Foothills Brewing Craft Happiness IPA Project Intrepid IPA


I have another Foothills brewing Craft Happiness IPA Project, Intrepid IPA, 6.8% ABV with 66 IBUs. Intrepid IPA is helping service animals and all animals. Intrepid IPA is brewed with Topaz hops and pours a delightful orange color with a three finger fluffy white head that slow to dissipates into some beautiful lacing throughout the inside of the glass giving you aromas of grassy pine notes with nice slight grapefruit notes, and leads into a taste of grassy dank grapefruit pine with a little oniony tingle that as a little hoppy resin on the back that finishes nice and slightly floral with pine and grapefruit with a much similar aftertaste with a slight hoppy character with some earthy tones. Foothill Brewing has done it again and brewed a great IPA and Craft Happiness IPA Project, Intrepid IPA is an A+. This is a beer that is worth trying for yourself I highly recommend Craft Happiness IPA Project, Intrepid IPA. It has so much flavor bursting from it, I’ll definitely go back to this beer again! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

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