Wooden Robot Brewery Green Beast IPA

Wooden Robot Urban Farmhouse Brewery Green Beast IPA, 7.5% SABV now in cans, and was only on tap. Green Beast is one of the first canned along with three others from Wooden Robot Brewery here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Green Beast, purchased from Pop The Top is brewed with local barley, wheat, and oat malts and dry-hopped with Cungeist Hops. Green Beast pours a deep orange copper color with a two-finger steady white head that fades into a nice white cap that gives peachy hoppy aromas that have a little bitter orange note coming through slightly. I got a peach taste with some bitter hops and a tiny little sweet note with a nice fruity bitter finish with a faint peach. The aftertaste is bitter and much like an IPA, but you get a very faint peachy bittersweetness with a medium mouthfeel. Wooden Robot Urban Farmhouse Brewery Green Beast IPA is certainly a different take on an IPA and was enjoyable getting a B here. The peachy was certainly a nice and yet different added touch, and it really cool to see such an awesome brewery canning their good beers, no you can have Wooden Robot Urban Farmhouse Brewery beers at home or wherever you want! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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