Firestone Walker Brewing Co. Luponic Distortion IPA Series No. 11

This Firestone Walker Brewing Co. Luponic Distortion IPA Series No. 11, 5.9% ABV is part of Firestone Walker’s IPA Series called Luponic Distortion and is the 11 one of the series coming out of Paso Robles, California which I purchased from my local Total Wine. According to the breweries brewmasters, this IPA showcases an emergent new hop from the Pacific Northwest which compliments the Australian hops as well as the German hops. Luponic Distortion No. 11 pours yellow light gold color with a white two finger head giving off tropical fruit aromas with hints of a bitterness that lead into a tropical pineapple note with hints of guava, bits of lemon and lemon drop that are juicy with a bitter hop notes coming in on the back fo the tongue with a nice tropical finish and a bitter tropical fruit aftertaste, with a lighter mouthfeel. This is the kind of tropical fruit IPA that I like and Firestone Walker Brewing Co. Luponic Distortion IPA Series No. 11 is an A+, something that you must try and one that I will most certainly o back for. All the tropical fruits meld well with one another creating a nice tropical fruit sensation in your mouth. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

The Beer News

Here are this week’s news happening in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

  • Thursday, January 31st. Seasonal Release: Hazy Sexy Cool New England IPA! Birdsong Brewing Co. 3 pm-10 pm. Back by VERY popular demand, we’re reintroducing our New England Style IPA, Hazy Sexy Cool, as a seasonal this year! We first released Hazy Sexy Cool last year as part of our IPA series and it was so popular that we’ve decided to bring it back and keep it around a little longer!

    Hazy Sexy Cool will release in the tap room at 3pm on Thursday, 1/31/19! Look for it around town at local shops starting the following week!

    Hazy, sexy, and cool. We’ve been making hazy, unfiltered beer for years, long before the haze craze and love for the New England style IPA, but why not really haze it up? Brewed with Citra, Mosaic & El Dorado hops, this IPA is sure to deliver all that citrusy juiciness we’ve come to know and love.  


  • Thursday, January 31st. Fist Monthly Battle of the Brews. Carolina Beer Temple Charlotte. 6 pm-9 pm. Tickets at Well, all of the breweries will leave, but only one gets to win! This marks our first monthly BATTLE OF THE BREWS, where 3 breweries from across the country battle for YOUR vote! Here’s how it works. Three breweries each pick one of their best beers. For one night only, all three will be on tap and available for your enjoyment. Whichever beer sells the most or kicks their keg first wins, and earns a guaranteed tap at the Temple for the next whole month. They also are guaranteed the chance to defend their title of Grand Brewery Champion at the next month’s battle! So come on out, support your favorites, meet reps from the brewery, and have a great time, all the while helping us crown a winner.

    Great Lakes Brewing

    Cavendish Brewing

    Wooden Robot Brewing

  • Friday, February 1st. Beer Release Purple Blaze Common Lager. Blue Blaze Brewing. 2 pm-10 pm. Join us for the re-release of Purple Blaze Common Lager in a super small batch on draught only. This is our interpretation of the California common, or steam, style of lager that is truly American in origin.

    What’s in a name? The purple color refers to when people of different political stripes come together for the common good. California common, or steam, style of beers were very popular with working-class folks during the 1800s and early 1900s.

    We’ll have local food truck The Plated Palette at 6pm.

    Swing by the taproom from 2:00 – 10:00 for a pint!

    (With super limited quantities, please no growlers. Thank you!)


  • Friday, February 1st. Lord Hobo Brewing Release. Flying Saucer Charlotte. 6 pm-2 am. Welcoming this sought after brewery to the area by tapping their flagship Boom Sauce IPA, Meat & Potatoes Stout, and Consolation Prize Double IPA


  • Saturday, February 2nd. Beer for Breakfast! A Donut and Beer Pairing Part Deux! Pop the Top Bottle Shop. 10 am-1 pm. **UPDATE** Beers and Donuts finalized below!!
    We’re back at it and doing another collab pairing of beer and donuts from Your Mom’s Donuts! See below for the pairings. After getting through January, what better way to celebrate than with the best selection of curated beer and donuts from your favorite bottle shop?!?! Deets below:

    The Lineup:
    – Burial Beer Co. collab with WeldWerks Brewing Company Tessellation of Space Moroccan Coffee Spiced Imperial Stout. Brewed with lactose, Jamaican allspice, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and star anise. *Suggested donut pairing will be a Dark Chocolate Ganache and crystalized ginger crumble donut.
    – Catawba Brewing Company – Charlotte Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout with whole roasted NC peanuts & Madagascar Vanilla Beans. *Suggested donut pairing will be a Peanut Butter, banana, and bacon donut.
    – Wooden Robot Brewery Good Morning Vietnam Coffee Blonde Ale. *Suggested donut pairing will be a citrus curd donut.
    – Foothills Brewing People’s Cherry Porter aged in bourbon barrels with tart cherries from the Pacific NW. *Suggested donut pairing will be a Vanilla Bean icing and pistachio crumble donut.

