Sycamore Brewing Caribbean Stout

I am not a fan of Sycamore Brewing. I’ve had more than a few of their beers. I find them to be bland. But I think they have a great brewery space and beer garden. I’m trying Caribbean Stout because it looks interesting. So I guess I am giving Sycamore another try. This beer is brewed n Charlotte, North Carolina, and is 7% ABV. This stout pours a black color with a four-finger brown/beige head, which doesn’t move. The aroma is herbal, bitter, roasted, chocolate, and a bit of coffee. The taste is bitter-roasted coffee, malty, and chocolate. It has a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Then it finishes with a bitter-roasted note. Then you get an aftertaste of nice bitter cocoa. This stout is not terrible. I’d say it’s a B-. It’s better at the first taste than the aftertaste. It has a little too much herbal bitterness of a stout, but I can taste what Sycamore is doing. If you like dark and slightly bitter beer, then you will like this. I wouldn’t rush for it. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Birdsong Brewing Co. Mexicali Stout

I have had this beer before. I just haven’t reviewed it. This beer, Birdsong Brewing Co. Mexicali Stout, 5.9% ABV from right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s made with habaneros (small HOT orange peppers), cacao nibs, and local Central Coffee. I like a spicy coffee stout, so I think this could be good. This stout pours a rich black color with a two-and-a-half head of beige creamy that is very slow to fade into beautiful lacing. The aroma is of roasted coffee, sweetness, and some nice spiciness. The flavor is spicy at first, then comes the roasted coffee, and then there is some sweetness. The mouthfeel is full. This beer finish with a spicy coffee roast flavor. Then it has an aftertaste of the vegetal habanero and the spicy heat of said pepper. This stout is a great beer. The coffee flavor works well with the habanero spice. I give Birdsong Brewing Co. Mexicali Stout an A+. I a good beer from a good brewery. This stout is not a beer that when finishing a pint, you can’t go for another. I could have two pints, maybe two and a half. I highly recommended Birdsong Brewing Co. Mexicali Stout. Please be kind, stay safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

New Holland Brewing Company Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout

Thank you to Outsider Public Relations and New Holland Brewing Company. Here we have New Holland Brewing Company Dragon’s Milk Barrel-Aged Stout, 11% ABV. This stout, made in Holland, Michigan. This stout pours a deep dark black color with a three-and-a-half thick tan/khaki head. It’s very sticky and slow. The aroma is roast with sweet notes of boozy coffee and bitter notes. The taste is sweet, roasted with a boozy bourbon coffee taste that grows as you pass over your tongue. The is a slight milk flavor that is faint at best. Dragon’s Milk Stout finishes with a semi-sweet roasted milk flavor. The aftertaste is strong, boozy and a little be toasty. This stout is a big beer with lots of big flavors to it. It’s good, A- good. Not something you’d have more than one of or something you start off a drinking session with, it would be the last. But it is a solid barrel-aged stout. Are there better ones out there? Yes, but not many. I would put this in the top 10 stouts. Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Fonta Flora Brewery Brackish Oyster Stout

Fonta Flora Brewery Brackish Oyster Stout, 6.4% ABV, is from Neboo, North Carolina. I purchased this oyster stout from my local Total Wine. Brackish is a seasonal beer that pours a deep dark black. It has a two-finger beige/brown head with good retention. The aroma is dark, slightly dry with salty characteristicsand some roasted malts. The flavor is not a bold as I was expecting, but it was flavorful. I found this to be slightly dry quality, some roasted salty malts. The mouthfeel is full, and the finish is semi-dry with hints of salt with nice roasted malts. Brackish has a dark aftertaste. It is a little bitter malty and with faint salt flavors. Fonta Flora Brewery Brackish Oyster Stout was good. I give it an A-. I found that this beer is easy to drink then some stoutsIt wasn’t a heavy beer or anything like that. It was not oyster stout tasting enough. I enjoy it none less yes, I do recommend this. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Throwback Thursday: 21st Amendment Brewing Marooned on Hog Island

