21st Amendment Brewery Monks Blood

21st Amendment Brewery Monks Blood, 8.3% ABV purchased from the local Total Wine is a Belgian-style dark ale brewed in San Leandro California with cinnamon, Vanilla, oak chips, and dried figs. It has been a long while since I’ve had a beer from 21st Amendment Brewery. Monks Blood pours a deep brown with somewhat red edges and a two-finger tan khaki head with sweet candy sugar like aromas with some cinnamon and very light fig notes. Taste is much like a Belgian-style dark ale with a nice bit of sweetness upfront with nice light cinnamon and vanilla with a gracious licorice flavor and there is a bit of a strong nature to Monks Blood with a semi-sweet finish and a licorice aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. Not a bad Belgian-style dark ale, I would say that 21st Amendment Brewery Monks Blood is a B-, the overall flavor of this beer is not as full as a true Belgian dark ale. But it’s otherwise good and something worth trying. Please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

Wilmington Brewing Company Jason, Stop Texting Your mom.

Wilmington Brewing Company Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom New England Style IPA, 7.6% ABV purchased from Pop The Top which was brewed pretty fresh (8.15.19) and is brewed with Pale, Pilsner, Wheat, and Oat malts. Cashmere and Ekuanot hop in the Whirpool is a common method used in commercial breweries to separate hop pellets and trub from wort after the wort boil. Essentially the wort is pumped into the whirlpool vessel at a rapid velocity, usually about 15 feet per second, to cause the wort to start spinning like a whirlpool. Dry-hopped with #1 and #2: Cashmere and Ekuanot.  Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom pours a hazy yellow with a three-finger white head that slowly fades into massive whips of lacing with tropical pineapple aromas that a bit piney yet juicy. Then comes a tropical juicy pineapple flavor hitting your taste buds with a nice tingle of piney notes with a very faint underlying sweet note that is faint at best, then Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom finishes with a nice piney fruity, and hoppy with a tropical hoppy pineapple with a fuller mouthfeel. Wilmington Brewing Company Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom New England Style IPA is big on the pineapple juice with a nice flow of flavor complementing one another nicely to make Wilmington Brewing Company Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom New England Style IPA an A. I think this has one fruit flavor note to it which makes it nice and not seem so stereotypical New England IPA, because I do like this NE IPA style it just that it seem like every beer out there is a NE IPA and it’s overshadowing everything else. But I do recommend Wilmington Brewing Company Jason, Stop Texting Your Mom New England Style IPA. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!      

Throwback Thursday: Deep River Brewing Co limoncello Tart Ale

Originally posted April 8th, 2017.

Creativity is key to brewing and producing craft beer. Brewers get creative with ingredients, can and/or bottle type or even with the name and artwork on the label. One example is Deep River Brewing Co. Limoncello Tart Ale Brewed with Lemons, 5.4% that is produced in Clayton, Johnston County, North Carolina. Limoncello is sour blonde ale that is brewed with Sarachi Ace hops, a boatload of lemon, not sure how to measure a boatload, and fermented with a proprietary yeast strain that was developed with technology at NC State University. Limoncello pours a darker yellow color that has a bit of a brown murky hue to it with almost no head. The aroma is quite pleasing with fresh tart lemons and lemon peels with the lightest hint of a sour note. The flavor is at first slightly tart with lemon but is refreshing at the same time. Toward the middle of the mouth, Limoncello becomes a bit more tart and the lemon come through more, and on the back, the sourness shines a bit brighter without overpowering the tart lemony flavors there. The mouthfeel is light with a bit of thickness as you swallow. Limoncello finish tart, slightly sour with a nice refreshing quality. After taste lingers with tart lemon/lemon peels but doesn’t linger too much, and doesn’t pucker up the taste buds in the after taste. This beer is very good, it deserves an A. I found that none of the flavors clashed or overpowered one another, they all got along well and formed a wonderfully refreshing beer. I not the biggest fan of fruit beer, I like them enough and some fruits are not what I would say are good to brew beer with. But lemon in beer, now that is a good choice. I think lemon can enhance a beer or add another layer of flavor without making it into something not enjoyable. So you there should go and try Deep River Brewing Co. Limoncello Tart Ale Brewed with Lemons, I recommend you too. Cheers! Please Enjoy Responsibly! 

