Deschutes Brewery Just Tapped Series Botanical Ale

Deschutes Brewery Botanical Ale, 7.0% ABV with 15 IBUs is part of the Just Tapped Series and is brewed with live yeast for this herb/spiced beer that I purchased from Total Wine. Botanical Ale pours a yellow almost gold color with a one and a quarter finger white head that dissipates at a medium pace. Botanical Ale’s aroma is herbal with root-like notes wafting into the nose with a spiced lemon note. Taste is kind of similar to the aroma with a little lemon mixed in with a jungle herbal flavor with a hint of light lime and a fruity yeast note the hits the back of the mouth with a herb finish and a lemon-lime spiced aftertaste with a lighter mouthfeel. Deschutes Brewery Botanical Ale is definitely fleshing and has a good yet interesting flavor profile that has an almost fruity flavor without additions of any fruits. I think that is neat. I give Deschutes Brewery Botanical Ale a B-. It is good and yes I think that you could have a six pack of these but then it may become a little too much flavor, and this also would be a beer that I would recommend trying for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Triple C Brewing Co. White Blaze Winter Ale With Spices Added

Triple C Brewing Co. White Blaze Winter Ale With Spiced Added, 6.0% ABV, a winter warmer, brewed right here in Charlotte, North Carolina that was picked up at my local grocery store is a winter seasonal beer. White Blaze pours a deep amber almost brown color with a light beige one and a half finger head that slowly dissipates into little bits of lacing that give off sweet almost cinnamon spice aromas with a very light boozy note that pulls you into a sweet flavor at first followed by a cinnamon spice note that is reminiscent of a cookie that does get a bit strong but otherwise enjoyable with a nice sweetly spiced finish and a sweet spiced boozy aftertaste with a more full mouthfeel. Triple C Brewing Co. White Blaze Winter Ale With Spiced Added which I think is cinnamon is definitely a winter beer and isn’t overwhelming on your taste bud but think that two pints of White Blaze beer is enough for your taste buds, but it’s a B+ beer and has the right amount of spice, some have to much wintery spices and it just doesn’t go well. But this Triple C Brewing Co. White Blaze Winter Ale With Spiced Added is great and I do recommend it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly