Revelry Brewing Limbo King Kellerpils

A Kellerbier is a German style of beer that is a lager that has cellared, referring to its cool lager temperatures. Pilsner is a pale lager named after the Bohemian town of Pizen. So Revelry Brewing in Charleston, South Carolina, combined a Kellerbier and Pilsner to make Limbo Champ a German Kellerpils. This beer is 4.5% ABV. This beer pours a pale yellow color with a foamy four-finger white head. The head fades steadily, leaving decent lacing. The aroma is a little bit of lemon/banana. It’s sweet and breaded. The taste is light lemon, sweet, clean, and crisp with a very light hop note. The mouthfeel is light. Then this beer finishes clean with a light, hoppy sweet note. Then you come to a light bread aftertaste that comes and goes quickly. This beer is tasty. I give Limbo Champ an A+. These two delicious beer styles together make an excellent beer. This beer is one that you need to have. It is refreshing, not too high in alcohol, or heavy on flavors. You can drink a few of these without the flavors overwhelming you. Please stay safe, be kind, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Burial Beer Co. Distributed Denial of Service


Burial Beer Co. Distributed Denial of Service, 5% ABV is a dry-hopped Kellerpils or a dry-hopped unfiltered Pilsner that I purchased from Pop the Top. Distributed Denial of Service pours a slightly hazed yellow with a fluffy two finger steady white head with aromas of hoppy breaded pilsner malt that has a little dry note to it with some slight crisp notes. The flavor is more on the hoppy side that does follow the nose with a nice bitter note of slightly breaded pilsner malt with a hoppy noted on the back that has light dryness to it with a crisp nature that comes to a slightly hoppy dry finish and a nice semi-hoppy aftertaste that is somehow refreshing with a medium mouthfeel. Burial Beer Co. Distributed Denial of Service is quite a take on a Pilsner beer and that good getting a B+ from me. I found this beer to slowly become too much for you tastebuds after about a four-pack but you would enjoy each of the four Burial Beer Co. Distributed Denial of Service which you should definitely try! Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!   

Throwback Thursday: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Kellerweis Hefeweizen

Originally posted May 9th, 2012.


I haven’t had too many Sierra Nevada beers, but I did see this hefeweizen, unfiltered wheat, and though it would be good for a beer tasting on American wheat beer. This is an old microbrewery in Chico, CA and soon they will have another brewery here in the Asheville North Carolina area soon. They have been brewing beer since the eighties,& probably&older than me. I really enjoyed this hazy brew, but I can say the same about most wheat beer. Wheat beer is one of my top favorite styles. Kellerweise pours a rich hazy-golden color with a nice bright foamy white heat. There is a nice spicy clove and banana scent that is nice and pleasant and just wonderful. About the same can be said for this one’s taste, but there is a nice ripe banana too. Yes, there is a faint bit of wheat but you should know that if you’ve had a wheat beer before. The finish is nice crisps a tiny bit spicy and good. This Hefe is one I’ll try again very soon. A day or two after having this I still want more and couldn’t stop thinking of it. It is just really good but simple at the same time. Really good work on Sierra Nevada’s part. Well done! This is great with grilled sausages, a big juicy hamburger, or good chicken wings. This is also good on a hot day when you want to relax and feel refreshed, cause this Sierra is most refreshing. I loved it! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!   

Burial Beer Co Bloodtusk Kellerbier Lager

Burial Beer Co. Bloodtusk Kellerbier Lager, 5.1% ABV purchased from Pop the Top Bottle Shop locally here in Charlotte, NC is a brewed in the traditional cell beer style or traditional lagering which is done at cold temperatures. Burial Beer Co. Bloodtusk Kellerbier Lager pours a semi-hazy yellow color with a two finger white rocky head giving off biscuity aroma with a little sweetness that trails into a biscuit sweet flavor with a very faint bitter note hitting the back of the mouth with a flavorful semi-sweet finish and a full lager biscuit sweet aftertaste that lingers for a short moment and fades all with a medium smooth mouthfeel. Burial Beer Co. Bloodtusk Kellerbier Lager is a good rendition of a German Kellerbier Lager and is an A-. I found Bloodtusk to be good and close to being as good as the more traditional German Kellerbiers, they tend to have bolder flavors to them, but Burial Beer Co. Bloodtusk Kellerbier Lager was almost as good and one that I recommend trying and one that I will definitely go back to. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!