    A few items to know for the event:
    > A flight of 4 beers (4 5oz. tasters) from the above-suggested pairings as well as any flight of beers will run at $13.
    > Each beer above will also be available to purchase individually as either a 16oz. or 10oz. pour (depending on the ABV of the beer) that can be enjoyed with any of the donuts
    > The event will go until all donuts are finished, but the beer will continue to pour until closing time at 11pm

    We hope you can come out to this very popular event and enjoy this custom pairing. Cheers! 


  • Saturday, February 2nd. Can Release: Double Blaze Black IPA. Blue Blaze Brewing. 2 pm-7 pm. We are releasing Double Blaze Black IPA in cans for the first time in an exclusively small batch! Outside of the available kegs, we will only can one round in the amount of roughly 40 cases. 
    When hiking, double blazes indicate a junction of two trails, sharp turn, or caution. For our Double Blaze Black IPA (ABV 6.1%), we brought together the mash profile of a porter & hop profile of an IPA to form something unique & delicious: balanced citrus hop flavors & tropical aromas, packed tightly into a medium‐body dark ale.

    Live Music – TBD
    Food Truck – A Taste of Culture


  • Sunday, February 3rd Sour Draft Kids – Beer Release. Legion Brewing. 10 am-8 pm. The Kids are taking over! Sour Draft Kids will be in the taproom on Sunday, February 3rd, after making its debut at Queen City Brewers Festival the day before. This kettle sour is a mix of sweet and fruity with a tart, mouth-watering effect that will bring back those fond childhood memories.

    This event is fun for the whole family! We’ll be serving up a special Sour Patch Kids Mocktail for our younger friends, plus they’ll have the opportunity to decorate the chalk walls with their illustrations of Sour Patch Kids.


  • Monday, February 4th. Früh Bock Release. The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. 11 am- 10pm. Früh is “bock” on Monday, February 4th! Join us for the release of our spring seasonal. 
    “Früh” (pron. “froo”) means “early” in German, and is also short for “Frühling,” meaning “spring.” Our seasonal “Spring Bock” captures the promise of warmer days ahead, combining a slight malty sweetness with a refreshing touch of citrus aroma from its noble Bavarian hops. The result is an amazingly fresh, crisp beer that masks a higher alcohol content in its smooth character. Big bodied and warm enough for chilly evenings, but bright and aroma-hop forward enough to compliment beers on the patio.

    Like all OMB beers, Früh Bock is all-natural — brewed in strict accordance with the famous German beer purity law of 1516: the “Reinheitsgebot.” In line with Reinheitsgebot, it was brewed using natural carbonation from the pure CO2 produced by the yeast during fermentation. We pull our brews from our lager tanks weekly, so you know it’s fresh. And, it was kept cold from production to delivery to you, because all beer should be kept cold to maximize freshness. We hope you enjoy this pure, fresh, cold beer. Prost!

    Under 21 welcome at OMB. Pets welcome outside in our Biergarten.

    Visit our website for more info on Früh Bock:



Beer and Chips Pairing Allagash White Ale and Quillo Que Atre Quilla Fried Egg

Here we are with another Beer and Chips paring and another Quillo this is their Fried Egg Chips paired with Allagash White Ale, 5.1% ABV. Quillo are chips from Sevilla Spain and Allagash White from Portland Maine. Quillo Fried Egg has what looks like black pepper sprinkled on them and have a very potato fried egg aroma, no as far as the chips flavor the hit the fried egg flavors right on the head, it’s like you are actually eating a fried egg. Allagash White is a beer that I’ve previously review and find it to be a great example of a Belgian White Ale, and interacts nicely when sipped on after partaking in a Quillo Fried Egg Chip, it does a nice job in taking away some of the full-on saltiness to the chip without taking it completely away giving you a nice fried egg flavor that goes well with the slightly fruity spiced body of Allagash White, which would also pair nicely with an actual fried eggs. I give these chips and this pairing a B+. I found that after eating one bag my mouth is a little bit overwhelmed with fried egg flavor, but it is still good and is a good pairing. Beer and Chips Pairing will return in two week as usual. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Southern Pines Brewing Company Reverse Nostalga New England DIPA

