Wicked Weed Brewing Co. Astronomical Hazy IPA

Wicked Weed Brewing Co. Astronomical Hazy IPA, 7.7% ABV that was kindly given to me by a friend/co-worker Matt who purchased this in Asheville, North Carolina. Astronomical Hazy IPA is brewed with many west coast hops like Calypso. Astronomical Hazy IPA pours a yellow hue with a three-finger white head that slowly fades into some decent laying throughout the pint glass giving off piney grapefruit aromas that have hoppy notes. Taste is piney with citrus grapefruit that has hoppy notes that finish with a nice grapefruit pine and an aftertaste of slight bitter grapefruit and grapefruit peel with a somewhat medium mouthfeel. Wicked Weed Brewing Co. Astronomical Hazy IPA is like bitter, hoppy grapefruit juicy that is easier to drink than some hazy grapefruit forward IPAs. Wicked Weed Brewing Co. Astronomical Hazy IPA is a B+. The bitterness doesn’t attack you tastebuds like some IPAs. It is softer on them and that helps you to really taste the hop profile and really enjoy it. With that said you should try Wicked Weed Brewing Co. Astronomical Hazy IPA. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!       

Wilmington Brewing Company Jason, Stop Texting Your mom.

Wilmington Brewing Company Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom New England Style IPA, 7.6% ABV purchased from Pop The Top which was brewed pretty fresh (8.15.19) and is brewed with Pale, Pilsner, Wheat, and Oat malts. Cashmere and Ekuanot hop in the Whirpool is a common method used in commercial breweries to separate hop pellets and trub from wort after the wort boil. Essentially the wort is pumped into the whirlpool vessel at a rapid velocity, usually about 15 feet per second, to cause the wort to start spinning like a whirlpool. Dry-hopped with #1 and #2: Cashmere and Ekuanot.  Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom pours a hazy yellow with a three-finger white head that slowly fades into massive whips of lacing with tropical pineapple aromas that a bit piney yet juicy. Then comes a tropical juicy pineapple flavor hitting your taste buds with a nice tingle of piney notes with a very faint underlying sweet note that is faint at best, then Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom finishes with a nice piney fruity, and hoppy with a tropical hoppy pineapple with a fuller mouthfeel. Wilmington Brewing Company Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom New England Style IPA is big on the pineapple juice with a nice flow of flavor complementing one another nicely to make Wilmington Brewing Company Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom New England Style IPA an A. I think this has one fruit flavor note to it which makes it nice and not seem so stereotypical New England IPA, because I do like this NE IPA style it just that it seem like every beer out there is a NE IPA and it’s overshadowing everything else. But I do recommend Wilmington Brewing Company Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom New England Style IPA. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!      

Throwback Thursday: Deep River Brewing Co limoncello Tart Ale

Originally posted April 8th, 2017.

Creativity is key to brewing and producing craft beer. Brewers get creative with ingredients, can and/or bottle type or even with the name and artwork on the label. One example is Deep River Brewing Co. Limoncello Tart Ale Brewed with Lemons, 5.4% that is produced in Clayton, Johnston County, North Carolina. Limoncello is sour blonde ale that is brewed with Sarachi Ace hops, a boatload of lemon, not sure how to measure a boatload, and fermented with a proprietary yeast strain that was developed with technology at NC State University. Limoncello pours a darker yellow color that has a bit of a brown murky hue to it with almost no head. The aroma is quite pleasing with fresh tart lemons and lemon peels with the lightest hint of a sour note. The flavor is at first slightly tart with lemon but is refreshing at the same time. Toward the middle of the mouth, Limoncello becomes a bit more tart and the lemon come through more, and on the back, the sourness shines a bit brighter without overpowering the tart lemony flavors there. The mouthfeel is light with a bit of thickness as you swallow. Limoncello finish tart, slightly sour with a nice refreshing quality. After taste lingers with tart lemon/lemon peels but doesn’t linger too much, and doesn’t pucker up the taste buds in the after taste. This beer is very good, it deserves an A. I found that none of the flavors clashed or overpowered one another, they all got along well and formed a wonderfully refreshing beer. I not the biggest fan of fruit beer, I like them enough and some fruits are not what I would say are good to brew beer with. But lemon in beer, now that is a good choice. I think lemon can enhance a beer or add another layer of flavor without making it into something not enjoyable. So you there should go and try Deep River Brewing Co. Limoncello Tart Ale Brewed with Lemons, I recommend you too. Cheers! Please Enjoy Responsibly! 

