Deschutes Brewery Just Tapped Series Botanical Ale

Deschutes Brewery Botanical Ale, 7.0% ABV with 15 IBUs is part of the Just Tapped Series and is brewed with live yeast for this herb/spiced beer that I purchased from Total Wine. Botanical Ale pours a yellow almost gold color with a one and a quarter finger white head that dissipates at a medium pace. Botanical Ale’s aroma is herbal with root-like notes wafting into the nose with a spiced lemon note. Taste is kind of similar to the aroma with a little lemon mixed in with a jungle herbal flavor with a hint of light lime and a fruity yeast note the hits the back of the mouth with a herb finish and a lemon-lime spiced aftertaste with a lighter mouthfeel. Deschutes Brewery Botanical Ale is definitely fleshing and has a good yet interesting flavor profile that has an almost fruity flavor without additions of any fruits. I think that is neat. I give Deschutes Brewery Botanical Ale a B-. It is good and yes I think that you could have a six pack of these but then it may become a little too much flavor, and this also would be a beer that I would recommend trying for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Southern Pines Brewing Company Mosaic AF

Southern Pines Brewing Company Mosaic AF New England IPA, 6.1% with 30 IBUs purchased from Total Wine and brewed in Southern Pines North Carolina is quadruple dry-hopped with Mosaic hops, oats, wheat, and lactose. If you aren’t a Millennial then you are probably scratching your head and wonder what AF is or mean, it’s just As F*ck, when something is very cool or something or someone too much, in the case of this beer it means lots of Mosaic hops. Mosaic AF pours a deep yellow hazy orange color with an almost three finger white head that slowly fades back into itself giving you nose tropical juicy fruits with a little grapefruit-like note. Taste is tropical juicy fruit with light grapefruit coming in towards the back of your mouth with a faint hint of grassy bitter notes that fade out kind of quick with a slight bitter hoppy light grapefruit finish that carries over into a similar aftertaste that lingers for a few seconds before quickly dashing away all with a medium mouthfeel. Southern Pines Brewing Company Mosaic AF New England IPA is okay, and I think that Mosaic hops are good but I felt that they didn’t go all too well with the oats and lactose. I give Southern Pines Brewing Company Mosaic AF New England IPA a D+. Maybe if they use a little bit less of the Mosaic hops then maybe it would be better. Did I hate this beer? Not particularly, it was drinkable but its that bitter hoppy note on the end that throws the beer off. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Stillwater Artisanal Classique Post Modern Beer

Originally posted August 2nd, 2015

I have received another beer from Brewpublik ( This canned beer comes from Stillwater Artisanal in Stratford Connecticut. This is Classique Post Modern Beer, 4.5% ABV. Classique is a Farmhouse Ale/Saison. Stillwater uses corn and rice in this beer along with pilsner malts, old school American hops and farmhouse ale yeast. I really couldn’t find out what types of American hops were used here. Classique pours a light yellow color that is a bit hazy with a two finger head that somewhat slow to dissipate and does leave behind some decent lacing. I found little amounts of light coming through the glass around nice carbonation. The aroma is nice with a mild yeast scent with hints of very faint funky lemon. I would say the aroma is not over the top but nice. Now the taste is smooth and funky with a slight faint tartness that comes in up front and is gone soon as it comes in. There is a bit of a slight yeast flavor in the middle of the mouth and more funkiness on the back. The mouthfeel is light and refreshing with a cleaner/smoother finish that starts and aftertaste of a yeasty and funky lemon flavor that lingers for just a second or two then becomes faintly tart. I found Classique to be refreshing and sessionable. I give this beer an A. It is not overly flavorful but it has just enough flavors to make it enjoyable. Some farmhouse ales have too many funky flavors and tend to overwhelm ones taste buds. But Classique is just right. I do recommend try Stillwater Artisanal Classique Post Modern Beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

The Beer News

Here are this week’s news and events happening in the Charlotte, North Carolina area!

  • Wednesday, July 5th. PTT X Resident Culture Tap Takeover Pop the Top Craft Beer Shop. 2 pm-10 pm. We’re back at it with another great tap takeover with our homies in Plaza Midwood, Resident Culture!! These are preview beers that will be released at the brewery on June 8th. Come be the first in Charlotte to try these amazing brews!
    //BEERS ON TAP//⁣⁣
    UNIVERSAL MIND – HAZY IPA // 7% ABV // One of our all-time favorites coming back home to the ranch. DDH exclusively with Citra. Tropical fruit and citrus all up in your mouth hole.

