Elysian Brewing Company Spilt Shot Espresso Milk Stout

Split Shot from Elysian Brewing Company is an espresso Milk Stout. It has Lactose and Stumptown Coffee. This beer form in Seattle, Washington. It is 6% ABV. You can probably see the entire top of the beer can is gone. A product called Dtafttop (http://www.draftTop.com) was sent to me. Drafttop is a cutting device that can turn any drink can into a drinking glass. It works by lining it up with the pull tab, then rotating it counterclockwise, allowing the Drafttop to lock the pull tab. Then you turn it clockwise as you press in on the sides of the Drafttop, which cuts into the can top. Then after about one and a half clockwise rotations, you have successfully removed the top of the can. This product is a neat little novelty item, is a conversation starter, and works well when you read the instructions. Split Shot pours a black color with a two-finger cream tan head. The aroma is sweet, with coffee notes, roasted, and some bitterness. The taste is sweet with roasted coffee. The scent of this beer is also creamy, sweet, and smooth. The mouthfeel is full but not heavy. It does coat the mouth. Then it has a nice sweet roasted finish with a smooth coffee aftertaste. There is a tiny bitter note in the aftertaste. This beer is a good coffee milk stout. I give Spilt Shot an A-. I like more of a roasted coffee flavor on these types of beer, and Split Shot had a nice average coffee roast flavor. It was good, but I’d like a little more. Overall it was good, and yes, I would recommend it. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Lenny Boy Brewing Co. Ground Up Coffee Milk Stout.

This beer brewed in Charlotte, North Carolina Counter Culture Coffee from Durham North Carolina, Lenny Boy Brewing Co. Ground Up Coffee Milk Stout, 5.3% ABV. This stout pours a deep black color with a thin one finger beige head that quickly scatters. The aroma is roasted and malty with some slight sweet chocolate, toffee, and bits of caramel. Ground Up has a similar flavor as the aroma. There are roasted flavors with faint but sweet chocolate, caramel, and light toffee with a little bit of creaminess. Then this coffee Milk Stout finishes thin with a lingering aftertaste of what’s left of the initial flavors, and the mouthfeel is medium. All the flavors are not as strong feeling at best but not very bad. Overall, Lenny Boy Brewing Co. Ground Up Coffee Milk Stout is not the worst beer I’ve had when it comes to coffee Milk Stout, and I give it a C+. It needs to be bolder in flavor with a creamier texture and flavor, but it is only 5.3% ABV and could be higher to help the flavors. But like I said, this is not the worst I’ve had. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Throwback Thursday: Southern Tier Brewing Company Blackwater Series Crème Brûlée Imperial Milk Stout

Originally posted on August 25th 2013

Beer comes in an array of styles, from very light to very dark. There are hundreds of different beer styles, One style is milk style, no it isn’t brewed with milk, but it is brewed from the lactose sugars that are found in milk. This type of sugar makes a mile sweet. This beer here is Southern Tiers Blackwater Series Crème Brûlée Imperial Milk stout, 9.5% ABV. Imperial just mean a bigger ABV. Southern Tier also uses vanilla beans, Columbus, and horizon hop, Crème Brûlée pours a dark and opaque black with a tan khaki two finger head that fades super slow and leaves great tight tan lacing behind. You can’t see any light coming through the glass and I could barely see any carbonation bubbles. The aroma of Crème Brûlée is big, strong, sweet caramelized sugar with some vanilla.  The aroma is strong on this beer. The taste is at first sweet with a sugar-like sweetness and some vanilla. There is a faint coffee flavor not there as well with a very faint cocoa note. Then you get warming slightly bitter alcohol booziness on the back. The mouthfeel is full and rich; this really coats your tongue. The finish on this is a little coffee bitterness with a hint of vanilla. The aftertaste really stays a while with less bitterness and a little more sugar and vanilla sweetness that is a little sticky. This is a big complex beer. So I this is A- from me. Crème Brûlée is a good sweet beer that is well brewed with a lot going on. I do think if you like stouts and/or sweet beers, then you should try this one. It is good and really does remind me of a good Crème Brûlée. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!    