The Beer News

here are this week’s news and events happening in the Charlotte, North Carolina area!

  • Thursday, August 29th. Summer’s Not Dead Fruited Pale Ale. Triple C Brewing Company. 4 pm-10 pm. Fruited American Pale Ale – Massive aromas and flavors of juicy mango, underripe pineapple, and a bit of sticky pine. Moderate bitterness with a pillowy mouthfeel


  • Thursday, August 29th. Red, White & Brew Stable Call. The Unknown Brewing Company. 6 pm-9 pm. Tickets, http://www.veteransbridgehome.galaxydigital.com. Veterans and patriots,

    The Red, White and Brew Stable Call is back in 2019 and we need you!

    For those unfamiliar with the Red, White and Brew Stable Call format, here’s how it works:

    Step 1: Go to the designated watering hole (varies every month, August at Unknown) at the designated date/time (typically the last Thursday of every month)

    Step 2: Buy a beer.

    That’s it. That’s how you do it.

    We will see you there.



  • Friday, August 30th. Blurred Lines (Amor Artis Collaboration). NoDa Brewing Company.  3 pm-10 pm. Releasing at our taproom on August 30th is a collaboration with our friends across the border at Amor Artis. This is a unique batch of Juicy IPA brewed utilizing five distinct hops; Mosaic, Cascade, Chinook, Amarillo and Experimental 10416.

    Amor Artis will brew the same base beer utilizing their own blend of hops. Amor Artis’ version is an inverse of our name called “Lines Blurred”.

    To collaborate, even more, each brewery will blend a third of their batch with the others. That’s where the lines get “blurred”…the beers will be different but somewhat the same.

    Join us in the taproom — starting at 3 pm — to get your hands on this unique brew. 🍺


  • Saturday, August 31st. Cellar Series Bottle Release. Legion Brewing. 12 pm-3 pm. Our FIRST release from our highly-anticipated Cellar Series will be held on Saturday, August 31st.

    Entmoot: An Oak Farmhouse Ale brewed with pilsner malts and local malted buckwheat, fermented with Norwegian farmhouse yeast, and aged in oak for six months with mixed culture. Tasting notes are Oak and Toasted Pineapple.

    Ouroboros: A Mixed-Culture Saison Ale brewed with our traditional Saison recipe, Sterling hops, Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, and aged in charred oak barrels. Carefully blended with reserve peach sour.

    We’ll be opening doors to the public at 12pm. Limited bottles of each of these beers are available!


  • Saturday, August 31st. Mediterranean Street Food Fest! Sycamore Brewing. 12 pm-11 pm. Join us for Mediterranean Street Food Fest at Sycamore on Saturday, August 31st at 12 noon in the Sycamore Beer Garden for great authentic Mediterranean style food from our friends at GyroTwinsTruck and Taza! Great Sycamore beers, frosé Wild Blossom Cider and live music!


  • Sunday, September 1st. $3 Beer Day! Lenny Boy Brewing Co. 11 am-7 pm. Sunday, September 1st we will have $3 beers all day at the Brewery 🍻 You can enjoy our freshest IPAs, southern lagers, select kettle sours, and all flavors of Elation for only $3.

    Why… because the Sunday scaries don’t exist the day before Labor Day! We will also have some amazing food specials for everyone to enjoy. And – did you know you can enjoy $3 Kombucha Mimosas EVERY Sunday 🥂

    Live music from 3 – 6pm 🎸

    Grab your friends and family – and come enjoy live music, craft beer and kombucha, and all of our Labor Day specials 😋

    Please note: the Taproom will be closed on Monday, Sept 2nd for Labor Day.



  • Monday, September 2nd. New Pilot Batch Release: Cranberry Saison Release. Pilot Brewing. 2 pm-9pm. Enjoy Labor Day with us at Pilot for the release of our new Cranberry Saison! Goblets of the new Saison are $3 on release day.

