Gizmo BrewWorks Coffee Stiletto Stout

I picked up Gizmo BrewWorks Coffee Stiletto Stout, 6.1% ABV and 31 IBU from the local Total Wine here. This is a coffee version of Gizmo BrewWorks Black Stiletto Stout but with a double shot of Ethiopian coffee from Benelux. The beans are slowly roasted and added directly to the beer. Coffee Stiletto Stout pours a semi-thick black color with a two finger beige head that fades into a one finger head with aromas of roasted coffee with nice notes of strong espresso. Coffee Stiletto Stout has a roasted coffee flavor with a malted espresso note towards the middle of the tongue that picks of faint smokey notes as it hits your throat with a nice espresso coffee finish and a roasted raw coffee bean aftertaste with a nice full mouthfeel. Now Gizmo BrewWorks Coffee Stiletto Stout isn’t what I would call the best, I’ve had better versions of Coffee Stouts, some that are creamier with a fuller coffee flavor, this had more of a milder coffee flavor which gets it a C+. I don’t find this bad, I would say Gizmo BrewWorks Coffee Stiletto Stout is more of a drinkable Coffee Stout but not what you really look for in this type of beer style. I would go back to this but not soon and not one I would one hundred percent recommend Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Lord Hobo Brewing Co. Meat & Potatoes Dinner Stout

Lord Hobo Brewing Company from Woburn, Massachusetts is a fairly new distributed brewery in the Charlotte, NC area. This is Lord Hobo Meat & Potatoes Dinner Stout, 7.7% ABV. Meat & Potatoes pours black with a three finger beige head that slowly dissipates into somewhat spotty lacing, giving off ashy semi-coffee like aromas with a faint malty bitter scent. Then you come to a taste of roasted bitter notes with a ashy coffee-ish flavor with a very faint hoppy not on the very back of the mouth an tongue with a semi-bitter roasted chocolate finish and a much similar aftertaste with a bit of a faint hoppy bitter note popping in for a split second with a full mouthfeel. Lord Hobo Meat & Potatoes Dinner Stout sounded more interesting than it tasted, and was not very good. I found it to taste like a stout that was off or not as fresh, so I give this Lord Hobo Meat & Potatoes Dinner Stout a D-. The bitterness that I got from this stout through the beer off as it came into the coffee like flavor, they didn’t really go well together causing the entire beer to taste not well balanced. I don’t think I will be go back to this stout nor will I be recommending this beer. I didn’t like it that much! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Westbrook Brewing Co. 8th Anniversary Pecan Cookie Stoutwimw

I really enjoy the beer from Westbrook Brewing Co. in Mt. Pleasant South Carolina and this Westbrook Brewing Co. 8th Anniversary Pecan Cookie Stout, 9.0% ABV which I purchased from Pop the Top Bottle Shop here in Charlotte, North Carolina, and this beer was brewed for Westbrook’s 8th Anniversary And is brewed with roasted pecans, winter spices and vanilla then blended with dark roasted malts and candy syrup. 8th Anniversary Pecan Cookie Stout pours a black color with brown edges and a two finger beige head that gives you sweet aromas of a chocolate cookie with a bit of a nutty note. Then you get to flavors sweet chocolate cookie notes with nice roasted malts with a nice roasted pecan flavor coming through the roasted char notes with a nice sweet but faintly bitter finish with some semi-chocolate sweetness and a roasted malt pecan cookie sweet aftertaste that really hangs around coating your mouth with a full mouthfeel. Westbrook Brewing Co. 8th Anniversary Pecan Cookie Stout is a great dessert beer and really keep up with the great brewing knowhow making 8th Anniversary Pecan Cookie Stout an A here. It is what it says it is on the bottle a pecan cookie Stout and one that is well brewed and one I will recommend you to try and I will go back to., Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Samuel Smith Brewery Organic Oatmeal Stout

