Bhramari Brewing Co. When Will Then Be Now

Bhramari Brewing Co. When Will Then Be Now, 5.3% ABV is a Berliner Wiesse that utilizes ruby chocolate, Cara Cara (a red-fleshed navel orange), and blood orange. This beer pours a muddy yellow/orange color with a one-finger white fizzy head. This beer has a sweet chocolate orange aroma to it with tartness. The flavor/taste is not far off from its smell. There is a s\chocolate orange taste with a funky tartness. The mouthfeel is light. This beer finishes with a sweet chocolate orange tartness. The aftertaste is the same as the finish, but the tartness is fuller. It all lingers till you have another sip. This beer is interesting to me. It has a good flavor. I say it’s a C+. The chocolate clashes a little with the tart fruity flavors but nothing terrible here. This beer isn’t one that you can more than probably two pints of before it becomes too much. But it was interesting. Please be kind, be safe, and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

NoDa Brewing Company Coconut + Chocolate Ale


NoDa Brewing Coconut + Chocolate Ale, 4.9% is another Girl Scout cookie inspired beer, a blonde al that is brewed with Coco nibs, Epiphany malt, and conditioned on Coconut right here in Charlotte. Coconut + Chocolate Ale pours a light orange color with a two-finger creamy white slow sticky head that gives off a sweet coconut and chocolate aroma with a taste that isn’t much different to its own aroma with a big coconut sweetness at first quickly accompanied by a nice chocolate flavor with a sweet biscuit cookie note on the back of the tongue that finishes nice and sweet with a nice cookie flavor and continues over to the aftertaste with a lingering sweet coconut with a medium mouthfeel. NoDa Brewing Coconut + Chocolate Ale is good but towards the end of a pint the sweetness is becoming a little much but still good, and overall it does taste like a Girl Scout cookie, I give NoDa Brewing Coconut + Chocolate Ale a high B+. I don’t think two pints are feasible maybe and yes you should try it. I wouldn’t turn it down if I came across it again but just one. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!    

NoDa Brewing Company Chocolate + Peanut Butter Brown Ale


I found NoDa Brewing Company Peanut Butter + Chocolate Brown Ale, 5.4% ABV in a mixed four-pack at Reid’s Fine Foods, a local specialty food market. This Peanut Butter + Chocolate Brown Ale is part of a Girl Scout cookie inspired mixed pack, and this particular beer is brewed with Cocoa Nibs, Epiphany malt, and condited on peanuts. Peanut Butter + Chocolate Brown Ale pours a dark brown color with a four-finger beige head that gives you wafting of big peanuts/peanut butter aromas with earthy chocolate sweet notes. You take a sip and a flavor of peanut butter hits your tongue with nice sweetness on the middle of your tongue with an earthy chocolate note towards the back then it comes to a nice peanut butter finish with a similar aftertaste but with a faint chocolate dry note with a medium to barely full mouthfeel. NoDa Brewing Company Peanut Butter + Chocolate Brown Ale is not back, good in fact, and does taste like a peanut butter chocolate cookie. I give it an B+. It has a great peanut buttery flavor with just the right amount of chocolate for a good overall flavor. NoDa Brewing Company Peanut Butter + Chocolate Brown Ale is one that I recommend trying. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!         

Dssolver Brewing Eat The Rich Bourbon Barrel coffee Stout


Dssolver Brewing Eat The Rich Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout, 5.5% ABV is a collaboration between Dssolver Brewing and Hoof Hearted Coffee and is a bourbon barrel fermented after being brewed with Cacao nibs, vanilla, sea salt, hazelnut, & bourbon barrel-aged Hoof Hearted Coffee Beans. Eat The Rich pours a thick black color with a two-finger foamy/rocky brown creamy slow head with roasted and toasted coffee sweet vanilla cacao aromas that entice you to take a lush sip allowing toasted roast notes of a nice vanilla/chocolate coffee sweetness with a big of bourbon notes hitting your taste buds with a little nutty notes makes its way into the flavor mix that comes to a nice bourbon coffee finish and continues into the aftertaste with some light vanilla sweet notes with a fully sticky mouthfeel. Dssolver Brewing Eat The Rich Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout does have a lot going on but it all comes together for a wonderful dark stout beer, getting an A. You can really taste all the individual flavor of this beer and that is not an easy task, I mean sometimes on flavor could overwhelm another flavor, but Dssolver Brewing Eat The Rich Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout really lets all the tasty flavors shine though and that makes it a beer that is worth trying! Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!      

Sugar Creek Brewing Mocha Java Porter

I’ve had Sugar Creek Brewing Mocha Java Porter, 5.7% ABV and 16 IBU several times before. Sugar Creek uses locally sourced one-hundred-percent organic fair-trade coffee. Mocha Java Porter pours a nice black color with khaki beige two and a quarter head that slowly fades giving off sweet roasted coffee notes with a nice bit of a nutty mocha note. Taste on this Porter is sweet at first with a nice heaping coffee flavor that has a bit of nuttiness with a mocha chocolate bitterness on the back of the tongue that has a dark chocolate coffee finish with a lingering dark chocolate coffee aftertaste with a full mouthfeel. Sugar Creek Brewing Mocha Java Porter is good and isn’t such a big beer that it isn’t drinkable this is for a Porter, and it gets an A+ here. Sugar Creek Brewing Mocha Java Porter is a beer that is worth trying this winter. Please enjoy responsibly m! Cheers!

Burial Beer Co. Cocoa Bolo Coconut Brown Ale with Chocolate

This is not your typical Brown Ale, Burial Beer Co. Cocoa Bolo Coconut Brown Ale with Chocolate, 5.6% ABV from Asheville, North Carolina and purchased from Pop The Top,  is a bigger Brown that is not at the same time. Cocoa Bolo which I don’t think is chocolate western neck attire, but it does, however, pour a black inky color with brown edges and a three-finger creamy beige head with a Mounds bar like aroma with nice toasted coconut and chocolate aromas with roasted malt notes. Yes Cocoa Bolo does taste like a Mounds bar and it doesn’t just smell like one, there is nice sweet chocolaty toasted coconut with nice roasted malts that all finish smooth and velvety with a nice faint toasted chocolate aftertaste with a tiny amount of the coconut all with a smooth medium mouthfeel. This is surprising, not heavy of a beer I mean it does have a lot going on in it but it is somewhat easy to drink for a brown all, but not the easiest. Burial Beer Co. Cocoa Bolo Coconut Brown Ale with Chocolate is an A, the chocolate and the coconut cohabitate well together for a fine sweet brown all that is worth checking out! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!