Fonta Flora Brewery Local Snacks

This beer is Local Snacks from Fonta Flora Brewery, is a mix-fermented ale or Appalachian Wild Ale. It is 6.2% ABV. This ale uses burlap-age hops, mixed house cultures, Riverbend Barley, and Riverbend raw wheat. This beer also uses blueberries, cherries, Muscadine, and Scuppernong grapes. This beer is only available in the summer season. This ale pours a raspberry red color with no head. The aroma is fruity, with cherry, raspberry, and slight grape. The taste is similar to the nose with raspberry, and cherry tartness, but with fewer grape flavors than you pick up on the nose. The mouth is somewhat medium. Then this ale finishes tart and sour with fruity esters. Then you get a tart cherry-raspberry aftertaste that lingers for a second or two and then fades away. This ale is an okay beer, and I give Local Snacks a C+. It has good flavors, but nothing stands out. You have to be in the mood for a sour-mix beer like this. They are neat beers, and you should try them. But would I recommend this one? Not so much, I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s not the best either. Please be kind, stay safe, and remember to enjoy responsibly! Cheers! 

Crooked Stave Artisanal Ales L’Brett D’or


Support your local small businesses like I did when I bought a crowler of Crooked Stave Artisanal Ales L’Brett D’or, 5.0% ABV from Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop. L’Brett D’or is an American wild ale that is spontaneously in oak barrels with natural wild yeast residing their coolship which is an open-top brewing vessel that is flat allowing wild cultures to accumulate within said vessel. L’Brett D’or pours a slightly amber color with a two-finger steady fading white head with aromas of a dry white/green grape with bits of sour notes flowing along and a bit of dryness. Taste is a bit sour on the front of the tongue with a white/green dry grape with a sour note hitting the middle becoming tart as it passed onto the back of the tongue with bits of light green apple then comes to a dry finish and a dry almost white wine aftertaste with a light mouthfeel that is a bit crisp.Crooked Stave Artisanal Ales L’Brett D’or is a good easy drinking beer that I give an A- too, the minus is just because the dryness is something that becomes just a little bit too much on the taste buds after about two pints, but otherwise a good beer no less. Crooked Stave Artisanal Ales L’Brett D’or is worth trying. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!  

D9 Brewing Company Wild Things Le Peche Mode

D9 Brewing Company Wild Things Le Peche Mode, 7.5% ABV is purchased from Total Wine is a sour beer, brewed with peaches and vanilla, and is part of D9’s (Cornelius, North Carolina) Wild Things series. Le Peche Mode pours a slightly hazy yellow color with a one and a half finger of quickly fleeting white head that leaves no traces of itself behind. The aroma is sweet, bubble gum like sweetness, fruity with nice peach notes with a tartness wafting into the nose with hints of a faint yeast note. Taste is somewhat similar to its own aroma with a nice fruity peach sweetness at first then fades into more of slight vanilla notes with tart sour fruited notes on the middle and the back of the mouth, that finishes with a light sweet fruity tartness and a very faint peach vanilla tart aftertaste and a light mouthfeel. D9 Brewing Company Wild Things Le Peche Mode has a little flavor that reminds me of a Gose style but a just a very faint flavor. Le Peche Mode is a C+. The vanilla is light as the peach is more dominant and I like peaches a lot but I think that the vanilla flavor needs to be taken up a notch for this to be any better, it’s just slightly above average and this is not something you should stay away from, it’s nice and refreshing. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Allagash Brewing Co. Little Brett Ale

Brett or Bettanomyces is a non-spore forming genus of yeast in the family of Saccharomycetaceae. It is used in wild ales like this Allagash Brewing Co. Little Brett Ale, 4.8% ABV, which is brewed in Portland Maine. Most of you craft beer drinks know of Allagash from its widely popular White Ale. Little Brett Ale pours a clear golden color with a quickly fading one and a half finger white head that leaves nothing behind but aromas of big sweet pineapple with a little bit of a funky note that takes you into a pineapple taste with a nice sweet but semi-funky flavor with a very small dry like note on the back of the mouth with a nice funky sweet fruited pineapple finish and a semi-sweet tropical pineapple aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. This is good but as it warms to room temperature and beyond the flavor becomes more of a non-natural fruit juice flavor that isn’t so bad, so I give Allagash Brewing Co. Little Brett Ale a B+. I could have a few of these and so should you. It’s a good refreshing beer that is crisp with nice flavors. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Allagash Brewing Comapny Hive 56 Ale Brewed with Honey and Brettanomyces


