Foothills Brewing Craft Happiness IPA Project Intrepid IPA


I have another Foothills brewing Craft Happiness IPA Project, Intrepid IPA, 6.8% ABV with 66 IBUs. Intrepid IPA is helping service animals and all animals. Intrepid IPA is brewed with Topaz hops and pours a delightful orange color with a three finger fluffy white head that slow to dissipates into some beautiful lacing throughout the inside of the glass giving you aromas of grassy pine notes with nice slight grapefruit notes, and leads into a taste of grassy dank grapefruit pine with a little oniony tingle that as a little hoppy resin on the back that finishes nice and slightly floral with pine and grapefruit with a much similar aftertaste with a slight hoppy character with some earthy tones. Foothill Brewing has done it again and brewed a great IPA and Craft Happiness IPA Project, Intrepid IPA is an A+. This is a beer that is worth trying for yourself I highly recommend Craft Happiness IPA Project, Intrepid IPA. It has so much flavor bursting from it, I’ll definitely go back to this beer again! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

Gizmo BrewWorks Lavender Kolsch


I just found a new local North Carolina brewery Gizmo BrewWorks. They haven’t been open very long, something like a quarter of a year. But I have heard that this new brewery in Raleigh, NC brews pretty wonderful beers. So I pick up this from Reids Fine Foods at South Park Mall, Union Lavender Kolsch, 5.1% ABV. The brewery says this is a good wedding season beer. I didn’t know a thing like that existed. Union Lavender Kolsch pours a somewhat clean and clear yellow color with a thin white quickly dissolving white head with very little left behind. The aroma perfumed with a slightly sweet floral note and some sweet crispness as well and gives you a similar taste. There is nice sweet crisp floral flavor but Union isn’t overly floral. I have had some beers brewed with lavender and they taste like you’re drinking perfume, this does not, but it does finish with a slightly sweet floral note that is also crisp and has a nice lingering after taste of the said Lavender, with a nice lighter mouth feel. Over all this was a good beer an A-. But if you were to have three the Lavender flavor would be a bit much, so two is enough to enjoy. Going into this beer the Kolsch drew me in and I was slightly hesitant about the Lavender part, but I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised how well balanced it was. I recommend Gizmo BrewWorks Union Lavender Kolsch. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!       

The Unknown Brewing Co. Revelry Brewing Sunshine Over Phuket Dry-Hopped Radler


You don’t see Radlers much here in the US, they are predominantly a European drink. But you occasionally find them in here in the States. Radlers or Shand are blonde lagers either Pils or Helles with fifty-percent lemonade (Shandy) or fifty-percent lemon-lime soda (Radler). Well this, The Unknown Brewing Co. & Revelry Brewing Sunshine Over Phuket Dry-Hopped Radler with Grapefruit, 4.0% ABV isn’t really a traditional Radler. This is a collaboration between The Unknown Brewing Co. of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Revelry Brewing of Charleston, South Carolina and is relatively new, two weeks old today. This Sunshine Over Phuket pours a deep orange color with a two finger off white head with nice slow retention leaving behind nice wispy lacing and an aroma of slight hoppy grapefruit with a tiny touch of a semi sweetness. This Radler smells like an IPA. This leads you into a taste of slight hoppy grapefruit, light grapefruit juice with slight sweetness up front and as it passes over the middle of the mouth it gets a touch hoppier and finishes similar to a low IBU IPA with nice grapefruit notes and a slight hop flavor. The aftertaste is of grapefruit with a low hoppy flavor. This drinks like an IPA. So I give The Unknown Brewing Co. & Revelry Brewing Sunshine Over Phuket Dry-Hopped Radler with Grapefruit an A. This is a surprising beer and is good. If you like grapefruit and IPA with low hops then I recommend this beer to you. I think it can’t get better than this refreshing Radler. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Wooden Robot Brewery 2nd Anniversary