Westbrook Brewing Co. Low and Slow Doppelbock

Westbrook Brewing Co. Low and Slow Doppelbock, 8.2% ABV part of their Low and Slow series, it’s lagered in oak barrels, brewed with CTZ, Hallertau, Mittelfruh Hops, German Lager Yeast, Black, Caramuinch, Munich, and Pils malts. Then it’s lagered for four months in natural oak barrels. Doppelbock pours a deep mahogany brown and a two-finger beige head with sweet malty notes that a slightly alcoholic. Then you find yourself at a rich malty sweet taste with some boozy notes with a nice complexity that comes together with a sweet malty-rich finish and has a nice sweet slightly sticky aftertaste with a full mouthfeel. This beer would go great with grilled or barbecued meats but I find Westbrook Brewing Co. Low and Slow Doppelbock to be an interesting take on a Doppelbock with its the oak barrel lagering, and it’s a B+ beer. The oak barrel does add a nice complexity and gives the flavors a sharper taste on your tongue and really gives you a sense of the higher 8.2% ABV. I did enjoy this big beer and I recommend that you check it out! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Birdsong Brewing Co. Summer Nights Apricot Peach Ale

Birdsong Brewing Co. Summer Nights Apricot Peach Ale, 6% produced locally here in Charlotte, North Carolina purchased from Pop the Top is brewed with yes you guessed it peaches and apricots. Summer Nights pours an orange color with a one and a half finger white fizzy head that does not stick around giving off fruity (peach and apricot) wine-like notes that is on the slightly sour tart side. The flavor is fruity with nice wine like peaches and with light apricot notes, nice tartness with the faintest sour note that quickly comes and goes. Summer Nights finishes with a nice hint of a fruited white wine flavor and continues into the aftertaste with a little smooth tart notes with a light mouthfeel. Birdsong Brewing Co. Summer Nights Apricot Peach Ale is a good beer that is refreshing and one that is not too invasive like some fruit beer can be. Birdsong Brewing Co. Summer Nights Apricot Peach Ale is an A-, just a little more peach flavor and this would be a great beer, but it’s otherwise good and one that you should try. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly   


Throwback Thursday: Samuel Smith Brewery Organic Raspberry Fruit Ale

Originally Posted on January 18th, 2012

When you think of England and its beer you think of a pint of bitter, but yes this is English Ale but it is brewed with Raspberry juice, and other natural flavors. They do brew ale with other fruit. This brewery, Malbourn Bros’ is in Stamford Lincolnshire and its blended and bottled at Samuel Smith’s brewery in Tadcaster North Yorkshire. This beer is organic. This Ale is 5,10% ABV. This ale pours a dark reddish-purple color with a thick violet white head that is most appealing. Yes, this has a strong raspberry scent leaning on the flowery side, but all over it’s a great scent. When you take the first sip it has a huge raspberry taste that is very good, and very pleasing. This is not as bubbly as a lambic. This aftertaste has that slight tart yet sweet raspberry to it. This whole ale has that big raspberry taste. But yes this beer has that good English ale taste behind that massive wall of fresh tasty raspberry. I could see this being a springtime drink in a local English pub, outside looking out at the rolling English countryside. But be careful with this, it is so good and sweet you will not want to put it down and just chug it. This is a refreshing beer, but not a girly beer. It’s a bloody brilliant pint, they say in England. So try this fruity ale and you will be pleasantly surprised. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

The Beer News

Here are this week’s news and events happening in the Charlotte, North Carolina area!

  • Wednesday, August, 21st. Sycamore Beer Pairing and Charcuterie Class. Sycamore Brewing. 6:30 pm-8 pm. Tickets at eventbrite.com Come chat with Chef Alisha at Sycamore Brewing, where you’ll pair a seasonal Sycamore flight with delicious Charcuterie. Chef Alisha will teach you how to take care of your boards, select just the right meats and cheeses for any budget, and let you in on some excellent catering tricks. She’ll introduce you to some luscious Italian flavors and offer you some Instagram worthy boards! Mix, Mingle, and Mangia! Grab some friends and enjoy the night!


  •  Wednesday, August 21st. Birdsong Brewing Event. Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse Uptown. 6 pm-8 pm. Enjoy Birdsong Swag giveaways and free beer samples!

    On Tap:
    Higher Ground
    Rewind Lager
    Game Winner IPA


  • Thursday, August 22nd. Seasonal Release: Wake Up Coffee Vanilla Porter. Birdsong Brewing Co. 3 pm-10 pm. As Summer winds down and your palate starts to crave something dark, join us for the release of our Fall Seasonal- Wake Up Coffee Vanilla Porter! We’ll be releasing draft and cans of Wake Up on Thursday, 8/22 at 3p!