    DON’T READ THE COMMENTS Collab with WeldWerks Brewing (Greeley, CO) – Imperial Stout // 13% ABV // A decadent Peanut Butter & Coconut stout of creamy dreams. Ideal for cloud sitting, puff popping, and rich, sunshine fields of ponder.

    NEW BOOT GOOFIN’ – HAZY IPA // 6.5% ABV // Bringing back this bad boy for ya. Dry hopped with over 3 lbs per barrel of Citra, Ekuanot, Simcoe, Mosaic, and Cashmere for all the juice. The tropics are real, y’all. This one’s “Just goofin’. New boot goofin’.”


  • Thursday, June 6th. Beer Pairing Dinner. Legion Brewing South Park. 6:30 pm-9 pm. Tickets at Join us Thursday, June 6th for our second Beer Pairing Dinner! Chef Gene Briggs has cultivated a multi-course dinner with an intentionally paired beer for each course. Kick things off with a welcome reception at 6:30pm and sit down for a fun and interactive meal at 7:00pm.

    Tickets for this event are $60 per person. To reserve your space, purchase your Event Deposit here for $30. At the end of the event, each guest will pay for the remaining $30 plus tax and 20% gratuity.


    Tuna Mexicana
    Yellowfin tuna, fresh papaya, fresh mango, tomato, chili de Arbol, garlic, lime, agave nectar, jicama, avocado, cilantro
    Beer Pairing – Gaze of Eternity

    Beer Roasted Marrow Bones
    With mushroom duxelle, parsley, and sweet onion toast
    Beer Pairing – Slainte

    Wood Roasted Grouper Fillet
    With a crab, corn and sea island red pea succotash marinated cherry tomatoes and basil oil
    Beer Pairing – Legion American Wheat

    Stone Fruit Panzanella
    With a supernova zabaglione
    Beer Pairing – Supernova  


  • Friday, June 7th. If You Don’t know, Now You Know. NoDa Brewing Company. 4 pm-10 pm. It was all a dream, except this release. Join us on Friday, June 7th for your favorite Juicy IPA, sitting at 6% ABV. This Juicy IPA was brewed with an insane amount of Amarillo, then double dry-hopped with Cascade, Citra, and Simcoe. 🍻


  • Friday, June 7th. Small Batch Release: Raspberry Lavender. Red Clay Ciderworks. 3 pm-11 pm. For this month’s small batch we’re featuring a raspberry semi-sweet infused with lavender.
    A little sweet, a little tart, and just a hint of lavender.


  • Saturday, June 8th. Even Shitter Trailer Park Party. The Unknown Brewing Company. 6 pm-9 pm. Join us for our Even Shittier Beer Release Party! We will be releasing our Even Shittier Light Lager the only way that seemed fitting, an Even Shittier Trailer Park Party!

    On Saturday, June 8th from 6pm-9pm, we are classing it up with an Even Shittier Trailer Park Party! The party wouldn’t be complete without ax throwing with The Flying Hatchet, Trailer Park Olympics, live music and great food and more!

    Register your team of four for Trailer Park Olympics today! Compete in a watermelon seed spitting competition, plunger races and more for your chance to win Unknown Brewing Co. gift cards! Attire will also factor into your teams points so break out your Even Shittier Trailer Park attire! Register here –

    So, comb your mullet, shine your cowboy boots and join us for an Even Shittier Party!


  • Saturday, June 8th. Tangerine Dream Release. Lenny Boy Brewing Company. 11 am-11 pm.  On Saturday we are releasing one of our favorite fruited beers 🍊🍻🍊🍻

    Tangerine Dreamz is a delicious Witbier with a layered aroma of tangerines and spices. Our spice blend includes coriander and chamomile. We also added a little lactose to smooth out the beer. Tangerine Dreamz is super refreshing and might be your new go-to beer to beat the heat!

    Tangerine Dreamz won the Silver Medal in the North Carolina Brewers Cup in the Fruited Beer category in 2018. We have been looking forward to making this beer available for everyone to enjoy in cans this year.


