Birdsong Brewing Co. Rewind Lager

Picked up Birdsong Brewing Company Rewind Lager, 4.0% ABV from Pop the Top Bottle Shop last week. This is a traditional Czech Pilsner that pours a clear golden color with a two finger head that fades quick into decent lacing giving you aromas of crackers that are slightly floral and crisp that lead into a taste of dry cracker crispness that has a little faint hoppy note with a nice crisp clean dry finish and a cracker gain aftertaste with a refreshingly light mouthfeel. Birdsong Brewing Company Rewind Lager hits the Czech Pilsner on head nailing the style perfectly, this is an A- beer. It has nice clean refreshing qualities without being to plan and unassuming, and yeah this Birdsong beer is on that I recommend trying. It goes down smooth and easy. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Edward Teach Beer Co. Belgian-Style Blonde

We’re back and with new local beer from Edward Teach Beer Co. in Wilmington North Carolina and this is their Belgian-Style Blonde, 7.2% ABV. Edward Teach Beer Co. since 2014 is a newer brewery here among the many different NC breweries. Belgian-Style Blonde pours a deep gold color with a quickly fading white head that does leave some minimal lacing behind that fades halfway through drinking this beer, and gives off a semi-sweet aromas with some sour notes flowing in with a brightness hitting your nose that takes you down to a sweet taste of yeasted slightly spiced sour notes with hints of light fruit with a nice spiced finish and a semi-sweet spiced aftertaste with a medium to almost full mouthfeel. This beer is exactly how the Belgian Blonde should taste, it’s an A beer and is quite tasty as well as a bit refreshing in a little way. This Edward Teach beer doesn’t overpower your mouth with lots of flavors, it just hits it with a well-balanced amount, this is one beer I highly recommended. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: CAPRI Birra Artigianale Ligea (Belgian IPA)

I am not a huge fan of IPA but I actually love Belgian IPAs. The Belgian yeast strain tends to cut through some of the bitter hops making the flavor less intense and softer. This IPA style is quite popular but not as popular as US west coast IPA that you tend to find in southern California especially San Diego. While I was on vacation in the great Country of Italy I went to Napoli to the Isle of Capri and by the end of the day while waiting on the boat back to Napoli I had CAPRI di Birra Artigianale Ligea (Belgian IPA), 5.0% abv. Three brothers who have a love for craft beers make this beer on the Isle of Capri. CAPRI di Birra Artigianale Ligea pours a yellowish gold color with a tow finger white head. I found there to be little rays of sun coming through the whine glass with a decent amount of carbonation bubbles. The aroma is soft with hints of apples, pears and light lemon zest. Ligea has a nice soft fruity taste that has a nice bit of bubble behind a crisp apple, and hints of lemon zest. I got a little amount of hop flavor there but nothing to bitter. The mouth feel is medium with a nice softness and has a good slightly bitter finish. The aftertaste is like a nice lemon and apple flavor with a hint of a grassy note. But as this beer warms up the fruity flavor fade and the hoppy grass note come alive. I found Ligea to be very refreshing after a nice warm day on Capri. CAPRI di Birra Artigianale Ligea is an A. I very easy drinking beer and very delicious. If you every get to the Isle of Capri or to Napoli I highly recommend drinking CAPRI di Birra Artigianale Ligea. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Sierra Nevada Southern Gothic unfiltered Pilsner

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Southern Gothic Unfiltered Pilsner, 5.2% ABV, another local grocery store find is somewhat of a new beer from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and it’s sort of follow a trend where Brewers are not filtering their beer especially IPA. Southern Gothic Unfiltered Pilsner pours a hazy slightly clouded golden color with a two and a half bright white head that slowly dissolves and gives off a semi-sweet sour bread and light malt notes that take you into a flavor of a semi-sweet breaded flavor with some chalk like flavors and the flavor becomes sours as it warms with a faintly bitter finish with a chalky aftertaste that slips into a very faint bitterness. This beer isn’t that good I give Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Southern Gothic Unfiltered Pilsner a D+. I was hoping for a better beer from Sierra Nevada Brewing, this was a letdown and yes it’s not so bad that you can’t finish it. Maybe the Pilsner style isn’t a beer that should be unfiltered. I just don’t think I would hurry back to Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Southern Gothic Unfiltered Pilsner nor would I recommend it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Shakoolie Can Cooler for Shower Beers

I recently received in the mail a Shakoolie Can Cooler that you can use to hold beer while showering. This product is in two parts, one is the launch pad that stick to the wall of the show with Velcro on it which the Shakoolie stick to acting as a cup holder. The Shakoolie is made of pretty thick material which held Champion Brewing Company Shower beer. I have previously posted a review of Shower Beer. Please check that out. When on the wall the Velcro hold is strong even with a full twelve ounce can of beer, but I am not sure if this cold up an open pint beer can. I will have to try that sometime.

Shakoolie does keep the beer cold even during a hot steamy shower. The Shakoolie really grips the can, it was a little tough getting it out when it was finished. This product can be used out of the shower as well you can go from drinking in the kitchen to the shower and back to the kitchen or wherever you drink beer all while keeping it cold.