    Our Wake Up Porter is an irresistibly smooth brew with locally roasted coffee and fresh vanilla beans. We use Central Coffee Co.‘s Sumatra Lintong coffee and carefully chosen specialty malts to create a warm foundation and light body. Madagascar vanilla beans lend a subtle sweetness on the finish that you’ll notice at the end of every velvety sip.


  •  Thursday, August 22nd. Divine Barrel Tap Takeover. Carolina Beer Temple Charlotte. 7 pm-10 pm Divine Barrel Brewing have been some of our absolute favorites in Charlotte since they first started brewing award-winning beers. Whether it’s their GABF Medal Winning Big Lubelski Gratzer, their insanely refreshing Cadillac Rainbows Berliner Weisse, or their Defensive Pancake Stout, they have never ceased to impress and amaze. This time around, we are tapping up a few new favorites. After all, we are a Temple, and what could be better for a temple than a touch of the Divine?


    -Brettrospective Foeder-Aged Saison

    -Strictly Genteel West Coast IPA

    -Zest Intentions Sour Witbier

    -Beer Flavored Beer American Lager


  •  Friday, August 23rd. Triple Can Release 8.23.19. Wooden Robot Brewery. 3 pm- 12 pm. TRIPLE CAN RELEASE! FRIDAY AUGUST 23RD AT 3PM
    Join us Friday 08.23.19 for the Triple Can Release of Botoberfest, Overachiever & Green Beast!

    Can Release Details:
    Botoberfest – Oktoberfest-Style Lager $14 (+ tax)
    Overachiever – Juicy Pale Ale $14 (+ tax)
    Green Beast – IPA $16 (+ tax)
    Sold in 4-packs (16oz) – No individual cans
    No purchase limit

    Sales will commence at 3pm at BOTH The Brewery in South End & The Chamber in NoDa.
    * These beers can not be consumed on-premise *

    This beer will be FRESH! We will have a limited quantity of all three beers on draft. Come party with us!


  • Friday, August 23rd. Radio Haze Release. NoDa Brewing Company. 3 pm-10 pm. The return of this Juicy Hazy IPA is back, but this time we turned the juice up to 11. 👌 It’s a different batch from the last and brewed with your feedback in mind! It’s also brewed in partnership with The Woody and Wilcox Show.

    Radio haze, our latest year-round beer, is brewed with a fantastic hop blend that leads to mostly upfront juicy and tropical hop aroma. The hop blend consists of Mosaic, Citra, Centennial, and Chinook hops. Sitting at 6% ABV, it’s a whole lot of flavor without much bitterness. It’s hazy and smooth with a medium body, from heavy use of Torrified Wheat and Oats.

    Join us in the taproom on August 26th to get your hands on this new mouthwatering brew. It will be available on tap and in four-packs. You’ll also be able to purchase it around town the following week. 🍺


  • Saturday, August 24th. Pumpkin Latte Blonde Can Release Party! Sycamore Brewing. 12 pm-11 pm. Did you know that if you say ‘Pumpkin Latte Blonde’ 3x in a row, a girl in yoga pants will appear to tell you what she loves most about Fall? Join us Saturday, August 24th at 12noon for our can release!


  •  Saturday, August 24th, Beer & Dessert Day! Sycamore Brewing. 12 pm-11 pm. Your Mom’s Donuts & Holy City Waffles! Beer Pairings, Good Times! Family Friendly! Pumpkin Latte Blonde release!


  • Saturday, August 24th. Big OH Fest. Sugar Creek Brewing. 11 am-12 pm. As one of Charlotte’s most popular beers, The BIG Oh continues to grow and become a local Charlotte favorite. So we had this idea to celebrate this amazing beer with its own festival with all things OH! We’ll have live music, New BIG Oh merchandise, Special Big Oh beer releases with the release of the all-new “little oh”(session) and great beer specials! Come get some Oh! Saturday, August 24th.

    Live Music:
    Brother Watts 2pm-7pm
    Rocking out an eclectic mix of hits from the ’80s ’90s and today

    Big Oh Merchandise-
    Limited time Glassware- Details to follow
    Launching two new Big Oh t-shirt designs

    Drinks/ Specials:
    $4 Big Oh Draught
    $6 4 pack Big Oh To-Go
    Big Oh Brose- Blood Orange Slushy
    Small Batch Release- Little Oh (Session Blood Orange IPA)


  • Monday, August 26th. Mecktoberfest Märzeb Lager Release. Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. 11 am-9 pm. Get ready! Mecktoberfest is back on August 26th!