I picked this Allagash Brewing Company Hive 56 Ale Brewed with Honey and Brettanomyces, 9.2% ABV up from a clearance cart in my local grocery store beer and wine department just the other day. Hive 56 is a dark sour ale aged with honey in an oak foudre for eighteen months and blended with dark Munich malt, chocolate wheat, midnight wheat, roasted barley, and hopped with Cascade and Northern Brewer. Hive 56 undergoes initial fermentation with Allagash’s house yeast; then they transfer the beer to a foudre with Brettanoyces Bruxellensis  (a type of wild/living yeast) and fresh honey from their own beehives. Hive 56 pours a dark brown color with a two finger slow beige head giving off dark fruit aromas with some sweetness and a slight honey note, that takes you into a sweet dark fruit/ tropical fruit taste with nice slight touches of honey that finish with a strong note from the 9.2% ABV and some slight sweetness and a nice fruited  aftertaste with a fuller mouthfeel that kind of sticks to your tongue for a short bit. Hive 56 is an interesting beer that has a lot going on, I give  Allagash Brewing Company Hive 56 Ale Brewed with Honey and Brettanomyces a B. I could taste a  big tropical fruit flavor on this beer, it was faint at best but you get more dark fruits which are good. I don’t think this beer is for everyone, and I think you have to really enjoy most styles of beer to really want to try this or to like this beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

District 9 Brewing Wild Things Series One Peardox


Here we have another beer from a Brewpublik delivery (, this is District 9 Brewing Wild Things Series One Pearadox, 5.5% ABV. D9 in Cornelius North Carolina brews this sour ale with a ton of Bosc Pear, Pink Himalayan rock salt. Pearadox pours a bright and slightly hazy yellow color with a one finger clear and quickly fading white head that leaves no traces of it behind. The aroma is of just tart pears. This beer smells like a perry (pear cider) or cider. Taste on Pearadox is tart at fist with a faint salt note with a small sourness towards the back of the mouth, with a tart pear finish and an semi tart cider like aftertaste. Mouth feel is light This Pearadox beer tastes like a tart cider, and if you like cider than this your beer. It supposed to be sour ale, it says that on the label but it’s not. I am not saying this beer is bad. I say this beer is a C-. I was looking for more flavors but it was a little flat on that note, but was okay at the same time. It is easy and refreshing to drink as well. The beer sounded more interesting than it tasted. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Birdsong Brewing Co. Be-Bop-A-Ree-Bop Barrel-Aged Wild Stout with Rhubarb


Thanks to Brawley’s Beverages for this Charlotte beer, Bridsong Brewing Co. Be-Bop-A-Ree-Bop Barrel-Aged Wild Stout with Rhubarb, 8.0% ABV. This wild stout is aged in oak wood barrels, but I am not sure for how long. Be-Bop-A-Ree-Bop pours a deep black color with a two finger beige head with some decent retention and skinny whips of lacing left behind. The aroma is coca sweet with notes of a slight tartness, some raisins/currents, and slight dates. Smells decent but nothing really worth wild stands out. Be-Bop-A-Ree-Bop has a taste that is slightly bittersweet upfront with some tart flavors in the middle of the mouth and a faint bitter smooth note in the back of the mouth. You don’t really get any of the barrel characteristics in this beer, nor did I get any Rhubarb. This Birdsong beer has a slight bittersweet finish and faint coca tart after taste. The mouth feel is full but somehow light. Overall this beer has a lot going on and it is okay but I didn’t like it that much, so I give this a C-/D+. It’s drinkable and not such a bad beer. I found no barrel flavors or much of the Rhubarb in Be-Bop-A-Ree-Bop. That is let down. I think I don’t like wild sour stouts. So don’t try Birdsong Brewing Co. Be-Bop-A-Ree-Bop Barrel-Aged Wild Stout with Rhubarb. I don’t think it’s worth really trying. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!