Throwback Thursday: Duck-Rabbit Brewing Milk Stout

Originally posted February 18th, 2013

Well, it still is wintertime outside, well it sure looked like it here over the weekend with big snow hitting the Charlotte area, and I thought that would call for a nice dark stout. So I pick a few, one being The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout, 5.70% ABV. This is a sweet full-bodied stout, brewed in Farmville North Carolina. This milk stout uses lactose or milk sugar to give this its nice sweetness. They also a nice amount of highly roasted gains. Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout pours a thick black color with a quarter finger tan head that quickly dissipates and does leave tiny amounts of lacing. There was no light coming through the glass and I found no traces of carbonation bubbles. The aroma is big sweet and roasted with a hint of bakers chocolate. The aroma reminded me a little of coffee with cream. The taste is first sweet followed be a chocolate roasted coffee flavor with a hint of baker’s cocoa. The mouthfeel is more on the full side, the flavor really coats your mouth to leave a full finish with an aftertaste of sweet roasted chocolate coffee. But I thought that this Duck-rabbit was easy to drink. I am giving this an A. Good flavors all around on this, and they all work well with one another to create one heck of a good beer. Nothing about this beer is overly done or bad. I do recommend this beer and will certainly have this again. Please go out and get yourself a bottle to try and see what you think of The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

Eviltwin Brewing 90 Days Dry Aged Stout

Eviltwin Brewing 90 Days Dry Aged Stout, 9% ABV uses dry-aged malt that has been aged for ninety days. Eviltwin calls this a milk stout. 90 Days Dry-Aged Stout pours a dark, black color with a thick three finger tan head that does not move and leaves tremendous lacing throughout the glass. You get a subtle sweet aroma with nice roast chocolate notes and dry malt notes. Upfront a nice little roasted chocolate sweet flavor hits your tongue that becomes dry as it washes over the back of your tongue and finishes with a dryness that has a very faint sweet note with a dry roasted sweet aftertaste that does linger a bit until the next sip. Eviltwin Brewing 90 Days Dry Aged Stout has an interesting twist on a stout by the addition of dry-aged malts which gives this dark beer an A-. The dry finish has a little sweet note that doesn’t need to be there at that point, but it does go well with the flavor as a whole. I enjoyed 90 Days Dry Aged Stout and if you like dark beer than I recommend 90 Days Dry Aged Stout. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Hi-Wire Brewing Strongman Coffee Milk Stout


Picked up Hi-Wire Brewing Strongman Coffee Milk Stout, 5.5% ABV from Good Bottle Co. a few weeks ago. Strongman Coffee Milk Stout is inspired by the head brewers cafe con leche-fueled travels in Key West and is brewed with local Asheville coffee from Dynamite Roasting Co. and is cold-extracted and added post fermentation. Strongman Coffee Milk Stout pours black with light brown edges and a two finger beige head that gives off nice roasted sweet coffee notes that give a flavor of roasted sweet coffee with some malted taste notes with a slight bitterness on the back of the mouth with a nice cafe con leche finish that is a little sweet with a nice roasted and faintly spiced aftertaste that lingers with a semi-full creamy mouthfeel. Strongman Coffee Milk Stout is a good sweet stout with all the right amounts of flavor without being too over the top. Hi-Wire Brewing Strongman Coffee Milk Stout is one that gets an A. It hits all the right spots on your taste buds. I recommend you try Hi-Wire Brewing Strongman Coffee Milk Stout. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

Throwback Thursday: Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout


Hello to everyone. There is something to be said for finding cheap beer in the store that sounds good, but that isn’t always good, so be careful. What I found was Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout, 5.3% ABV from Rhode Island. This is a collaboration between Autocrat Coffee, which was started in 1895, and Narragansett Brewery which has been around just as long. Narragansett Autocrat pours a black color with a brownish tan four finger rocky head that slow to dissipate. I found there to be no light coming through nor did I see much carbonation bubbles due to the darkness of the beer. The aroma is strong with coffee, smell like a fresh cup of dark roast coffee. The taste of this beer is much like the aroma, big pot of dark roast coffee with just a little tiny hint of sweetness from the lactose sugars (that is what makes a milk stout). There is a little burned/roasted noted on the back that leads you into a nice cup of dark coffee finish with a semi-sweet roasted coffee aftertaste. This stout surprised me. It was really good. I would give Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout an A-. I didn’t really find any think of the flavor profile that tells me this is milk stout, but it was good nonetheless. I liked how this has big coffee flavors to it. Taste like something that Starbucks or any other coffee shop would sell. They really hit the coffee stout right on the head. I enjoyed it and so should you; yes I am recommending Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout. So go out and try it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!