The Unknown Brewing Company Vehopciraptor Triple India Pale Ale

Yes, you read that correctly, Unknown Brewing company Vehopciraptor Triple India Pale Ale, 9.9% with 90 IBUs is a triple IPA and you don’t really see those types of IPAs. Vehopciraptor brewed locally here in Charlotte, NC with nine hop and nine hop additions. This is the first time I’ve seen this in a sixteen-ounce can, before it usually been in a bomber or 750 milliliter bottle. Velociraptor pours a deep copper color with dark orange edges with a two-finger white creamy looking head that leaves great lacing behind and has a strong dank sticky hoppy aroma that is slightly malty with nice bitterness coming through. Taste similar to the nose with nice strong dank resin notes with a nice bitterness that is sticky but somehow smooth, you don’t really get the full brunt of the 90 IBUs, but as it warms more of the strong IBU comes through. Vehopciraptor finishes bitter sticky with a slightly malty flavor and a little oniony aftertaste with a full mouthfeel. I found Unknown Brewing company Vehopciraptor Triple India Pale Ale to not really feel as much of triple IPA that it is, and that helps give this monster IPA an A. It has good traditional IPA flavor profile besides being a big triple IPA.  If you like big IPAs then I recommend Unknown Brewing company Vehopciraptor Triple India Pale Ale. Please drink responsibly! Cheers!        

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