  • Saturday, June 8th. Hazy River IPA v4. Triple C Brewing Company. 12 pm. Hazy River IPA is a collaboration with the Catawba River Keeper. A portion of the process to go helping keeping rivers and streams clean around our area! Loads of Simcoe, Mosaic, and Idaho 7 hops were used in this brew.


  • Sunday, June 9th, Jester King Brewery Beer Dinner. The Cellar at Duckworth’s. 1 pm-4 pm. Tickets at $80.00. Join us for a delicious 5-course dinner featuring Jester King Brewery from Austin, TX! We’re eager to pair Jester King’s rustic and spontaneously fermented ales with an exclusive menu crafted by Chef Fred Quinones and influenced by their beers.

    Don’t miss your chance to try some of their most limited beers that normally are not available outside of the brewery. Jester King artist Josh Cockrell and Sous Chef Jonah Lipscomb will be on hand! Tickets are Pre-Sale only and very limited!


    1) Boquerones
    Soft Boiled Egg, Brussels Sprout Avocado Slaw, Lemon Lime Ponzu Vinaigrette

    Jester King Provenance Lemon Lime

    2) Warm Red & Golden Beet Salad
    Humboldt fog, Crisp Serrano, Pickled Cauliflower

    Jester King Spon 3 Year Blend

    3) Duck Crepinette
    Stewed Garbanzo, Fennel, Smoked Maple, Duck Cracklings

    Jester King KVASS

    4) Lacquered Lamb Chops
    French Lentils, Bourbon Cherries, Watercress, Macadamia

    Jester King Montmorency vs Balaton

    5) Strawberry Panna Cotta
    Berry Marshmallow, Gingersnap Crumble, Candied Bacon Powder & Red Grape Gastrique

    Jester King Spon Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon


  • Tuesday, June 11th. Woody & Wilcox’s Beer Club. NoDa Brewing Company. 5 pm-7 pm. Join us for Woody and Wilcox’s Beer Club! This pop-up event is our first of the season. As always, a surprise will be awaiting anyone that joins us, and TIN Kitchen will be on the premises serving up delicious dinner!

    Future dates:



D9 Brewing Company Wild Things Le Peche Mode

D9 Brewing Company Wild Things Le Peche Mode, 7.5% ABV is purchased from Total Wine is a sour beer, brewed with peaches and vanilla, and is part of D9’s (Cornelius, North Carolina) Wild Things series. Le Peche Mode pours a slightly hazy yellow color with a one and a half finger of quickly fleeting white head that leaves no traces of itself behind. The aroma is sweet, bubble gum like sweetness, fruity with nice peach notes with a tartness wafting into the nose with hints of a faint yeast note. Taste is somewhat similar to its own aroma with a nice fruity peach sweetness at first then fades into more of slight vanilla notes with tart sour fruited notes on the middle and the back of the mouth, that finishes with a light sweet fruity tartness and a very faint peach vanilla tart aftertaste and a light mouthfeel. D9 Brewing Company Wild Things Le Peche Mode has a little flavor that reminds me of a Gose style but a just a very faint flavor. Le Peche Mode is a C+. The vanilla is light as the peach is more dominant and I like peaches a lot but I think that the vanilla flavor needs to be taken up a notch for this to be any better, it’s just slightly above average and this is not something you should stay away from, it’s nice and refreshing. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Revelry Brewing Company Never Sunny New England India Pale Ale

From Charleston South Carolina, Revelry Brewing Company Never Sunny New England India Pale Ale, 7.0% ABV was purchased from the local Total Wine. Never Sunny is another beer in the NE IPA category which is very popular right now and may continue to be just a popular. Never Sunny pours a cloudy/hazy yellow with a two finger thick white head with juicy tropical fruit aroma with citrus sweetness and a hint of a hoppy bitter note waffling into your nose. Taste does follow the aroma with nice sweet juicy tropical flavors with some citrus oranges and some light bitter/hoppy notes on the back of the tongue. Never Sunny has a juicy tropical finish a sweet juicy fruited citrus aftertaste that linger for a short time with a medium mouthfeel. This is pretty much a standard New England hazy IPA, it exactly what it’s can states and I think it should receive a B. It’s real good but it does it blow me away with flavor, and I am starting to grow a little bit tried of these New England hazy IPA and IPAs for that matter. I think that NE IPA are good but they keep standard IPA from a growth. I recommend Revelry Brewing Company Never Sunny New England India Pale Ale, I enjoyed it, it was refreshing. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Throwback Thursday: Fullsteam Brewery Summer Basil Farmhouse Ale

