Throwback Thursday: Saranac Brewing Blueberry Blonde Ale

Originally posted August 1st, 2015

Blonde ales are always a good style that can have a wide range of styles. Some breweries brew blonde ales with fruit that usually present in the spring or summer times of the year, and can be popular. Here we have one example Saranac Brewing Blueberry Blonde Ale, 5.0% ABV. This beer was bought because it can in the cool looking one quart, thirty-two ounces, or 0.946353 liters. This is a small growler that can be refilled with more delicious beer. Saranac makes other beers in this one-quart bottle, like Our Pumpkin Ale, and this one. Saranac is located in Utica New York and is part of the F.X. Matt Brewing Co. Blueberry Blonde Ale pours a golden color with a two finger bright white head that slowly dissipates into fine whips of good lacing. I found nice amounts of lights streaming in through the glass with nice carbonation. The aroma reminds me of fresh blueberries and a bit of a blueberry pastry. The taste is light with ale and big blueberry upfront, but you don’t get very much tartness from the blueberries. The middle of the mouth get just a tick more of a tartness for a second or two, then towards the back, it all fades into a nice refreshing sweetness. The mouthfeel is light and refreshing, with a nice sweet blueberry finish that leads down to an aftertaste of sticky somewhat tart blueberry flavor. This is quite good. I would say Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale is a B. It’s good, easy to drink, and refreshing but after many of these I think the blueberry flavor would get to be a bit much and you’d have to move on to another different beer. But I did go through and enjoy this entire small growler myself. But I think thirty-two ounces is just the right amount to enjoy on a warm spring or hot summer day. I recommend trying Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale for you. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: NoDa Brewing Company CAVU

Originally posted September 7th, 2014.

I’ve seen more and more beer in cans recently and that isn’t a bad thing. In the past canned beer wasn’t thought of as good as the the bottled beer. People thought the materials of aluminum cans would make the beer taste funny. Now can technology has gone many times better. But canned beer can go places that bottled beer cannot. You can take can’s of beer to the beach, put them in a backpack, or in the cooler without worry, and aluminum cans don’t break when dropped. NoDa Brewing Company here in Charlotte, North Carolina makes beer in cans and here is one of their newer beers CAVU (Ceiling and visibility unlimited), 4.6% ABV, and is in a rather cool looking sixteen ounce can. CAVU pours a clear golden color with a one-finger fizzy wheat head that dissipates quickly but leaves behind minimal lacing. I found lots of light streaming through the glass with healthy amounts of carbonation. The aroma is a bit fruity with a bit of grapefruit and some oranges. There is a slight whiff of pine in the aroma as well. NoDa CAVU has a crisp taste of fruity hops, this is due to the use of west coast hops, I found there to be grapefruit and orange with hints of a piney grassy taste on the back of the mouth. I also found a buttery cracker flavor in the middle of the mouth and towards the back. CAVU has a medium to light mouthfeel with a nice hop character. This beer finishes nicely with a crisp hoppy bit and has a fruity hop aftertaste. NoDa Brewing Company CAVU gets an A, this is a good beer that doesn’t overpower your taste buds and is easy to drink as well as refreshing, and has a very cool looking can too. I enjoyed this one very much and I do highly recommend that you go and try NoDa Brewing Company CAVU for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Burial Beer Co. The Prayer Belgian Blonde With Apricots

Burial Beer Co. The Prayer Belgian Blonde with Apricots, 6.2% ABV from Asheville North Carolina which I purchased here in Charlotte from Pop the Top Bottle Shop, this beer uses raw wheat from Carolina Ground and more than 800 pounds of Apricots to brew this Belgian Blonde. The Prayer Belgian Blonde with Apricots pours a medium and somewhat murky orange color with a two finger wheat head that steadily fades into itself with decent lacing left throughout the glass giving off slightly sharp fruity tart aromas with some sour notes that lead into a crisp, tart, fruity, sour taste with some sweet touches coming through with a yeast note on the back of the mouth with a tart fruited somewhat light sour finish and a tart apricot aftertaste that linger with a bit of a tart sweet and sour vibe to it with a medium mouthfeel. I have come to like all of Burial Beer Co. beer and this does not disappoint it is an A. Everything going on in this beer is well balanced and well brewed and as a little similarity to a light Saison beer, which they also do well. I highly recommend trying Burial Beer Co. The Prayer Belgian Blonde with Apricots it not overly tart or sour, just enough so you know that the sour/tart fruit is there. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Hi-Wire Brewing MountainTrue Apricot Blonde

Hi-Wire Brewing MountainTrue Apricot Blonde, 4.6% is a beer that gives a portion of its proceeds to help protect the mountain wildernesses that was released in August. Apricot Blonde pours a yellow orange juice color with a one and a half finger white head that slowly fades into itself leave good lacing behind giving off a slight faint tart fruity aroma that dives you into a light, faint tart fruity notes with a sour note coming through on the back to your tongue with a tart light sour finish and light tart fruit aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. This isn’t a sour style beer it is more in tune with a blonde ale and isn’t bad but it does wow your taste buds, It’s a B-. You don’t get large apricot flavors on this that more of a subtle flavor that goes as you get close to the bottom of Apricot Blonde. It’s also not overly tart nor sour so it easier to drink in that respect which makes Hi-Wire Brewing MountainTrue Apricot Blonde sessionable, and one that I would recommend. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Edward Teach Beer Co. Belgian-Style Blonde

