South Boulevard (South End) Harris Teeter Bar


Yesterday around noon I went to check out the new South End Harris Teeter on South Blvd, which has a beer and wine bar inside, sixteen beers on tap, all local Charlotte breweries. That’s a major plus for me, I love to see the local breweries at a local place. Drinking in a grocery store might sound odd to some people or strange but it is becoming more common. Harries Teeter is and has been Charlotte local grocery store for years. This new South End location has what they call a retro look to the outside and all the bells and whistles inside to compete with Publix, less than a block away. Harris Teeter is saying, we were here first and this is our city, and they say it well. The selection of beer is great there. They had offerings from Sugar Creek, Olde Mecklenburg, The Unknown Brewing Co, Sycamore Brewing, Noda, Birdsong Brewing, and Bold Rock Cider.


I went with The Unknown Brewing Co Hospitalitea Amber Ale, which I will review in the near future, so keep a look at here for that.

The Unknown Brewing Co. Hospitalitea Amber Ale

The service was great there as well as the atmosphere. It is a must check out place, cool to have a beer at the Harris Teeter, especially if grocery shopping stresses you out and you need a good cold beer to whack away your stress, because you know buying coffee, milk, juice, eggs and toiletries is so hard and stressful. So when your thirsty and need groceries head over to the South End Harries Teeter to make shopping fun…with a beer! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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