Originally posted August 15th, 2015

Not too recently I’ve seen the number of Saison or farmhouse ale grow and appear on the store shelves. This tells me that this is style of beer is growing in popularity. Brewers are experimenting with different ingredients in these Saisons. Some brewers are keeping their Saisons more traditional to the style than others. Fullsteam in Durham North Carolina brews a Saison Summer Basil Farmhouse Ale, 5.0% ABV and with an IBU of 32. This is a canned Saison with fresh basil. Summer Basil pours a pale yellow that is almost white with a four finger bright white head that slowly dissipates into bight thin lacing. I could see very minimal light coming through as well as little carbonation, but its there. The aroma is faint with a funky aroma and full of a light basil scent that gets a bit stronger as this ale warms with a nice perfume scent. The taste is like what drinking a bouquet of flowers would taste like. There is a nice mellow basil flavor with small hints of faint lemon tartness and slight funk. The mouthfeel is light with a nice smother refreshing finish, Now the after taste has nice basil finish the is a bit more lemony but not too much to make it sour. It’s just the right amount. This is an interesting take on a popular and yet growing style of beer. This Summer Basil Farmhouse Ale from Fullsteam Brewery is an A. The basil works with the saison and doesn’t overwhelm the other flavors and drag this beer down into not so good or bad territory, and it’s surprisingly refreshing and drinkable. I’d say it’s even sessionable. It’s good and I recommend that you try Fullsteam Brewery Summer Basil Farmhouse Ale. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

The Beer News

Here are this week’s news and happenings in the Charlotte, North Carolina area!

  • Thursday, May 30th. Kick the Keg Event in Charlotte. Pour Taproom. 6 pm-11 pm. Help your favorite brewery kick the keg for a chance to be showcased on the ever-changing walls at Pour Taproom. Fierce competition between 19 breweries to prove which is best. See our tap list below.

    Wicked Weed Pernicious IPA
    Bold Rock Blackberry Cider
    RJ Rocker’s Son of a Peach
    Catawba White Zombie
    Kona Big Wave
    Goose Island Next Coast
    Abita Strawberry Lager
    Southern Tier Swipe Light
    Sixpoint Resin IPA
    Sycamore Mountain Candy
    White Street Kolsch
    Appalachian Mountain Brewery Boone Creek Blonde
    Sugar Creek Big Oh!
    Devil’s Backbone Gold Leaf
    Dogfish Head SuperEight
    Golden Road Mango Cart
    Elysian Space Dust
    Palmetto Idle Speed Salted Lime Lager
    Patagonia Pilsner 


  • Thursday, May 30th. Generously Hopped at Wooden Robot. 5 pm-8 pm. Tickets at What’s better than a nice, cold beer on a summer evening? A beer that is not only refreshing for you but also spreads hope for pediatric patients at Levine Children’s! Grab a pint (or two) of the Generously Hopped IPA v22* at Wooden Robot and $1 of every large pour or crowler fill will benefit the Pediatric Immunodeficiency Fund at Levine Children’s Hospital. No ticket necessary! Learn more about the fund at

    *Fundraiser ongoing through mid-June, while supplies last.


  • Friday, May 31st. Patio Punch. Triple C Brewing Company. 4 pm-10 pm. Summer came early, and this hot weather deserves a refreshingly cold beer. Triple C Brewing, Co. added tons of grapefruit to a smooth drinking blonde ale to juice up your tastebuds. The carbonation on this beer is slightly amped to give you that final fizzy fix.


  • Friday, May 31st. Passionfruit Gose Release. NoDa Brewing Company. 2 pm-10 pm. Our Passionfruit Gose is back! This Gose, sitting at 4% ABV, is brewed with nearly 50% wheat malt, sea salt, and refermented on passionfruit. Like all of our goses, we used a blend of Burlington Ale yeast with Lactobacillus. It’s the perfect combination of light, sweet, and tart for this warm weather ahead. ☀️ 🍻


  • Saturday, June 1st. Blue Blaze 3 year Anniversary. Blue Blaze Brewing. 11:30 am-10 pm. Happy National Trails Day! And, help us raise a glass to cheers to 3 years!

    Blue Blaze Brewing is celebrating 3 years of providing Charlotte and surrounding communities with fresh, local craft beer.

