District 9 Brewing Wild Things Series One Peardox


Here we have another beer from a Brewpublik delivery (www.brewpublik.com), this is District 9 Brewing Wild Things Series One Pearadox, 5.5% ABV. D9 in Cornelius North Carolina brews this sour ale with a ton of Bosc Pear, Pink Himalayan rock salt. Pearadox pours a bright and slightly hazy yellow color with a one finger clear and quickly fading white head that leaves no traces of it behind. The aroma is of just tart pears. This beer smells like a perry (pear cider) or cider. Taste on Pearadox is tart at fist with a faint salt note with a small sourness towards the back of the mouth, with a tart pear finish and an semi tart cider like aftertaste. Mouth feel is light This Pearadox beer tastes like a tart cider, and if you like cider than this your beer. It supposed to be sour ale, it says that on the label but it’s not. I am not saying this beer is bad. I say this beer is a C-. I was looking for more flavors but it was a little flat on that note, but was okay at the same time. It is easy and refreshing to drink as well. The beer sounded more interesting than it tasted. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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