Westbrook Brewing Co. Low and Slow Doppelbock

Westbrook Brewing Co. Low and Slow Doppelbock, 8.2% ABV part of their Low and Slow series, it’s lagered in oak barrels, brewed with CTZ, Hallertau, Mittelfruh Hops, German Lager Yeast, Black, Caramuinch, Munich, and Pils malts. Then it’s lagered for four months in natural oak barrels. Doppelbock pours a deep mahogany brown and a two-finger beige head with sweet malty notes that a slightly alcoholic. Then you find yourself at a rich malty sweet taste with some boozy notes with a nice complexity that comes together with a sweet malty-rich finish and has a nice sweet slightly sticky aftertaste with a full mouthfeel. This beer would go great with grilled or barbecued meats but I find Westbrook Brewing Co. Low and Slow Doppelbock to be an interesting take on a Doppelbock with its the oak barrel lagering, and it’s a B+ beer. The oak barrel does add a nice complexity and gives the flavors a sharper taste on your tongue and really gives you a sense of the higher 8.2% ABV. I did enjoy this big beer and I recommend that you check it out! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Hi-Wire Brewing Twice as Nice Doppelbock


Asheville North Carolina is big on craft beer with a lot of different craft breweries, one, in particular, is Hi-Wire Brewing which brews this Twice as Nice Doppelbock, 10.0% ABV which is a black lager in the German doppelbock style. Twice as Nice pours a black color with light brown edges and one finger quickly fading head giving off aromas of licorice, roasted malts with a slightly sweet note that has a tiny hint of bitterness and draws you into a taste of molasses with black licorice, roasted notes, sweetness with a little bitterness on the back of the mouth with a bittersweet licorice finish and a light bitter aftertaste that lingers and turns to a molasses flavor as fades somewhat quickly with a medium mouthfeel. Hi-Wire Brewing  Twice as Nice Doppelbock does really stand up to Ayinger Celebrator, which I think is one of the best Doppelbocks. Twice as Nice Doppelbock is a C, it’s not bad nor is it really good. It was finishable and at no point, during drink it did, I think to pour it out and have something else. It had sweetness but was not enough and the bitterness was slightly too much. Would I recommend Twice as Nice Doppelbock? well, it’s a beer that you have just to say you tried it. I did! Cheers Please enjoy responsibly!