Gizmo BrewWorks Lavender Kolsch


I just found a new local North Carolina brewery Gizmo BrewWorks. They haven’t been open very long, something like a quarter of a year. But I have heard that this new brewery in Raleigh, NC brews pretty wonderful beers. So I pick up this from Reids Fine Foods at South Park Mall, Union Lavender Kolsch, 5.1% ABV. The brewery says this is a good wedding season beer. I didn’t know a thing like that existed. Union Lavender Kolsch pours a somewhat clean and clear yellow color with a thin white quickly dissolving white head with very little left behind. The aroma perfumed with a slightly sweet floral note and some sweet crispness as well and gives you a similar taste. There is nice sweet crisp floral flavor but Union isn’t overly floral. I have had some beers brewed with lavender and they taste like you’re drinking perfume, this does not, but it does finish with a slightly sweet floral note that is also crisp and has a nice lingering after taste of the said Lavender, with a nice lighter mouth feel. Over all this was a good beer an A-. But if you were to have three the Lavender flavor would be a bit much, so two is enough to enjoy. Going into this beer the Kolsch drew me in and I was slightly hesitant about the Lavender part, but I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised how well balanced it was. I recommend Gizmo BrewWorks Union Lavender Kolsch. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!       

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