Brouwerij Van Steenberge Monk’s Cafe Grand Cru

This beer from Monk’s Cafe Grand Cru is another beer from the Brouwerji Van Steenberge mixed six-pack. This beer is a sour or Flanders Oud Bruin (Old Brown). This Oud Bruin is 5.5% ABV. This beer style is from the Flemish region of Belgium. This beer has aged for up to a year. This beer style then undergoes secondary fermentation, which takes several weeks or months. Then bottle aged for several more months. Monk’s Cafe Grand Cru pours a deep/dark brown with a three-finger fluffy beige head that slowly fades. The aroma is sour, tart, fruity, sweet, and bitter. The flavor of this beer is close to the way it smells. There is sourness, fruity, tartness, acidic notes, and some sweetness. The mouthfeel is on the high side of medium. It does light coat the mouth. Then this beer finishes with a tart, sour, and sweet flavor. Then comes an aftertaste that is fruity, tart, lightly sweet, and sour. This Grand Cru is good and goes down easy. I give Monk’s Cafe Grand Cru an A+. This beer is delicious. It has a very well balance of tasty flavors. This beer would go very well with soft or semi-soft cheeses. It has just enough of each flavors. I highly recommend Monk’s Cafe Grand Cru! Please stay safe, always be kind to everyone, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Burne

Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Brune. 6.2% ABV, from Charleston, South Carolina is a Belgian-style brown ale or referred to as Brune. Brugge City Brune pours a deep copper brown color with a one and a half finger semi-white head that quickly fades into nothing with not a thing left. There is a sweetness on the nose with very faint bitter notes and some alcohol notes as well that make way for a similar taste with some sweetness, faint bitterness, and a caramel notes coming in towards the back of the mouth that all have a manufactured taste that finishes with a manufactured taste of mild sweetness and not much aftertaste of a faint caramel. Overall this Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Brune is not so great, getting a D+ here, it reminds of a more sweeter soda with a more caramel flavor. I don’ t recommend Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Brune, oh no it’s not great.  \ I did think it was very good, it taste like a manufactured soda, and I don’t think I would have or buy this again. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!