 6.8%. This beer has water, hops, malts, and hops (Simcoe, Callista, Centennial, and Solero). This beer is the brewery’s first IPA. This IPA pours a dark orange color with a three-finger white head. The aroma is bitter, dank, grapefruit, and hoppy. The flavor is hoppy, dank, bitter, resiny, and citrusy (grapefruit/orange). The mouthfeel is medium. Then it comes to a dank/bitter finish with some light citrus. Then you’ll get an aftertaste of bitterness, grapefruit, and hoppy notes. This beer is a delicious IPA. I give Unfourseen an A+. It delivers and has a good flavor profile. This beer is not overwhelming with any one flavor. I recommend this IPA. This beer has a nice dank flavor that is a good addition and harkens back to the earlier IPA styles. I would have this again. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Kona Brewing Co. Pipeline

Kona Pipeline is a porter made with whole-bean Hawaiian Kona Coffee. It is 5.3% ABV. This beer is from the Kona Brewing Co. in Hawaii. But it was brewed in Portland, Oregon. This Pipeline has limited availability. The beer pours a deep dark black with a one-and-a-half-finger beige head. The aroma is roasted coffee, with some bitterness and some licorice-like notes. The flavor is not dissimilar to its smell. There is a roasted dark coffee flavor, bitter notes, and licorice-like flavors. The mouthfeel is full and does coat your tongue some. Then you come to a roasted semi-dry finish. Then you get a chocolate coffee bean aftertaste with mild roasted notes. This Pipeline porter is a good beer that isn’t high in alcohol. I would say this porter is an A-. The overall flavor is bold enough but could be a tiny bit more. That is the only negative I have towards this beer. I highly recommend Pipeline if you are into this type of beer. It has a good level of ABV. It’s not overly heavy. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Goose Island Beer Co. Hazy Beer Hug

This beer Hazy Beer Hug is part of the Goose Island Beer Co. Beer Hug series. This Hazy IPA is 6.8% ABV. This IPA has Amarillo, Galaxy, and Nelson hops. This IPA pours a light yellow/orange color. It also has a one-finger white head. It quickly dissolves. The aroma is fruity (pears, peaches, and white/green grapes) and bitter/hoppy. The flavor is also fruity with green grapes, peaches, and pears. This beer is hoppy and bitter. The mouthfeel is slightly medium. Then it finishes with a bitter fruit flavor. Then comes a bitter aftertaste that quickly turns fruity just as the aftertaste fades away. This Hazy Beer Hug was average, not a terrible beer, but not great. I would give this hazy IPA from Goose Island Beer Co. a C. I didn’t find any of the flavors off-putting or terrible. It just did not wow me. I would recommend it for its boring. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Widmer Brothers Brewing Company Green Skies Hazy IPA

Widmer Brothers Brewing Company makes Green Skies Hazy IPA. It is 6.6% ABV. It has malts such as Pale, Steam 10, Superior Flaked Barley, and Superior Flaked Oats. It also has Bru-1, Sabro, and Citra hops. This beer is from in Portland, Oregon. This IPA pours a hazy orange color with a one-finger white head. The aroma is grassy with citrus fruit, bitter, and hoppy. The flavor is grassy with light orange/grapefruit, onion, and hoppy bitterness. The mouthfeel is light/medium. Then it has a bitter fruity finish. Then you get an aftertaste of bitter grassy flavors. This IPA was not as tasty as stated on the side of the can. I would give Green Skies a C-. It has a below-average overall taste/flavor to it. I wouldn’t recommend this. Nothing was terrible about his IPA. It was just boring. So boring that I can advise you to try it if you haven’t. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!