Picked up Southern Pines Brewing Company Reverse Nostalgia New England DIPA, 9.5% ABV local from Pop the Top Bottle Shop here in Charlotte, NC. This is a New England style Double IPA and New England style IPA have grown in popularity of the last few years. This IPA style uses the hop aroma and flavor without the bracing bitterness. Reverse Nostalgia pours a hazy deep orange color with a two finger deep white rocky head that gives off piney fruity notes with an aroma of grapes, faint pineapple and grapefruit that leads into a flavor of grapes faint pineapple with a bitter grapefruit with very faint hoppy ands strong notes with a nice fruity finish and an aftertaste of similar fruits with a full mouthfeel. Overall this is not a strong taste as it would suggest but it’s up there and it is smoother for double IPA and getting a B- here. It has a strong flavor hitting the back of the mouth and that holds it’s no higher than B-. Would I have this again? Yes but not right after the first one, then your mouth would be wrecked and everything would taste the same. But I would recommend Southern Pines Brewing Company Reverse Nostalgia New England DIPA. It’s was good for a strong DIPA. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Burial Beer Co Bloodtusk Kellerbier Lager

Burial Beer Co. Bloodtusk Kellerbier Lager, 5.1% ABV purchased from Pop the Top Bottle Shop locally here in Charlotte, NC is a brewed in the traditional cell beer style or traditional lagering which is done at cold temperatures. Burial Beer Co. Bloodtusk Kellerbier Lager pours a semi-hazy yellow color with a two finger white rocky head giving off biscuity aroma with a little sweetness that trails into a biscuit sweet flavor with a very faint bitter note hitting the back of the mouth with a flavorful semi-sweet finish and a full lager biscuit sweet aftertaste that lingers for a short moment and fades all with a medium smooth mouthfeel. Burial Beer Co. Bloodtusk Kellerbier Lager is a good rendition of a German Kellerbier Lager and is an A-. I found Bloodtusk to be good and close to being as good as the more traditional German Kellerbiers, they tend to have bolder flavors to them, but Burial Beer Co. Bloodtusk Kellerbier Lager was almost as good and one that I recommend trying and one that I will definitely go back to. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Rahr & Sons Brewing Ugly Pug Black Lager

Originally posted on December 2nd, 2011.

Howdy! Another beer review here on this cold day in December. Well, this is another beer from Texas brought to me from Aunt over Thanksgiving. This brewery is down in East Texas, Fort Worth. This is a schwarzbier, black beer, or black lager. I’ve not had black lager before, at least I don’t think I have. The Ugly Pug story goes like this, Fritz Rahr once saw Oscar, his mother-in-law’s dog and shouted, “What an ugly pug!” I don’t know how that relates to a beer but maybe Fritz has his reason for name his black lager that. Ugly Pug pours a nice black color as it says on the bottle. If you don’t know that then I suggest you ask for help. It has a semi-thick white foamy yet creamy head. It looks interesting at this point, so now you sip. When you first partake of this you get a light mouthfeel of very faint coffee and a very light taste of malted caramel. When the aftertaste hits you get a tiny little sour bite of caramel candy. This is not heavy like a stout or porter. It’s a lager beer, therefore, it is lighter. You should know that. Remember that from now on, that will be helpful when buying beer. This one is good. I don’t know much about Rahr & Sons. But I am finding more info about it. I would like to buy this again. I thought it was good, not a WOW GREAT, but a solid good, a buy it again good, tell few of my friends kind of good. You to should try this one. Keep your eyes and ears open to the news here in N.C. about the changes coming regarding the brewing laws. It will be SO AWESOME!! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

The Beer News

Here are this week’s news happening in the Charlotte, North Carolina area!