This is an A+ product that makes a mundane everyday task fun all while make you smile and I think that not only beer can be used with it and will bring many happy hours in the shower. Thanks, Shakoolie! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Champion Brewing Company Shower Beer

This 2015 GABF gold winner Bohemian-style Pilsner (Czech style Pilsner) Shower Beer, 4.5% ABV, 35 IBUs from Champion Brewing Company out of Charlottesville Virginia was quite popular when it was first released and is still quite popular. Shower Beer uses 100% traditional Czech Saaz hops and aged cold on lager yeast for weeks. Shower Beer pours a clear, clean, crisp yellow color with a frothy white two and half head that dissipates at an even pace giving off crisp sweet aromas with a slight hop note wafting in with a clean crisp flavor of a nice sweetly hop note that finish refreshingly crisp with a touch of a hop sweetness that gives way to a clean and crisp aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. This Shower Beer is a great beer to make showering oh so fun with out making you slip in the shower. It an A+ beer and one you can crush a six pack with out killing your palate. So I highly recommend Champion Brewing Company Shower Beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Firestone Walker Brewing Pivo Pilsner


Firestone Walker Brewing is new to the Carolina area and is now being distributed in the area now. This Firestone Walker Brewing Pivo Pilsner, 5.3% ABV a hoppy Pilsner showcasing stylistic influences from Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic with west coast US dry hopping. Pivo Pilsner pours a crisp clear golden color with a tight one and a half finger white head with dry aromas of crisp cracker with a little faint sweetness with a little bitter note wafting from it that gives way to a crisp cracker taste with a nice quick faint hit of malt with a bittersweetness towards the back of the mouth with a crisp bitter finish that is somewhat smooth and a nice light bitter aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. Pivo Pilsner a great introduction to Firestone Walker Brewing, I give Pivo Pilsner an A. It’s a refreshing Pilsner and one that is easy to drink. I highly recommend Pivo Pilsner. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!       

Throwback Thursday: Foothills Brewing Torch Pilsner

This post was originally posted July 13th, 2014.


Sometimes it’s nice to have a simpler style of beer, something clean, crisp, refreshing and drinkable, like lagers and Pilsners. These are the most common beer styles around the world, and one of the most consumed styles in the world and a common staple here in the U.S.  Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem brews a Czech Pilsner, Torch Pilsner, 5.3%, brewed Czech Saaz Hops. Torch pours a clear, crisp golden color with a bright white somewhat tight head that sticks around for a short while and forms thin lacing that looks very nice but spread out. I found tons of light coming through with nice herds of carbonation bubbles race from the bottom. The aroma is nice a biscuit scent that helps a nice breaded character. This beer really smells like the stereotypical beer. The taste on Torch Pilsner is clean with breaded flavors up front with a nice carbonated taste in the middle of the mouth and a very light taste of Saaz hops on the back with a hint of a biscuit flavor. The mouthfeel is light and Torch has a nice clean, crisp and refreshing finish and nice faintly sweet breaded aftertaste with a very light hint of a Saaz hop. I found Torch Pilsner to be a very true pilsner. I give this an A+, this is very easy to drink and most tasty. I think this beer is great and I highly recommend trying Foothills Brewing Torch Pilsner. So go and do that! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Burial Beer Co. Shadowclock Pilsner


I picked up Burial Beer Co. Shadowclock Pilsner, 5.5% ABV with 35 IUBs at Good Bottle Co. very recently. This beer is brewed in Asheville, N.C. with German Barley, American Corn and dry-hopped with Saphir and Tettnanger hops and is unfiltered. Shadowclock Pilsner pours a  yellow like color with a thin two finger head that falls steadily back into itself giving you sense of smell aroma of a flowery sweet lemon aroma that leads you to flavor of more floral flowers with a touch of honey sweetness with very faint lemon note that comes to a bitter yet slightly hoppy flavor on the back that finishes semi-sweet and faintly hoppy with a honeyflower aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. I do find that Burial Beer Co. beer to be good and this was close I give this a B- just a little too hoppy on the end for a pilsner but wasn’t terrible and yes I would have this again as well as recommend this Burial Beer Co. Shadowclock Pilsner to you. It was interesting and tasty, and worth picking up a few. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Captain James Jack Pilsner, May 20th, 1775


On May 19, 1775, twenty-six local civic leaders convened the Mecklenburg Convention at the corner of Trade and Tryon in downtown Charlotte, NC. One day later on May 20th, the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence was unanimously adopted. It was the first such declaration by any civic body in the British colonies. Captain James Jack, a local tavern owner, volunteered at great personal risk to carry the Declaration more than 500 miles on horse back to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. That’s the interesting story on this Old Mecklenburg Pilsner’s name, no on to the beer itself. This is a pilsner at 4.9% abv and has nice sharp gold color with a brilliant white head that is thick but is gone before you know it. It has a nice calm light hop scent with a sort of grassy aroma to it that smells like a spring lawn, not bad. On the taste, you get a crisp hop, note that is light and refreshing with the tiniest bit of bitterness. You get a nice clean crisp refreshing finish that goes down rather smooth, that makes this is a good everyday kind of beer when you just want to good plane beer. This Captain is good and drinkable, not too light not too heavy, a good balance of things. This is good on any day, especially a hot one. Old Mecklenburg Brewery seems to pride themselves on making each beer special, great and tasty in my opinion and that’s how you need to feel about most beer in general, pride and happiness. This is an A+ beer. That is key to good beer drinking. Try this and you’ll agree! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!