We’re back and with new local beer from Edward Teach Beer Co. in Wilmington North Carolina and this is their Belgian-Style Blonde, 7.2% ABV. Edward Teach Beer Co. since 2014 is a newer brewery here among the many different NC breweries. Belgian-Style Blonde pours a deep gold color with a quickly fading white head that does leave some minimal lacing behind that fades halfway through drinking this beer, and gives off a semi-sweet aromas with some sour notes flowing in with a brightness hitting your nose that takes you down to a sweet taste of yeasted slightly spiced sour notes with hints of light fruit with a nice spiced finish and a semi-sweet spiced aftertaste with a medium to almost full mouthfeel. This beer is exactly how the Belgian Blonde should taste, it’s an A beer and is quite tasty as well as a bit refreshing in a little way. This Edward Teach beer doesn’t overpower your mouth with lots of flavors, it just hits it with a well-balanced amount, this is one beer I highly recommended. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

The Unknown Brewing Company Madame Butterfly French Oak Tart Blonde Beer

Haven’t reviewed much of The Unknown Brewing Company’s offerings, but I saw Madame Butterfly French Oak Tart Blonde Beer, 5.8% ABV. Madame Butterfly is a blonde ale aged in French Oak barrels and pours an orange color with a half finger clear fizzy head that fades into itself as quickly as it can with aroma of white wine fruits, some apples, pears, and green grapes with hints of soft vanilla that take you to a tart white wine flavor of apples, pears and nice green grapes with hints of nice soft vanilla that is tart enough without puckering your mouth with a nice tart but lightly fruity sweet finish and soft tart white wine aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. The Unknown Brewing Company Madame Butterfly is a good beer and one that I a wine drinker would enjoy. It is much like a white wine. I give Madame Butterfly and A-, just could not t have two or more pints of Madame Butterfly’s flavor becomes overwhelming on your taste buds, but otherwise, this is a good beer. I recommend trying The Unknown Brewing Company Madame Butterfly French Oak Tart Blonde Beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Catawba Brewing Co. Evening Joe Coffee Blonde Ale


Catawba Brewing Co. Evening Joe, 5.7% ABV a limited release is a blonde coffee ale. A morning beverage that you’ll want to have as your evening pint. Evening Joe pours a deep orange/copper color with a thin one finger white head that quickly falls back into itself with sweet aromas of vanilla coffee with a bit of a roasted scent that draws you into a sweet vanilla coffee taste with a nice roasted note on the back on the tongue with a sweet roasted finish and a roasted vanilla finish and a medium mouthfeel. This is a good beer that’s easier to drink than most coffee beers. This is a B+ beer. Catawba Brewing Co. Evening Joe is good but Wooden Robot Brewer Good Morning Vietnam is a better coffee blonde Ale, it’s even easier to drink. Catawba Brewing Co. Evening Joe would get to be too much flavor after two. I enjoyed it and so should you. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

Anchor Brewing Co. Blood Orange Blonde


There is a lot of beer that has oranges in them but I don’t see much use of blood oranges, a deeper red-orange with a slightly deep sweetness too it. But I found this From Anchor Brewing Co. located in San Fransico California. This is Blood Orange Blonde, 4.5% ABV and is brewed with fresh blood oranges. Blood Orange Blonde pours a deep orange color with a one and a half finger of white head that quick to dissolve with loads of sediment or pulp floating in from the fresh blood oranges giving nice aromas of freshly squeezed blood oranges with just a pinch of a sour note that gives you a flavor of freshly squeezes blood oranges up front with a little sour note in the middle and a semi-bitter note on the end with a nice sweet finish and a zesty orange aftertaste with a light easy mouthfeel. Blood Orange Blonde is good and refreshing getting an A- here just missing out with a little bitterness that comes in on the end and as this beer warms but it’s otherwise a good drinking beer that everyone should try. Cheers! Please enjoy responsible!

Castelló Beer Factory Golden, American Blonde Ale


Here is a beer, Castelló Beer Factory Golden, American Blonde Ale 5.5% ABV that was gifted to me from my Spanish exchange brother via a box from Spain. Castelló Beer Factory for Catellón Spain isn’t imported into the United States, nor in the rest of North America. Golden, American Blonde Ale pours a slightly hazy golden color with a two finger head that fades into a right around the glass at a steady yet slower pace and gives off a slightly fruity aroma with a very faint yeasty note. This Golden as a slight witbier aroma to it more than a Golden. Taste is slightly fruity at first then you get some slight bold yeast flavors with a very little sourness toward the end that fades out quickly with a somewhat smooth like finish of something similar to a witbier and a similar aftertaste with a tiny bit of a sour note on the tail end that is quickly gone with a light to somewhat medium mouthfeel. I didn’t find Golden, American Blonde Ale to be bad it wasn’t what I thought it to be for an American Golden Ale, more of a slight witbier. So I give this a C+. It was good for what it was not what it was supposed to be, Golden, American Blonde Ale. But It wasn’t really worth having more than one and a half, nor was it too memorable. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!    

Legal Remedy Brewing Co. World Court Mocha Blonde Stout


This past Saturday I had a sample of Legal Remedy Brewing Co. in Rock Hill South Carolina World Court Mocha Blonde Stout, 6.6% ABV at my local Harris Teeter. I decided to take some home and give it a review. This stout is brewed coffee and white chocolate. World Court pours a hazed bright yellow like color with a one and a half finger white head the somewhat nice retention. The aroma is strong with white chocolate and some coffee notes, that then gives you not quite the same on the flavor. It’s less of the white chocolate sweetness and more coffee with a slight coffee roasted note with slight mocha qualities to it. World Court has chocolaty sweet finish with a hint of coffee and a sweet slight chocolate aftertaste that lingers on the tongue. The mouth feel is medium and over I thought this World Court Mocha Blonde Stout was interesting sound more than it tasted. It wasn’t bad. I give this beer a C+, Interesting thought. I think that after two or more you’d be over the flavor on this beer. I might have this again but not soon. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!