  • Thursday, January 24th. Canned Beer Appreciation Day. Carolina Beer Temple. 12 pm-11:30 pm. Tickets at In November of 1933, preparing for the upcoming repeal of Prohibition, Gottfried Krueger Brewing produced the first beer ever packaged in cans. Now, more than eight decades later, the idea of so many of our favorite beers not being available in cans is absolutely unthinkable. So help us celebrate the humble beer can in the only way we know how: by drinking its contents! All day we will be offering 20% off of any canned beer in the store. That’s right, no matter the beer, the brewer, or the style, all canned beer will be 20% off! We will also be waving any corkage fees for canned beer consumed on-premise for the entire day. After all, doesn’t canned beer deserve a little respect and admiration?


  • Thursday, January 24th. All Dogged Up at GoodRoad Ciderworks. 5 pm-7 pm. Join All Dogged Up EVERY Thursday night from 5 pm-7 pm at Good Road Ciderworks for grooming services provided in our grooming truck parked on-site. The following services available on a first come basis:
    -Bath/Nails for dogs under 60 lbs-$20
    -Bath/Nails for dogs over 60 lbs-$26
    -Nails only $12

    *Friendly reminder: please tip your groomer!
    NOTE: due to health department code, our canine friends must remain on the patio.


  • Friday, January 25th. Ry Smile Pilot Batch Release. Triple C Brewing Company. 4 pm-10 pm. The rustic, spicy character of the rye malt makes this pale ale something special. Balanced with Chinook and Citra hops, adding citrus and pine flavors.
  • Friday, January 25th. Beer Release: Blueway Keller Pils. Blue Blaze Brewing. The first-time release of Blueway Keller Pils (5.4%) in a super small batch on draught only. This golden, unfiltered German-style pilsner is so refreshing and tasty finishing up with a mild, zippy hoppiness from the noble hops. It’s .. ahem .. a killer pils!
    We’ll have local food truck A Taste of Culture at 5pm.

    What’s in a name? A blueway is a water trail for outdoor recreationalists, such as kayakers.

    Swing by the taproom from 2:00 – 10:00 for a pint!

    (With super limited quantities, please no pitchers or growlers. Thank you!)


  • Friday, January 25th. Captain Peanut Butter’s Chocolate Revenge Release. NoDa Brewing Co. 2 pm-10 pm. A big, malty and smooth Imperial Porter brewed with a massive load of cocoa nibs to give dark chocolate notes and roasted peanut butter to add a rich twist to this imposing dark beer.

    Join us as we open early to kick off the chance to get this deliciously rich brew! Plus, while you’re here, enjoy grub from TIN Kitchen!


  • Saturday, January 26th. Breakfast in Heaven – Can Release. Lenny Boy Brewing Co. 11 am-11 pm. We finally packaged our annual BBA stout – Breakfast in Heaven. Little different format, 12oz 4-packs cans for $14.99. Sales start at 11am in the Taproom.

    Breakfast in Heaven is a Barrel Aged Imperial Stout aged in Heaven Hills barrels with Madagascar vanilla beans, Counter Culture Coffee, cacao nibs, and lactose. 10% ABV. This bourbon barrel beer combines careful blending and proper aging to create a complex, enjoyable beer. The Imperial Stout base is thick and creamy – great flavors of vanilla and chocolate with subtle notes of dark fruit. 


  • Saturday, January 26th. Cajun Stout Release. Triple C Brewing Company. 12 pm- 10 pm. Cajun Stout is a robust stout brewed with dark malts and a hint of cayenne pepper! Draft and crowler/growerls fills.

    New Wrap Order Food Truck on site. Pluto for Planet will be jamming in the taproom from 5-8.


  • Sunday, January 27th. Discovery Place Bug Lab comes to Birdsong! Birdsong Brewing Co. 12 pm-3 pm. This one’s for the kids but don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of delicious beer for the adults!

    We’re excited to welcome Discovery Place Science back to Birdsong for some family fun w/ their Bug Lab mobile exhibit! d Beer
    The event is free and will be on 1/27/19 from 12p-3p! Here are some examples of the activities we’ve got planned:

    • Try eating edible crickets in fun flavors like cheesy ranch and get a “certified bug eater” button!
    • Color a bug coloring sheet!
    • Get a temporary bug tattoo!
    • Get crafty and make a bug bookmark!
    • Pop-up photo op!


  • Sunday, January 27th. Service industry Sundays. Wooden Robot Brewery. 12 pm-9 pm. To show our appreciation for our friends in the biz, we are throwin’ down every Sunday with $1 off all 10 oz. pours & throwback tunes with your favorite WRB beertenders!
    Come party like its Saturday Night for Service Industry Sundays at the Bot!


