Divine Barrel Brewing Ice Cream Paint Job

From Charlotte, North Carolina Divine Barrel Brewing Ice Cream Paint Job, 4.6% ABV is a Berliner Weiss brewed with blueberries, raspberries, sweet cherries, lactose, and vanilla. Ice Cream Paint Job pours a deep cherry red color with a two-finger pinkish-red color with sweet fruity aromas (sweet cherry and some raspberry) with hints of faint wheat with a nice waft of vanilla. I found a creamy cherry flavor upfront in my mouth with a raspberry coming in the middle with some tartness and vanilla sweetness tangoing with a very faint whiff of wheat notes that come to a sweet-tart vanilla sorbet finish and with a tart fruited aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. Divine Barrel Brewing Ice Cream Paint Job is good the vanilla really adds another layer to this Berliner Weiss and gives it a B+. I never really tasted any blueberries on this everything else I tasted, so that holds it back. But a fine Berliner Weiss beer and one I recommend trying. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Throwback Thursday: Bell’s Brewing Oarsman Ale

Originally posted on July 19th, 2013.

I have always heard good things about Bell’s Brewery in Michigan. But I have only had one of their beers thus far, Oberon, which I have reviewed a while back. But now I have Oarsman Ale, a Berliner Wiess, 4.0% ABV. This is a wheat beer style from the Berlin area of Germany. Bell’s uses traditional sour mash methods to brew this year-round. beer Oarsman Ale pours a hazy straw like color with a head that does fade quickly. I sound some small amounts of light trying to come trough the glass and lots of carbonation. The beer was very effervescent looking. The aroma is of tart citrus like fruit with a hint of wheat malts. Overall the aroma is more on the week side of the scale. The taste is at first fruity with nice effervescent feel. Then you get a light fruit sweetness, followed by a little fruit tartness towards the end. The mouthfeel is somewhat light with a tart but slightly tangy finish. The aftertaste is tart leaning slight towards sour. Overall not a bad beer, so I say this is a B- beer, it doesn’t bow my mind but does taste good. I found this to have a nice fruitiness about it. I would have this again, and would recommend this. I am not saying this is one of my new favorites or anything. But I did enjoy this just enough for B-. So please go and try this for yourself as see what you think of Bell’s Oarsman Ale. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Heist Brewery Big Pick’n Berliner Weiss with Raspberry

I have not really seen much of Heist Brewery beer in stores until I saw Heist Brewery Big Pick’n Berliner Weiss with Raspberry, 6.1% purchased from Pop The Top. Big Pick’n pour very thick raspberry red with a two finger pink head that steadily fades in to a little white cloud. There is a tart raspberry aroma with a bit of some sour notes and a very faint wheat note. Fruity tart raspberry flavor burst on your tastebuds with sone semi faint juicy sour notes that have a nice tart raspberry finish and fade in to aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. Heist Brewery Big Pick’n Berliner Weiss with Raspberry is rather good and getting a B+. It isn’t overly tart but just enough for most tastebuds. Sone tend to over do it with the tart flavors and this hit the sweet spot. I recommend Heist Brewery Big Pick’n Berliner Weiss with Raspberry. I will have this again. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Mikkeller Beer Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse (Pineapple)

Pick up Mikkeller Beer Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse (Pineapple), 3.7% ABV from Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop here in Charlotte this weekend. The gypsy brewers Mikkeller Beer brew this with lots of different fruits and I’ve had their Passion Fruit before and I picked up the blood orange verity. Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse (Pineapple) pours a bright hazy yellow with a two finger quickly fading head that leaves very little lacing and gives off a tart sweet fruit pineapple aroma that leads into a taste of nice tart tropical pineapple with a touch of sweetness and a slight sour note on the back of the mouth with a nice tart fruity finish and a slightly sour tropical pineapple aftertaste with a light mouthfeel. This Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse (Pineapple) does not have a big pineapple presence but it’s still tasty and worth a B. The tart notes come in right after you get a hit of pineapple flavor that keeps the pine from really shinning though. Overall a good tasty beer but just could have a little more pineapple, and this is one I would recommend trying. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!