    Come out with friends (or meet new ones) Saturday, June 1st from 12pm to 10pm. Beer Releases, Food Trucks, Bands, and other Fun throughout the day.

    Look for more announcements coming soon!

    **Beer Releases**
    We’ve got a bunch of goodies planned for you! There are five aged beers, two barrel-aged beers, four brand new beers, and several recently released. Almost all of these are in very small quantities so you’ll want to be sure to get a pour while you can.

    Brewery Beer Tent – Available at Open (Short Pours only Please)
    ***B. MacKaye’s Hell Raisin’ Scotch Ale (Aged since 2017)
    ***B. MacKaye’s Hell Raisin’ Scotch Ale (Aged since 2018)
    ***B. MacKaye’s Hell Raisin’ Scotch Ale Aged on Oak (Aged since 2018)

    Brewery Beer Tent – Tapped at 1:30PM (Short Pours only Please)
    ***Lean Too Doppelbock (Aged since 2017)
    ***Lean Too Doppelbock (Aged since 2018)
    ***Lean Too Doppelbock (2019, Aged for 6 months) Treat yourself to a pre-release sneak peek! You won’t see it again till the holidays.
    ***RUA Whiskey BA Lean Too Doppelbock from a firkin (Aged since 2018)
    ***RUA Whiskey BA Black Blaze Milk Stout (2019, brand new)

    Band Area Beer Tent – Available at Open
    ***YoYo Imperial Hazy IPA (9%) Brand new and one of our three beer hazy series. A higher gravity takes on our New England style hazy IPA made with Citra, El Dorado, Mosaic, Galaxy, and Equanot. Then we double dry hopped it! There’re no adjuncts, no juices, no syrups … all the juicy flavors come from only the hops! (Short Pours only Please)
    ***NoBo Milkshake IPA – Only on Nitro! Another of our three beer hazy series. Made heavy on the Galaxy hops and a touch of lactose. If you’ve never had this style before, this one tastes like OJ mixed with a little bit of grapefruit juice.
    ***SoBo Orangerine Hazy IPA – We recently released this and is the first of our three beer hazy series.
    ***Pinki’s Revenge Milkshake Hefeweizen (5%) Only on Nitro! A super fun, brand new take on our popular Pink Blazer Hefeweizen. We took our Pink Blazer recipe and introduced a touch of lactose, the only adjunct addition. Then we charged it on nitro for a subtle sweet banana & pineapple creamy milkshake-like goodness.
    ***Radler w/ Yellow Blazer Kolsch – When the YoYo kicks, we’ll tap our brand new Radler made with Yellow Blazer Kolsch and our house-made raspberry-lemonade soda. So refreshing!

    **Activities **
    – Bike ride on the Greenway with Carolina Thread Trail @ 11:30am. Registration Required Please.
    – Yoga in the Park @ 11:30am (Free – Sign-in at Ticket Tent)

    **Live Music**
    Māya Beth Atkins @ 12:30pm
    Jeremy Davis & Friends @ 2pm
    Kat Hall Band @ 5pm
    That Guy Smitty @ 8pm

    **Food Trucks**
    The Herban Legend
    Queen City Pretzel Factory
    King of Pops Charlotte
    The Sweetest Thing Bake Shop

    Carolina Thread Trail
    Yappy Hour Bakery
    – Artist Roni Langley
    5 Points Realty

    Walk or Ride your bike … up the Stewart Creek Greenway for those near Uptown. Additional bike racks provided for cyclists! For those on four wheels, parking will be available in nearby lots.

    Event is free. Beer tickets must be purchased to receive pints. Get an awesome Anniversary Party glasses free with the purchase of three beer tickets. Three beer tickets will get you three beers OR you can choose a pitcher of your favorite Blue Blaze beer to share with friends. Beer tickets will be available on-site the day of the event.

    The fun kicks off at 12:00p! We can’t wait to see you there!


  • Saturday, June 1st. Pop The Top 2-year Anniversary Party. Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop. 12 pm. Join us on Saturday, June 1st as we celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary!! We will be giving away a special 2 Year Anniversary glass to the first 50 customers, will have free appetizers from New Wrap Order (while they last), special beer releases ALL day.. live music and more! Doors open at 12pm. CHEERS, FRIENDS and THANK YOU!!