One of my top favorite breweries is, here again, it’s Samuel Smith and this is their celebrated Oatmeal Stout, 5.0% ABV. I’ve loved every beer I’ve had from Samuel Smith. This style of beer doesn’t really use actual oatmeal in the brewing process, but oats are used in the mash.  They give smoothness and a touch of sweetness to the beer. This Samuel Smith pours an opaque black color with a big three finger tan rocky head. The head stays for a while that leads into very wonderful lacing. This beer looks so great just sitting there. I did find a little amount of light coming through the pint glass with a small pack of carbonation bubbles. The aroma on Oatmeal Stout is sweet with the scent of oats and bittersweet chocolate. There is a nice roasted aroma too. The aroma reminds me of fresh and sweet homemade oatmeal. The taste is nice and you first get the lightly sweet oats hitting your tongue, followed by light chocolate that has a bit of a roasted noted around it. The taste on this makes every sip you want another. The mouthfeel is medium and a bit on the rich side. Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout finishes nicely with oats and a hint of sweetness that makes for a nice semi-dry and sweet aftertaste. I have to find a Samuel Smiths beer is bad, their beer is never lower than a C+, and there is only one, their cider. But this, their Oatmeal Stout is getting A+ from me. I would have this over and over again. This is a very tasty beer, and does not go overboard with the oats or other ingredients; it’s all balanced well into a great beer. I highly recommend this beer! Please go out and try this and see just how great Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout really is, you might just love it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

Catawba Brewing Co. Evening Joe Coffee Blonde Ale


Catawba Brewing Co. Evening Joe, 5.7% ABV a limited release is a blonde coffee ale. A morning beverage that you’ll want to have as your evening pint. Evening Joe pours a deep orange/copper color with a thin one finger white head that quickly falls back into itself with sweet aromas of vanilla coffee with a bit of a roasted scent that draws you into a sweet vanilla coffee taste with a nice roasted note on the back on the tongue with a sweet roasted finish and a roasted vanilla finish and a medium mouthfeel. This is a good beer that’s easier to drink than most coffee beers. This is a B+ beer. Catawba Brewing Co. Evening Joe is good but Wooden Robot Brewer Good Morning Vietnam is a better coffee blonde Ale, it’s even easier to drink. Catawba Brewing Co. Evening Joe would get to be too much flavor after two. I enjoyed it and so should you. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

Foothills Brewing Co. Frostbite Black IPA


I picked up Foothills Brewing Co. Frostbite Black IPA at Good Bottle Co. a couple of weeks ago. I think that Foothills brews wonderfully tasty beers. Frostbite pours black with brown edges with a three finger beige head that slowly dissipates to the edges of the glass with aromas of roasted pine and slight chocolate sweetness with a very faint hoppy note that gives you flavors of nice roasted pine and chocolate with a faint hoppy note out back with a slightly roasted pine bitter finish and an aftertaste of bitter dark chocolate that has a fuller mouthfeel. When this beer warms it becomes more of IPA than a stout. This is very good, an A. Foothills Brewing Co. has made yet another taste beer with Frostbite Black IPA, a beer that I recommend you try but go quickly it’s a winter seasonal. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!    

Throwback Thursday: Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout


Hello to everyone. There is something to be said for finding cheap beer in the store that sounds good, but that isn’t always good, so be careful. What I found was Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout, 5.3% ABV from Rhode Island. This is a collaboration between Autocrat Coffee, which was started in 1895, and Narragansett Brewery which has been around just as long. Narragansett Autocrat pours a black color with a brownish tan four finger rocky head that slow to dissipate. I found there to be no light coming through nor did I see much carbonation bubbles due to the darkness of the beer. The aroma is strong with coffee, smell like a fresh cup of dark roast coffee. The taste of this beer is much like the aroma, big pot of dark roast coffee with just a little tiny hint of sweetness from the lactose sugars (that is what makes a milk stout). There is a little burned/roasted noted on the back that leads you into a nice cup of dark coffee finish with a semi-sweet roasted coffee aftertaste. This stout surprised me. It was really good. I would give Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout an A-. I didn’t really find any think of the flavor profile that tells me this is milk stout, but it was good nonetheless. I liked how this has big coffee flavors to it. Taste like something that Starbucks or any other coffee shop would sell. They really hit the coffee stout right on the head. I enjoyed it and so should you; yes I am recommending Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout. So go out and try it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout.


