Beer and Chips Pairing Allagash White Ale and Quillo Que Atre Quilla Fried Egg

Here we are with another Beer and Chips paring and another Quillo this is their Fried Egg Chips paired with Allagash White Ale, 5.1% ABV. Quillo are chips from Sevilla Spain and Allagash White from Portland Maine. Quillo Fried Egg has what looks like black pepper sprinkled on them and have a very potato fried egg aroma, no as far as the chips flavor the hit the fried egg flavors right on the head, it’s like you are actually eating a fried egg. Allagash White is a beer that I’ve previously review and find it to be a great example of a Belgian White Ale, and interacts nicely when sipped on after partaking in a Quillo Fried Egg Chip, it does a nice job in taking away some of the full-on saltiness to the chip without taking it completely away giving you a nice fried egg flavor that goes well with the slightly fruity spiced body of Allagash White, which would also pair nicely with an actual fried eggs. I give these chips and this pairing a B+. I found that after eating one bag my mouth is a little bit overwhelmed with fried egg flavor, but it is still good and is a good pairing. Beer and Chips Pairing will return in two week as usual. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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