Birdsong Brewing Company Honey Pie Double IPA

Birdsong Brewing Company Honey Pie Double IPA, 8.9% ABV which I picked up from the local Harris Teeter grocery store. Honey Pie Double IPA is brewed with local North Carolina harvested Cloister Honey, and pours a deep orange color with a slightly off white two finger head that does leave behind fluffy lacing, giving you sweet malted notes of bitter grapefruit, orange and some honeydew melon that then take you to a big sweet malted bitterness of some orange, grapefruit and some honeydew with a sizable honey flavor note that follows, with a bittersweet finish and a bitter melon grapefruit aftertaste that is lingering with a booziness and a full mouthfeel. I was going into Honey Pie Double IPA with good expectations and I have come to the conclusion that it was too much and I didn’t find this beer as good as I was hoping, so I say it deserves a D. I think the honey and the bitterness combined to really wallop you with bitterness but the sweetness does keep Honey Pie Double IPA from being the worst beer and I actually like most beers from Birdsong Brewing especially their IPAs. But this Birdsong Brewing Company Honey Pie Double IPA just wasn’t one Birdsong IPA I liked. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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