  • Tuesday, January 29th. Modern Tims/Lord Hob Takeover. Salud Beer Shop. 5 pm-10 pm. Join us as we feature some of the best breweries in the country Modern Times of San Diego, CA and Lord Hobo Of Massachusetts. We’re featuring some tasty brews on draft and package.


  • Tuesday, January 29th. Sierra Nevada Event! Duckworth Grill & Taphouse Uptown. 6 pm-8 pm. Sierra Nevada swag giveaways and free beer samples!

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Resilience IPA, Sierra Nevada’s brand new Brut IPA & Sierraveza will be on tap all month. Come getcha some!

Birdsong Brewing Company Honey Pie Double IPA

Birdsong Brewing Company Honey Pie Double IPA, 8.9% ABV which I picked up from the local Harris Teeter grocery store. Honey Pie Double IPA is brewed with local North Carolina harvested Cloister Honey, and pours a deep orange color with a slightly off white two finger head that does leave behind fluffy lacing, giving you sweet malted notes of bitter grapefruit, orange and some honeydew melon that then take you to a big sweet malted bitterness of some orange, grapefruit and some honeydew with a sizable honey flavor note that follows, with a bittersweet finish and a bitter melon grapefruit aftertaste that is lingering with a booziness and a full mouthfeel. I was going into Honey Pie Double IPA with good expectations and I have come to the conclusion that it was too much and I didn’t find this beer as good as I was hoping, so I say it deserves a D. I think the honey and the bitterness combined to really wallop you with bitterness but the sweetness does keep Honey Pie Double IPA from being the worst beer and I actually like most beers from Birdsong Brewing especially their IPAs. But this Birdsong Brewing Company Honey Pie Double IPA just wasn’t one Birdsong IPA I liked. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Willmington Brewing Company Seasonal Bartender Tropical Milkshake India Pale Ale

Willmington Brewing Company Seasonal Bartender Tropical Milkshake India Pale Ale, 7.8% ABV purchased locally from Pop the Top Bottle Shop is brewed with Pale malts, flaked wheat, oats Carapils, Lactose sugar, Azacca, and Chinook hops, dry hopped first with Ekuanot then dry hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo. Seasonal Bartender is brewed with guavas, pineapples and mangos in Willmington, North Carolina and pours an hazy yellow orange juice color with a two finger off white heads that slowly fades into wonderful lacing giving off sweet juicy tropical fruit notes with a slight cream scent that take you to a sweet juicy flavor with touches of bitterness and some creamy notes with a nice cream bitter juicy fruit finish and a similar aftertaste that linger a bit with a creamy medium mouthfeel. This Milkshake IPA is a relatively (2-3 years) new fad within craft beer and one that is slowly growing within. The whole IPA style and Willmington Brewing Company Seasonal Bartender Tropical Milkshake India Pale is a good beer, getting an A here. I find that the lactose does cut back some the hop bitterness so that isn’t a bitter punch in the face but at the same time, it not keeping and bitterness away from your taste buds. The lactose also brings out a sweetness within the fruity flavors adding a new layer of cream bittersweetness. Willmington Brewing Company Seasonal Bartender Tropical Milkshake India Pale is a beer that I recommend but not something that you can have more than two pints of seeing how the flavor is a bit stronger than some beers, but otherwise a great beer! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

The Beer News

here are this week’s news happing in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

  • Thursday, January 17th. Sierra Nevada Event!Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse Ballantyne. 6 pm-8 pm. Sierra Nevada swag giveaways and free beer samples!

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Resilience IPA, Sierra Nevada’s brand new Brut IPA & Sierraveza will be on tap all month. Come getcha some!


  • Thursday, January 17th. India Pale Lager Release. Catawba Brewing Co. Charlotte. 3 pm -10 pm. It’s week #3 of the passport program and we’re hopping over the lighter side of things! Get it? “Hopping?”… Well, even if you don’t get our cheesy dad joke, you’ll still love this smooth and slightly hoppy India Pale Lager. Stop by your local Catawba tasting room for a pint and the password!


  • Friday, January 18th. Small Batch Release. Ced Clay Ciderworks. 3 pm-11 pm. This month’s small batch is a play on the classic drink, Gin & Juice; juniper, coriander, OJ and lime semi-dry.