The Wooden Robot second anniversary has come and gone with lots of exciting things music, food, art, and of course beer. This was an all day event and ran until 11:15 pm. Lots of people there at the brewery when I got there at 7. Twisted Eats Food Truck was on hand serving a special anniversary menu. When I got there I paid for a wooded Robot Glass which was the entrance fee that you were able to take home and a few drink tickets. The Wooden Robot doesn’t bottle its beers. I first went for Sesh Gremlin Session Farmhouse Ale, 4.0& ABV

Sesh Gremlin Farmhouse Ale

 This was good but has a lower Saison flavor profile and was easy to drink. I drank this Sesh Gremlin rather quick. The food was good there. They had the brewhouse open so you could walk through out to the side parking area where the Twisted Eats was along with the DJ. You got to see all of the brewing operations as well as their oak barrels IMG_5123


They are aging a few of their beers in there. After about an hour the brewery became more crowded as I made my way for another beer, A-O River! Grapefruit IPA, 6.4% ABV. 

A-O River! Grapefruit IPA

This smelled like fresh grapefruit and had enough hops with out being overly hoppy and masking the grapefruit flavor. A solid grapefruit IPA. I the set up of The Wooden Robots second anniversary was pretty good, service was good with lots of staff that knew pretty much all you needed to know about the brewery and its beer. I finished my beer and found kegs around the brewer that were filled with water to either drink or rinse out your glass. A short while after finishing A-O River! I had something a little darker Optimus Vine, Red wine Barrel-Age Belgian Dubbel, 7.0% ABV.

Optimus Vine Red Wine Barrel-Aged Belgian Dubbel



Optimus Vine is aged in a red wine Barrel for twenty-four months and then aged with red wine fruits. This beer smells like red wine, and drinks like soft red wine with a fig and raisin taste on the back of the mouth. If you like red wine then this is your beer.  I am not much of a wine drinker but found this to be really enjoyable. Some of the crowd left and I was finishing this red wine beer and went for one more ticket and kept with the dark beer with Nuts and Bolts Nut Brown Ale, 5.2% ABV.

Nuts and Bolts Nut Brown Ale

Nuts and Bolts smelled so creamy with just enough sweetness and had an easy cream nutty sweet flavor that wowed me. This was one great brown ale, one I would come back for. It was so good! So I finished this a little after 10 pm had some water and noticed that a lot of people had left, some tables were empty but a few people were coming in. Overall this was a great event beer was excellent as was the whole event. I will certainly be at the next anniversary. You should come too! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   



Hi-Wire Brewing Dry-Hopped Brett Pale Ale


I picked up Hi-Wire Brewing Dry-Hopped Brett Pale Ale, 4.45% ABV from Brawley’s Beverage 4620 Park Rd, through a recommendation. This bottle shop is not so far from Park Rd Shopping Center and has a good selection of beer both on draught and in bottles. Hi-Wire in Ashville is relatively new to the barrel aging and souring process. This Dry-Hopped Brett Pale Ale is dry-hopped with Hallertau, Blanc & Citra hops then goes into French oak white wine barrels and bottle conditioned with Saccahromyces and Brettanomyces for two months. Dry-Hopped Brett Pale Ale pours a yellow gold color with a three finger white head that fades into half finger of foam that leaves behind nice decent lacing. Aroma is slightly spiced with a mellow earthy hop note and a nice orange pineapple scent that draws you into a taste of slightly spiced orange with some pineapple and mellow bitter earthy notes. Mouth feel is full with a nice spiced hoppy fruit finish and a lingering fruited bitter after taste that is slightly yeasty. This Dry-Hopped Brett Pale Ale has a lot going on and it surprisingly good, so it’s getting an A+. It is an easy drinker with a great mixture/balance of flavors making for on interestingly good beer. The bottle that Dry-Hopped Brett Pale Ale is in is quite nice looking, I think you can bring this beer as gift to any dinner party. I recommend Hi-Wire Brewing Dry-Hopped Brett Pale Ale, but it is a little higher in price, $15.00 for 1 pint 9.4 fluid ounces, total of 25 ounces. But it’s worth it. Thanks again to Brawley Beverages! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!