D9 Brewing Company Wild Things Le Peche Mode

D9 Brewing Company Wild Things Le Peche Mode, 7.5% ABV is purchased from Total Wine is a sour beer, brewed with peaches and vanilla, and is part of D9’s (Cornelius, North Carolina) Wild Things series. Le Peche Mode pours a slightly hazy yellow color with a one and a half finger of quickly fleeting white head that leaves no traces of itself behind. The aroma is sweet, bubble gum like sweetness, fruity with nice peach notes with a tartness wafting into the nose with hints of a faint yeast note. Taste is somewhat similar to its own aroma with a nice fruity peach sweetness at first then fades into more of slight vanilla notes with tart sour fruited notes on the middle and the back of the mouth, that finishes with a light sweet fruity tartness and a very faint peach vanilla tart aftertaste and a light mouthfeel. D9 Brewing Company Wild Things Le Peche Mode has a little flavor that reminds me of a Gose style but a just a very faint flavor. Le Peche Mode is a C+. The vanilla is light as the peach is more dominant and I like peaches a lot but I think that the vanilla flavor needs to be taken up a notch for this to be any better, it’s just slightly above average and this is not something you should stay away from, it’s nice and refreshing. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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