Pop the Top Craft Bottle Shop


Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop is a relatively new bottle shop here in Charlotte. This bottle shop is located at 116 West Blvd, Charlotte NC 28203. I went over about 7 pm and wasn’t overly crowed. Pop The Top has twenty-four beers on top as well as packaged, and single beers to-go. Their space isn’t huge but there is plenty of room for people inside and out on their patio for people to enjoy a good beer. I started off with Wooden Robot Brewing Good Morning Vietnam, a coffee Blonde, 5.0 %ABV 

Wooden Robot Brewery Good Morning Vietnam

This is a sweet easy drinker (Wooden Robot doesn’t bottle or can its beers) and as I drank this Wooden Robot beer a few more people came in. The staff is really friendly and knowledgeable. So I finished this and looked up at the digital menu board for my next beer, Blue Blaze Brewing, Altbier Amber Ale, 5.0% ABV

Blue Blaze Brewing Altbier Amber Ale

This Altbier was good but Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Copper is still this best. Pop the Top selection of beer is great and after a little while I finished this Altbier and went on to beer number three. Four Saints Brewing That’s The Way Is Gose 3.0%

Four Saints Brewing That’s The Way It Gose

ABV, a Gose-style beer. This is my first beer from this local North Carolina beer, and Westbrook Brewing Co. Gose is still number one. So at this point, a few people came and went and inside become less crowded. So then I took a look around at the bottled/canned beer and saw Sunset Over Phuket, a dry hopped Radler collaboration between The Unknown Brewing Co. and Revelry Brewing. So I bought a four back and will be reviewing that soon. So stay tuned here.IMG_5115 I enjoyed my time at the Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop. I will be back to have and buy beer there and you should do the same its a cool place! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   



South Boulevard (South End) Harris Teeter Bar


Yesterday around noon I went to check out the new South End Harris Teeter on South Blvd, which has a beer and wine bar inside, sixteen beers on tap, all local Charlotte breweries. That’s a major plus for me, I love to see the local breweries at a local place. Drinking in a grocery store might sound odd to some people or strange but it is becoming more common. Harries Teeter is and has been Charlotte local grocery store for years. This new South End location has what they call a retro look to the outside and all the bells and whistles inside to compete with Publix, less than a block away. Harris Teeter is saying, we were here first and this is our city, and they say it well. The selection of beer is great there. They had offerings from Sugar Creek, Olde Mecklenburg, The Unknown Brewing Co, Sycamore Brewing, Noda, Birdsong Brewing, and Bold Rock Cider.


I went with The Unknown Brewing Co Hospitalitea Amber Ale, which I will review in the near future, so keep a look at here for that.

The Unknown Brewing Co. Hospitalitea Amber Ale

The service was great there as well as the atmosphere. It is a must check out place, cool to have a beer at the Harris Teeter, especially if grocery shopping stresses you out and you need a good cold beer to whack away your stress, because you know buying coffee, milk, juice, eggs and toiletries is so hard and stressful. So when your thirsty and need groceries head over to the South End Harries Teeter to make shopping fun…with a beer! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Drinking Beer At Whole Foods

A couple of years ago they built a Whole Foods here in the South park area of Charlotte not to far from me. One day I went to check it out and I found inside a beer bar. I have never really seen a beer bar in a grocery store before, and so very recently I went out on a Saturday night to have a beer. Whole Foods doesn’t have many selections on tap, only four. That can either be a negative or a positive. It wouldn’t take you long to read the menu board to choose a beer, or you could read it and not want any of the beers offered. Have only four means that they might change beer more frequently. While you shop there at Whole Food you can take the beer with you as you cruise the store. Just don’t get to drunk and crash the shopping cart. They do run different daily specials as well as flight, sixty-four and thirty-two ounce growler fills. It’s not overly expensive for a beer at Whole Foods bar. Five bucks when not on special and even less depending on the daily special. The staff is friendly and quick with good knowledge of the beer on tap.


I had two beers while there, one NODA, a local to Charlotte and one Gibbs Hundred Brewing, a new local to Greensboro, North Carolina. Most of the beers that they served were local to Charlotte and North Carolina. That is a good idea to put a beer bar in a grocery store; I think that’s a good way to bring in people and to sell beer to take home. Overall I think the beer bar at Whole Food is an A-. They don’t have a huge selection of beers on tap but they are good selections.


I would go back to Whole Foods bar again. You should check it next time you in a Whole Foods. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!