The Unknown Brewing & Revelry Brewing Sunshine Over Phuket


You don’t see Radlers much here in the US, they are predominantly a European drink. But you occasionally find them in here in the States. Radlers or Shand are blonde lagers either Pils or Helles with fifty-percent lemonade (Shandy) or fifty-percent lemon-lime soda (Radler). Well this, The Unknown Brewing Co. & Revelry Brewing Sunshine Over Phuket Dry-Hopped Radler with Grapefruit, 4.0% ABV isn’t really a traditional Radler. This is a collaboration between The Unknown Brewing Co. of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Revelry Brewing of Charleston, South Carolina and is relatively new, two weeks old today. This Sunshine Over Phuket pours a deep orange color with a two finger off white head with nice slow retention leaving behind nice wispy lacing and an aroma of slight hoppy grapefruit with a tiny touch of a semi sweetness. This Radler smells like an IPA. This leads you into a taste of slight hoppy grapefruit, light grapefruit juice with slight sweetness up front and as it passes over the middle of the mouth it gets a touch hoppier and finishes similar to a low IBU IPA with nice grapefruit notes and a slight hop flavor. The aftertaste is of grapefruit with a low hoppy flavor. This drinks like an IPA. So I give The Unknown Brewing Co. & Revelry Brewing Sunshine Over Phuket Dry-Hopped Radler with Grapefruit an A. This is a surprising beer and is good. If you like grapefruit and IPA with low hops then I recommend this beer to you. I think it can’t get better than this refreshing Radler. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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