left Hand Brewing Company Push Pop Party Nitro

left Hand Brewing Company Push Pop Party Nitro, 5.4% ABV from Longmont Colorado is brewed with Rocky Mountain water, malted barley, mandarin oranges, limes, lactose, hops, and yeast with nitrogen in the can which gives this beer a draft quality from the can. Left Hand Brewing Company has many beers with nitro, but this is the first I have seen with nitro that isn’t a stout. The Brewery says to pour this beer like a pro I did not pour this delicately. Push Pop Party Nitro pours a deep yellow to orange color with a cascading thick creamy tight white snowy two finger head with sweet fruity citrus aromas of lime and orange. Taste is light, silky, creamy like with nice citrus limes and mandarin oranges that goes down easy with a smooth citrus fruit finish and a silky aftertaste of limey orange cream with a light mouthfeel. left Hand Brewing Company Push Pop Party Nitro is much like a refreshing fruity push pop and gets an A-. Push Pop Party Nitro does have that draft felling to it but the nitro does have a different fruit flavor to the beer if it didn’t have nitrogen. It has a faint Sorbet quality to it that isn’t bad. This is a beer that is worth trying and good on a hot day. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!