Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Burne

Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Brune. 6.2% ABV, from Charleston, South Carolina is a Belgian-style brown ale or referred to as Brune. Brugge City Brune pours a deep copper brown color with a one and a half finger semi-white head that quickly fades into nothing with not a thing left. There is a sweetness on the nose with very faint bitter notes and some alcohol notes as well that make way for a similar taste with some sweetness, faint bitterness, and a caramel notes coming in towards the back of the mouth that all have a manufactured taste that finishes with a manufactured taste of mild sweetness and not much aftertaste of a faint caramel. Overall this Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Brune is not so great, getting a D+ here, it reminds of a more sweeter soda with a more caramel flavor. I don’ t recommend Munkle Brewing Co. Brugge City Brune, oh no it’s not great.  \ I did think it was very good, it taste like a manufactured soda, and I don’t think I would have or buy this again. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!       

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