  • Friday, January 18th, NoDable Release: Dr. Juice’s Hops on Pop. 3 pm-10 pm. Each month, we release several brand new brews as part of our “NoDable” Series on Fridays. This week’s brew is our Dr. Juice’s Hops on Pop. A Juicy IPA brewed with Citra, Mosaic and Summit hops, making it a hoppy and citrus forward beer. We’re thrilled to note that the malt in this brew comes from two local NC companies. The base grain is a 2-Row grain — called Carolina Gold — from Carolina Malt House, Inc. (grown just 30 miles from our brewery)! Additionally, this brew utilizes Epiphany Wheat malt from Epiphany Craft Malt.

    While you’re here, be sure to try a few of our 25+ brews and some TIN Kitchen for dinner. And, don’t forget you can take this week’s NoDable and many of our other beers to-go in a crowler!


  • Saturday, January 19th. Lenny Boy Raw Bar “Pop-Up”. Lenny Boy Brewing Co. 3 pm-5 pm. Join The Waterman at Lenny Boy Brewing Co. for a FREE Raw Bar “Pop-Up” on Saturday, January 19th from 3pm-?

    Enjoy FREE Oysters on the half shell (till they run out) from The Waterman, delicious craft beer and kombucha from Lenny Boy.

    We will have live music from Ezra Root, tons of swag and giveaways!

    Pepperbox Doughnuts and Glory Days Apparel will also be onsite from 3-6pm!

    Tag a friend, mark your calendar, and prepare for a great time!


  • Saturday, January 19th. Beer Garden Brew Pup Day! Sycamore Brewing. 12 pm-10 pm.
    Bring your pups, your family and friends and join us for our first Beer Garden Brew Pup Day! We’ll have dog merchandise and treats from local vendors, $1 off your first beer if you bring your pup, free dog toys with any pint of Sycamore Beer purchased, Live music, Gyro Twins Truck and more!🍻🐶

    Take a photo of your pup using #BeerGardenBrewPup in the Sycamore Beer Garden for a chance to win a $50 Sycamore Gift Card!🎉

  • Sunday, January 20th. Sugar Creek Raw Bar “Pop-Up”. Sugar Creek Brewing. 4 pm-6 pm. Join The Waterman at Sugar Creek Brewing for a FREE Raw Bar “Pop-Up” on Sunday, January 20th from 4-6PM.

    Enjoy FREE Oysters on the half shell (till they run out) from The Waterman, delicious brews from Sugar Creek, games, swag, and giveaways!

    Tag a friend, mark your calendar, and prepare for a great time!


  • Sunday, January 20th. Bots N’ Beans Chilli Cook-Off. Wooden Robot Brewery. 1 pm-3 pm.
    Bring on the Beans! Join us for our 1st Chili Cook-Off on Sunday 01.20.19! Sample various Chili recipes and cast your vote for the best! Every medium and large Beer purchase gets you a ticket to cast a vote! One winner will receive a gift basket worth over $100 of WRB merch, gift cards, and prizes from your favorite local spots!
    Think your Chili has what it takes to win the competition? Submit the form – – – >

    This is a FREE EVENT!
    $1 off all Medium Brews ALL DAY LONG.

    #BeansNBots Come Party!

  • Monday, January 21st. Beer and Chocolate Pairing with Potts Chocolate. Pilot Brewing. 5 pm-8 pm. Why do beer and chocolate go so well together? One reason is that they share two fundamental flavors — bitter and sweet. With beer the bitterness comes from hops — this flower is one of beer’s basic ingredients; and the sweetness is derived from natural sugars in the malted cereal, which is another one of the ingredients. But beer is more than just bitter or sweet. Spice, vanilla, caramel, fruit, smoke, coffee, nuts, citrus, and floral are amongst the hundreds of flavors that tasting experts have noted in beer.

    Join Pilot as we team up with Potts Chocolate to guide you through a world of chocolate and beer. Through a pairing of four beers and four chocolates, learn how chocolate is a champion at coating the mouth, and how beer is very efficient at cleansing the palate at the same time as complementing or contrasting flavors.

    Guided by our Certified Cicerone®, Rachael Hudson, and Chocolatier of Potts Chocolate, Blair Potts. Did you know that Blair Potts was one of the original founders of the first craft brewery in Connecticut? There is no better pair to lead you through the craft chocolate and beer world.

    Please visit Pilot Brewing, or call, to purchase your ticket today!

    Two sessions will happen at 5pm and 7pm. Seats are limited to 15 per sessions. Tickets are $20.