    Tap List with more to come:
    – 2017 Southern Pines Brewing Company Southern Pines Brewing BBA German Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout
    – 2018 Funky Buddha Brewery BBA Morning Wood Imperial Porter
    – 2018 Prairie Artisan Ales Birthday Bomb! Imperial Stout
    – New Anthem Beer Project Steez NEIPA
    – New Anthem Beer Project Sugar Kisses Stout
    – Fonta Flora Brewery Blubade Pink Lemonade Sour
    – Fonta Flora Brewery Big Shrug American Wild Ale
    – Burial Beer Co. The Garden of Earthly Delights V Sour
    – Burial Beer Co. Ascent of the Blessed Golden Sour Ale w/ Pinot Gris & Viognier grapes
    – Hill Farmstead Brewery Anna Farmhouse Ale
    – Wooden Robot Brewery Farmhouse Blanc
    – Brewery Bhavana Elymus Ancient Grain Farmhouse Ale
    – Brewery Bhavana Pithy NEIPA hopped w/ Vic Secret
    – High Branch Brewing Diamond Ring Hazy Double IPA
    – High Branch Brewing Black Current Poke Sour


  • Monday, June 3rd. Mecklenburg Helles Lager Release. Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. 11 am-10 pm. OMB’s official beer of summer is back! Join us for the release of Mecklenburger Helles Lager on June 3rd.

    This Bavarian style lager is a liquid homage to our home in Mecklenburg County. With its crystal clear, golden blonde color, Mecklenburger is fresh, smooth and easy to love. A Helles, its slight malty character is perfectly balanced by very subtle, lingering hop notes and a crisp, refreshing finish to help take the steam out of a hot Carolina day.

    Like all OMB beers, Mecklenburger is all-natural — brewed in strict accordance with the famous German beer purity law of 1516: the “Reinheitsgebot.” In line with Reinheitsgebot, it was brewed using natural carbonation from the pure CO2 produced by the yeast during fermentation. We pull our brews from our lager tanks weekly, so you know it’s fresh. And, it was kept cold from production to delivery to you, because all beer should be kept cold to maximize freshness. We hope you enjoy this pure, fresh, cold beer.


    This is a free event. Under 21 are welcome at OMB. Pets are welcome outside in our Biergarten.


Arrogant Consortia Enter Night Pilsner

Arrogant Consortia (Stone Brewing) Enter Night Pilsner, 5.7 ABV is a collaboration between Arrogant Consortia and the heavy metal rock bands Metallica. That is not the usual type of beer collaboration you normal find but I think that it’s interesting and it may boost beer sale. Enter Night Pilsner pours a darker golden color with a two and a half finger white head with good retention and nice lacing is left behind with a little hoppy clean-ish bitter aroma on the nose. Taste is like a nice German Pilsner up front but strong and with a quick crisp note in on the middle of the tongue and a slight bitter hoppy note on the back that grows into the finish of a hoppy cracker and a slight linger of a bitter note in the aftertaste with a lighter mouthfeel. This is what you’d expect Arrogant Consortia (Stone Brewing) to do with a Pilsner beer it has their signature hoppy notes in there but they do it without ruining the fact that it’s a Pilsner beer. I give Arrogant Consortia (Stone Brewing) Enter Night Pilsner a B- it starts out nice and slowly goes down from there but not too far, and yes this interesting beer is worth checking out and trying. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Ponysauras Don’t Be Mean To People Golden Rule Saison

I first had Ponysauras Brewing Don’t Be Mean To People Golden Rule Saison, 6.0% during my Beer & Chips Pairing a while back well now I am reviewing it. Don’t Be Mean To People pours an amber orange color with an off white two finger head that fizzles down to a half inch giving an aroma similar to a Hefeweizen with sweet banana notes with a traditional Saison yeasted note. Taste is similar to the nose with banana sweetness and a slightly bitter yeast note. Don’t Be Mean To People taste more like a Hefeweizen than Saison. It’s has a sweet clove like finish and a fading sweet yeasty banana aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. Ponysauras Brewing Don’t Be Mean To People is not a bad beer, it just doesn’t taste much like a Saison and it’s getting a C, and it better the beginning of the can but towards the end, it falls off a bit. I don’t think that you could have more than two or two and a half before the flavor starts to become too much on your taste buds. Not a bad beer just a little false flavor. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!