Stouts come in many sub-styles with their flavor and taste, like imperial stouts, Belgian stouts, English, American, dry, oyster, and fruit stouts. They are all dark beer and have some similar qualities. 21st Amendment Brewing in San Francisco brews Marooned on Hog Island, 7.9% ABV and brewed with Hog Island Oyster shells. Oyster Stouts are a drier type of stout but aren’t the dry type of beer. Marooned on Hog Island pours a black/deep brown color with a three-finger beige head that leaves behind nice decent lacing. The aroma roasted with cocoa, bits of chocolate, and the faintest/tiniest saline note. Taste is similar to the aroma with a semi sweetness that comes in and then goes in an instant. There not many saline flavors to it. But it does shine through at the end as this beer warms. I also found the roasted note to be a bit fainter than you on the aroma. The mouthfeel of this beer is full. Marooned on Hog Island does finish with a saline-like note that fades and then the after taste of roasted cocoa/chocolate that does not stay. Marooned on Hog Island is a good beer, but I would like to have more from the added oyster shells. I give this Stout a B-. Not too bad, but not really what I was hoping it to be. It is off by just a little. 21st Amendment is a great brewery. They make a great summer beer, Hell or High Watermelon, and they’re no longer in production Beer Bitter American was fabulous, so I know they can brew great beer Marooned on Hog Island was close, but not close enough. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Mother Earth Brewing Old Neighborhood Oatmeal Stout

Originally post December, 29th 2013.

Over the years brewers have been putting different things into beer to make a new taste sensation and/or flavor profile. But one ingredient has been used for quite some time now. Oatmeal is one item that is widely used in porters and stouts for a nice touch of sweetness and texture. He is a local North Carolina example of an oatmeal porter, Mother Earth’s Old Neighborhood, 5.5% ABV. This is almost a sessionable oatmeal porter ABV 5.5% ABV. Old Neighborhood pours a deep black color with dark ruby red edges, with a nice big three finger beige head what sticks around quite nicely and forms good looking lacing. I saw no light coming through and I found there to be very little carbonation bubbles. The aroma is like a nice sweet bowl of oatmeal on a cold day with hints of roasted malts. The taste is at first slightly roasted then comes a hint of the sweetness from the oatmeal. I did find a tiny bitterness from the roasted right before the sweetness. The mouthfeel is smooth with a slight creaminess and has a semi-sweet finish with a hint of a roasted character. The after taste is slightly sweeter still with a nice roasted quality. Overall Old Neighborhood Oatmeal Porter is a solid B+ beer. It is easier to drink than others in this style and has a great balance of flavors, and isn’t overdone on one particular thing. I would like to have this one again. So go out and try Mother Earth’s Old Neighborhood Oatmeal Porter and see what you think of it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Allagash Brewing Company North Sky Stout

Allagash Brewing Company North Sky Stout, 7.5% AVB, and is brewed in Portland, Maine, as a Belgian-Style Stout. This stout brewed with Allagash 2-Row Malted Barley Blend, Local Pale Malt, Local Oats, Torrified Wheat, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Midnight Wheat grains, Northern Brewer, Cascade hops, and Belgian Abbey-Style yeast. North Sky pours a rich black color with a three-finger beige head with a big ole bubble in it and is very foamy. The Aroma of North Sky is roasted, sweet with light fruity notes (semi-darkish fruits), and some malty scented notes. North Sky has a nice roast flavor that slowly hits the tastebuds with some nice malted sweet notes and light fruit notes with a medium to barely full mouthfeel is not as thick as some others and makes it easy to drink. North Sky has a roasted malt finish and an aftertaste of roasted notes with a faint hit of that fruit and some sweet notes. Allagash Brewing Company North Sky Stout was a bit of a surprise. I was not expecting it to be as non-heavy from a stout (light as in mouthfeel). It has good Belgian stout qualities to it and has good flavor overall, giving Allagash Brewing Company North Sky Stout an A., and something I think you should give a try! Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Southern Range Brewing Company Let’s Dance Let’s Stout French Toast.

Southern Range Brewing Co. Let’s Dance Let’s Stout French Toast, 7.0% ABV brewed in Monroe, North Carolina purchased from The Butcher’s Market. Let’s Dance Let’s Stout French Toast pours a deep thick black color with a creamy three finger beige khaki head, with a roasted cinnamon sweet coffee aroma wafting off into you nose. Taste is similar to the aroma with nice maple syrup, some cinnamon, with roasted coffee notes in the middle of the mouth with a full thick mouthfeel that has a roasted bitter finish with a bit of faint sweetness that then give a nice roasted maple coffee aftertaste. This beer has a similar flavor profile to French Toast but the bitter notes on its finish give Southern Range Brewing Co. Let’s Dance Let’s Stout French Toast a C+, everything else is good but I didn’t like that bitterness on the end. I don’t mind a bitterness but this bitterness was not pleasant and did really belong with the rest of this beer flavors. But it was not so bad that it would keep me from having Southern Range Brewing Co. Let’s Dance Let’s Stout French Toast again. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Dssolver Brewing Eat The Rich Bourbon Barrel coffee Stout


Dssolver Brewing Eat The Rich Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout, 5.5% ABV is a collaboration between Dssolver Brewing and Hoof Hearted Coffee and is a bourbon barrel fermented after being brewed with Cacao nibs, vanilla, sea salt, hazelnut, & bourbon barrel-aged Hoof Hearted Coffee Beans. Eat The Rich pours a thick black color with a two-finger foamy/rocky brown creamy slow head with roasted and toasted coffee sweet vanilla cacao aromas that entice you to take a lush sip allowing toasted roast notes of a nice vanilla/chocolate coffee sweetness with a big of bourbon notes hitting your taste buds with a little nutty notes makes its way into the flavor mix that comes to a nice bourbon coffee finish and continues into the aftertaste with some light vanilla sweet notes with a fully sticky mouthfeel. Dssolver Brewing Eat The Rich Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout does have a lot going on but it all comes together for a wonderful dark stout beer, getting an A. You can really taste all the individual flavor of this beer and that is not an easy task, I mean sometimes on flavor could overwhelm another flavor, but Dssolver Brewing Eat The Rich Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout really lets all the tasty flavors shine though and that makes it a beer that is worth trying! Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!      

Throwback Thursday: Duck-Rabbit Brewing Milk Stout

Originally posted February 18th, 2013

Well, it still is wintertime outside, well it sure looked like it here over the weekend with big snow hitting the Charlotte area, and I thought that would call for a nice dark stout. So I pick a few, one being The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout, 5.70% ABV. This is a sweet full-bodied stout, brewed in Farmville North Carolina. This milk stout uses lactose or milk sugar to give this its nice sweetness. They also a nice amount of highly roasted gains. Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout pours a thick black color with a quarter finger tan head that quickly dissipates and does leave tiny amounts of lacing. There was no light coming through the glass and I found no traces of carbonation bubbles. The aroma is big sweet and roasted with a hint of bakers chocolate. The aroma reminded me a little of coffee with cream. The taste is first sweet followed be a chocolate roasted coffee flavor with a hint of baker’s cocoa. The mouthfeel is more on the full side, the flavor really coats your mouth to leave a full finish with an aftertaste of sweet roasted chocolate coffee. But I thought that this Duck-rabbit was easy to drink. I am giving this an A. Good flavors all around on this, and they all work well with one another to create one heck of a good beer. Nothing about this beer is overly done or bad. I do recommend this beer and will certainly have this again. Please go out and get yourself a bottle to try and see what you think of The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!