    Just in time for football season and everything we love about Fall!

    Mecktoberfest is wildly popular and beloved throughout the Charlotte region. As OMB’s Fall seasonal, Mecktoberfest is available in late August to November each year on draft (OMB Brauhaus & Biergarten and your favorite bars & restaurants in the Charlotte area), and in 6-packs and 12-packs at your local store.

    Rich and malty up front with a smooth satisfying finish, Mecktoberfest is a classic Märzen-style amber lager (known more popularly as the original Oktoberfest Bier). At 5.4% ABV and 24 IBU, Mecktoberfest is very well balanced; additionally, its strikingly beautiful, crystal clear burnt orange/amber hue (8.8 SRM).

    Mecktoberfest is in a small, elite class of beers who have won medals in international competitions on both sides of the Atlantic:
    GOLD – European Beer Star (Nuremberg, Germany)
    SILVER – Great American Beer Festival (Denver, CO)

    These competitions are the two of the most prestigious and difficult, with thousands of beers entered, hundred-member judging panels, and multiple days of blind tastings. To win two medals on two continents is an amazing feat and is the highest recognition of OMB’s dedication to quality and traditional brewing methods.

    Like all OMB beers, Mecktoberfest is all-natural — brewed in strict accordance with the famous German beer purity law of 1516: the “Reinheitsgebot.” In line with Reinheitsgebot, it was brewed using natural carbonation from the pure CO2 produced by the yeast during fermentation. We pull our brews from our lager tanks weekly, so you know it’s fresh. And, it was kept cold from production to delivery to you, because all beer should be kept cold to maximize freshness. We hope you enjoy this pure, fresh, cold beer. Prost! 


Hopfly Brewing Co. Beach Beer Session India Pale Ale

Hopfly Brewing Co. Beach Beer Session India Pal Ale, 4.9% ABV out of Rocky Mount, North Carolina that I purchased from Pop the Top, Beach Beer is brewed with lots of wheat and flaked oat with Citra and Galaxy hops. Beach Beer pours a Slightly hazy light yellow color with a two and a half finger rocky white head doesn’t seem to fade leaving behind awesome lacing and giving off a hoppy aroma of citrus with some very light pine notes and great citrus fruit notes. There is a nice citrus flavor that is smoothing tasting and nicely hopped but not overly hoppy and in your face. There are nice orange and grapefruit flavors that finish a with a nice bitter citrus note and have a nice bitter slightly tropical citrus aftertaste with a smooth and light mouthfeel. Hopfly Brewing Co. Beach Beer Session India Pal Ale is a smooth IPA that is an A. It is a good beach beer, good to have a few. I think it does not overpower your mouth with lots of sweetness or bitterness it has just the right balance and is surprisingly smooth and I quite enjoyed this beer and you should too! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly. 

Commonwealth Brewing Company Limoncello

One of my favorite liquors, Limoncello Italian lemon-flavored alcohol, and the locals sometimes home make it. This. Commonwealth Brewing Company Limoncello, 3.9% ABV, brewed in Virginia Beach, Virginia is a Gosé style ale brewed with Lemon Beebrush, Lemon Balam, Lemon Zest and Lactose. Lemoncello is Commonwealth Brewings interpretation of Italian Limoncello. Limoncello pours a yellow color with a two-finger white head that fades steadily and has sweet lemon aroma with a pinch of saltiness to it. The flavor is not as I expected with a nice semi yet sweet lemon at the front with a little salt in the middle of the mouth with a little twinge of bitterness at the back, with a smooth finish of sweet/semi-salted lemon and a slight tartness that has a lemon balm and slightly sweet aftertaste with a light refreshing mouthfeel. The Gose aspect of Limoncello is muted and sometimes nonexistent, but overall Commonwealth Brewing Company Limoncello is a C+, a little above average but I have had better Gosé Ales and a better Lemoncello Style beer. Deep River Brewing Limoncello is a better Lemoncello beer. Commonwealth Brewing Company Limoncello is not the worst but it’s interesting enough for a try! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!