It’s always good when you have a beer from Samuel Smith’s. The best English brewer/brewery in my opinion. This beer is new to the Samuel Smith line of brews. This is the Organic Chocolate Stout at 5.0% ABV. This is a sweet or milk stout. Milk stout doesn’t mean that milk is used when brewing this, no it just the lactose sugar from the milk is used. But in this Samuel Smith Theobroma cocoa is used as a more main ingredient. This Stout pours a deep black color with a big four to four and a half finger of dark khaki/brownish beige pillowy head. The head really sticks around on this one, with no light or carbonation in the glass. There is tons of great lacing left around the glass. This is just a great beautiful looking stout. The aroma is a big hunk of good bakers chocolate with a touch milk chocolate and faint roasted malt. But the aroma reminded me of a chocolate drink.  The scents and aromas really give you a wow factor. The taste of this Samuel Smith’s is a big chocolate taste, just really sweet chocolate note hitting your taste buds. There is a faint roasted malt/coffee taste there but it’s really muted from the big chocolate notes up front. The mouthfeel is full and rich, with a silky texture. This chocolate stout finishes nicely leave a great aftertaste of cocoa, chocolate that sticks around with a quick hint of roasted notes. Wow, this is a great beer and I am giving this A+. This is a really great beer to have.  This is a great chocolate stout from start to finish.  Yet again Samuel Smith’s has brewed a beer that should be the best for a long time as they all their beers are. I highly recommend you get this and try this right now. This is an amazing beer. Please tell all your friends and/or share this with them. I think everyone should drink this once. I loved it! Cheers! Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: The Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

This post was originally posted on October 12, 2012. So many beers ago! 


Here we have Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout, 10.0% ABV. This stout is brewed once every year in limited bottles and had the month and year printed on the neck label. This particular Black Chocolate Stout was brewed on 11-12. The Brooklyn brewery uses six varieties of black, chocolate, and roasted malts to achieve the flavors in this beer. The Brooklyn Brewery only put this stout in four pack of twelve-ounce bottles and from what I hear, it sells very well. Black Chocolate Stout Pours a deep thick black color with a rich cocoa khaki head that fades into nice sticky lacing. No light that passes through this super dark beer with no a trace of carbonation. This pours like motor oil but not in a bad way. The aroma of Black Chocolate Stout is of bakers/Hershey chocolate, and a slight caramel coffee scent. Smells like dessert for sure. The taste of the stout is sweet chocolate with a few roasted malts and coffee, with a hint of bitter caramel. The mouthfeel is medium to heavy with all the flavors really coating your mouth and sticking there for a while. There is a little amount of alcohol burn in the finish, and the aftertaste has a slightly bitter roasted coffee note. Also in the aftertaste, you’ll find a slightly less sweet coca flavor. This stout is a bit boozy tasting all around but none too bad, but that would be expected with this being at 10.0% abv. Overall I’d give this an A-. A really good chocolate stout, but a little too much alcohol in this but it’s somewhat okay, and it’s slightly thicker than I would’ve liked it to be. I would recommend this to any stout or chocolate beer lover. I solidly brewed beer, and remember to come and see me down at Mike’s Discount Beverage, 4700 Park Rd, Charlotte NC 28209 for this, Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout, and all your fine wine and great beer needs. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Against The Grain Brewiny 35k Stout

This post is from January 15, 2017. 


I’ve been trying to review more dark beers for The Best Beer Blog because I’ve been reviewing a lot of IPA’s, Pale Ales, and similar type beers. I’m reviewing more dark beer not because I don’t like IPA and/or Pale Ales, this isn’t an IPA beer blog. Here is Against The Grain Brewery, 35K Stout Beer, 7.0% ABV. Against The Grain, Brewing is in Louisville Kentucky. 35K Stout Beer pours a black color with a three finger creamy light beige head that sticks and leaves behind awesome lacing. The aroma is roasted with coffee notes and a slight chocolate sweetness. The aroma is quite good. Taste on 35K Stout Beer is roasted up front with a semi-sweet coffee flavor in the middle and a tingle of a faint bitterness at the very end. The mouthfeel is full and rich with a nice chocolate coffee like finish and an aftertaste of semi-sweet roasted flavors that linger there for what seems like forever. 35K Stout Beer surprised me with its flavors and I was expecting it to be more on the bittersweet side of the stout spectrum.  But that wasn’t the case. 35K Stout Beer is an A. I highly recommend 35K Stout Beer for anyone that is into dark beers. I really enjoyed it and look forward to having this Against The Grain Brewery 35K Stout Beer again. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly