Burial Beer Billows Dry-Hopped Kolsch-Style Ale

I picked this Billows Dry-Hopped Kolsch-Style Ale, 4.9% ABV from my local pasta shop, Pasta and Provisions. This beer is from Asheville, North Carolina. This beeris brewed by Burial Beer. This Kolsch is dry-hopped with Mandarina, Bavaria, and Centennial hops. It is also fermented, with Kolsch yeast. This beer pours a vibrant yellow with a three finger fluffy bight white head. The head fades slowly into decent lacy curtains. The aroma is hoppy, a little lemony, clean but dry. The taste is also hoppy with a lemon and a dry little chalkiness. This Kolsch is smooth, clean, and refreshing as well. The mouthfeel is light. This one doesn’t sit heavy on you. The aftertaste is slightly dry with a bit go hoppy notes. Then comes an aftertaste of hops and a light lemon dry flavor. This dry hopped Kolsch really surprised me with how good it is. It has superb flavors that meld together, making for a delicious beer. I give this an A+. It is fabulous, and I really recommend this beer. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Triple C Brewing Company Enzo Gorlami Italian Style Pilsner

This double dry-hopped Italian style Pilsner, Enzo Gorlami, 5.5% ABV from Triple C Brewing Company, is made locally in Charlotte. This pilsner pours a gold color with a big two-finger white head that slowly fades. The aroma is crisp, lightly bitter, and citrusy. The flavor is crisp tasting with a bitter lemon and grapefruit flavor. The mouthfeel is light. Then this pilsner finishes with a light bitter note and a bit of a dry crips flavor. The aftertaste is okay. There is a bitter fruit there with a bread note. Well, this was starting off to be a bad-tasting beer until I looked up, that is double dry-hopped, then the off-flavor made sense. But I still don’t think this is a great pilsner. I give Enzo Gorlami a D+. I don’t care so much for a bitter/hoppy pilsner, but save that hoppy flavor for a lager. I don’t recommend this pilsner. It starts smooth and crisp, then it just goes bitter without warning, then finishes crisp with light bitter notes. The flavors don’t go well. It’s s like a different beer in the middle. Please be kind, stay safe, and always remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Dissolver & Southern Grist Brewing Co. Night Of Secrets Dry-Hopped Copper Ale

This beer, Dssolvr & Southern Grist Brewing Co. Night of Secrets Dry-Hopped Copper Ale, is a collaboration, is an Amber Ale. It’s made with Riverbend Southern Select malt, light Munich Malt, Chit, and wheat malts. It is dry-hopped with Tattnag, & Huell Mellon hops. This ale pours a deep orange/copper color with a two-finger off-white head. The aroma is piney, hoppy, and citrusy. The flavor is smooth, piney, lightly fruity, and malty. The mouthfeel is medium. This ale has a bitter malt finish with a light aftertaste that is malty a slightly bitter. Dssolvr & Southern Grist Brewing Co. Night of Secrets Dry-Hopped Copper Ale is a good beer and is an A. I found this to have just the right amount and mix of flavors. The malts play well with the hop notes. I highly recommend Dssolvr & Southern Grist Brewing Co. Night of Secrets Dry-Hopped Copper Ale. I went back and had another. I think you can have more than two without having the flavor overpower you. Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Perennial Artisan Ales Vacation Dad Dry-Hoped Summer Ale

I haven’t had much or any Perennial Artisan Ales. This is Perennial Artisan Ales Vacation Dad Dry-Hopped Summer Ale, 4.7% ABV. This ale has hopes such as Motueka, Amarillo, Citra, and has grains such as Pilsner malt, and spelt. This beer is from St. Louis, Missouri. This ale pours a bight yellow hazy color with a with a bight two finger fluffy white head that’s slow to fade. The aroma is of citrus fruit like oranges and grapefruits. It has a bitterness to it aroma as well. The taste is citrusy with oranges and grapefruits, with bitter notes and a slight hoppy flavor. The mouthfeel is creamy and has medium feel. This beer has a clean but hoppy pilsner finish to it. The aftertaste is a linger of light citrus fruits. perennial Artisan Ales Vacation Dad Dry-Hopped Summer Ale is quite good and I found it to be an interesting summer pilsner. The addition dry-hopping as another lay of flavor to this beer. I give it a an A-. I am not such how much Pilsner malt was used but I think just a little more would have put this already great beer over the top. But I can find any other faults with it. I highly recommended it, and I would have this again and again! Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Bhramia Brewing Company I Voted Today

Bhramia Brewing Company (Asheville, North Carolina) I Voted Today, 5.)% ABV is a Double-dry hopped Pale Ale brewed in conjunction with Tired Hands Brewing (Ardmore, Pennsylvania). I Voted Today is a double dry-hopped pale ale with Sabro & Mosaic hops. This pale ale is pale ale pours a yellow color with a bright white two finger head that slowly fades into itself. The aroma is lemony, grass, with a bitterness. Its flavor is also grassy with lemon and bitter with a faint pine flavor. It finishes with a nice bit of bitter grass and lemon and carries that lemon into the aftertaste with enough bitter flavor to show that it’s double dry-hopped. Bhramia Brewing Company I Voted Today was refreshing and quite good. The lemon did taste the slightest bit off, but it receives a B+. Bhramia Brewing Company I Voted Today brewed by many other breweries and is one Pale Ale you should try. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers

Burial Beer Ritual Anonymity Pilsner

Ritual Anonymity Pilsner, 5.2% ABV, is from Burial Beer in Asheville, North Carolina. Ritual Anonymity made with Epiphany Craft Malt, barley, and oats. Double-dry hopped with Galaxy and Kohatu hops. Burial Beer said that this Pilsner is hoppy. Ritual Anonymity pours a light yellow with a bright white three finger head. It gives off hoppy lemon notes with a bit of a grassy note. It smells like a pale ale is mating with a pilsner. The flavor is similar to the way it smells of a nice hoppy lemon grassy flavor with a touch of faint sweetness that you might find in a traditional pilsner beer, a nice hoppy flavor. Ritual Anonymity has a light mouthfeel. It comes to a pilsner sweet and hoppy finish with a light hop pilsner aftertaste with a very faint lemon note. Burial Beer Ritual Anonymity Pilsner is a good beer. It is a nice take on a Pilsner beer that I found to be refreshing and tasty. I give Ritual Anonymity an A. I recommend you try this beer. This beer not overly hoppy nor bitter. It has the right amount of both. I would most definitely have Burial Beer Ritual Anonymity again! Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Burial Beer Co. Distributed Denial of Service


Burial Beer Co. Distributed Denial of Service, 5% ABV is a dry-hopped Kellerpils or a dry-hopped unfiltered Pilsner that I purchased from Pop the Top. Distributed Denial of Service pours a slightly hazed yellow with a fluffy two finger steady white head with aromas of hoppy breaded pilsner malt that has a little dry note to it with some slight crisp notes. The flavor is more on the hoppy side that does follow the nose with a nice bitter note of slightly breaded pilsner malt with a hoppy noted on the back that has light dryness to it with a crisp nature that comes to a slightly hoppy dry finish and a nice semi-hoppy aftertaste that is somehow refreshing with a medium mouthfeel. Burial Beer Co. Distributed Denial of Service is quite a take on a Pilsner beer and that good getting a B+ from me. I found this beer to slowly become too much for you tastebuds after about a four-pack but you would enjoy each of the four Burial Beer Co. Distributed Denial of Service which you should definitely try! Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!   

Burial Beer Co. & Alvarado Street Brewery Endless Surfer Dry-Hopped Pils

Burial Beer Co. & Alvarado Street Brewery Endless Surfer Dry-Hopped Pils, 4.8% is a collaboration between the two and brewed at Burial in Asheville, North Carolina with malt from Admiral Malting and double dry-hopped with Alvarado Street Brewery’s (Monterey, California) hand-selected Motueka and Aramis hops. Endless Surfer which I purchased from my favorite local bottle shop Pop The Top, pours a light hazy lemon-yellow color with a dark hue to it and a big four finger bright white head that fades slowly into thick whips of lacing throughout the glass giving you a light/faint lemon aroma with a nice bit of biscuity malt that’s aromatic with a very faint vegetal notes that beckons you into a light lemon biscuit flavor with soft but subtle malt notes hitting your tongue with a nice little hop note jumping in the end/back of the tongue/mouth with a nice refreshing finish that has a little hoppy note and a nice lemon breaded biscuit aftertaste with the slightest touch of a hoppy notes with a light mouthfeel. Burial Beer Co. & Alvarado Street Brewery Endless Surfer Dry-Hopped Pils is an interesting take on a Pilsner that has a good balance of soft hoppy flavors that are light as not to overpower your tastebuds, and yes this is a sessionable beer that I give an A too and highly recommend you try it. I have yet to have a bad Burial Beer Co. beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Stillwater Artisanal Action’s Bronson’s 7000 Dry-Hopped Sour Ale with Muscat Grapes

From Oslo Norway Stillwater Artisanal Action Bronson’s 7000, 5.0% ABV is a collaboration between Stillwater Artisanal and rapper, celebrity Action Bronson and is a dry-hopped sour ale brewed with Muscat Grapes, yeast, wheat, and barley. 7000 pours a light orange color with a thin one and a half finger white head that quickly fizzy away giving off slight musty grape aroma with sour notes following it. The flavor is light with a dry musty grape sour note with some citrus notes fading in with a nice tart sour citrus grape finish with a tart citrus aftertaste that kings till the next sip, with a light mouthfeel. Stillwater Artisanal Action Bronson’s 7000 is very easy drinking, crushable with just enough flavor to get the dry-hopped sour beer point across your taste buds. I found that this is like a fruit wine and that’s not a bad thing, I give Stillwater Artisanal Action Bronson’s 7000 an A. This is one of those beers for when you want something, a beer, that isn’t beer and 7000 is going to really fill you up as some beer do. It’s light on filling. I would recommend Stillwater Artisanal Action Bronson’s 7000 and will be having this many more times. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Victory Brewing Company Home Grown Dry-Hopped Lager

Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown Pennsylvania brews Home Grown Dry-Hopped Lager 4.8 ABV, which I purchased from their newer brewery here in Charlotte, Brewers at 4001 Yancey which is cooperation with Southern Tier Brewing Company, and they also have Sixpoint Point Company brand portfolio. Home Grown is brewed with Azacca, Citra, and and Mosaic whole flower hops. Home Grown pours a golden hue with a one finger bright white head that fades a bit quick with hoppy crisp aromas that are slightly citrusy with a taste of orange and grapefruit with a hoppy note towards the back of the tongue with a faint crispness and a little bitter finish that is juicy with grapefruit and orange. Aftertaste doesn’t stay like with it hopped citrus fruit notes with a light mouthfeel. This is a crushable beer, you can just pound this with now mouth fatigue. I give Victory Brewing Company Home Grown Dry-Hopped Lager a B+. I enjoyed it this well brewed hopped lager, and you should too. It’s good for a hot after yard work and such, but I would’ve like the lager side of this to be turned up a notch but it was otherwise good. This would be a beer worth going back too. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!