Commonwealth Brewing Company Limoncello

One of my favorite liquors, Limoncello Italian lemon-flavored alcohol, and the locals sometimes home make it. This. Commonwealth Brewing Company Limoncello, 3.9% ABV, brewed in Virginia Beach, Virginia is a Gosé style ale brewed with Lemon Beebrush, Lemon Balam, Lemon Zest and Lactose. Lemoncello is Commonwealth Brewings interpretation of Italian Limoncello. Limoncello pours a yellow color with a two-finger white head that fades steadily and has sweet lemon aroma with a pinch of saltiness to it. The flavor is not as I expected with a nice semi yet sweet lemon at the front with a little salt in the middle of the mouth with a little twinge of bitterness at the back, with a smooth finish of sweet/semi-salted lemon and a slight tartness that has a lemon balm and slightly sweet aftertaste with a light refreshing mouthfeel. The Gose aspect of Limoncello is muted and sometimes nonexistent, but overall Commonwealth Brewing Company Limoncello is a C+, a little above average but I have had better Gosé Ales and a better Lemoncello Style beer. Deep River Brewing Limoncello is a better Lemoncello beer. Commonwealth Brewing Company Limoncello is not the worst but it’s interesting enough for a try! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Beer & Chips Pairing: Trophy Brewing Co. & Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Waffle Cut Sea Salt

Trophy Brewing Co. Foam Party Pilsner, 5.0% ABV & Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Waffle Cut Sea Salt for this Beer & Chips Paring. I have previously review Foam Party Pilsner not too long ago. These Cap Cod Chips from Hyannis, Massachusetts are a deeper yellow color with a tight lattice cut to them and are similar to a waffle fry but not as thick, there is a potato aroma with a nice touch of sea salt and a faint crispy almost burnt aroma as well. The chips have a nice medium crunch with a nice amount of potato flavor that is salty but over salted. Foam Party Pilsner does cut some of the salt flavors and complements the somewhat greasy potato notes and together they finish nicely with a good amount of malty potato and an aftertaste of slight salt and nice greasy potato. This is a good paring of Trophy Brewing Co. Foam Party Pilsner, 5.0% ABV & Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Waffle Cut Sea Salt, pilsner goes very well with salty potato chips. This Beer & Chips Paring is a B+. The salt flavor is there but not so in your face kind of there, it has more potato flavor than anything else but these chips are a nice and welcome addition to the beer! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!       

Trophy Brewing Co. Foam Party Pilsner

Trophy Brewing Co. Foam Party Pilsner, 5.0% ABV purchased from Pop The Top Bottle Shop is brewed on a larger recipe off Trophy Brewings 20 barrel system designed for maximum foam and crispness using a technique called ‘spunding’ which Trophy has allowed for some natural carbonation to build up during fermentation creating a higher level on the finish for supreme head retention. Foam Party pours a golden yellow color with a three-four finger foamy white head that sticks around for a while leaving good lacing behind. There is a crisp malty aroma with light sweet notes wafting into the nose with a nice crisp semi-sweet malted flavor washing over your tongue with a brightness to the overall flavor. Foam Party Pilsner finishes bright refreshing with a nice malty sweetness and an aftertaste that is a little bready/biscuity with a light mouthfeel. Trophy Brewing Co. Foam Party Pilsner is a great example of a taste Pilsner, one that is an A. I recommend trying this as I will over and over again. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!      

Throwback Thursday: Oskar Blues Brewing Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Originally posted February 6th, 2014.

Canned beer is making a popular comeback these days. Can are a little more versatile than bottles. You can take cans of beer on a picnic with have to worry about what to do with a whole glass bottle. Can stay colder longer than a bottle, and are easier to transport. Plus can are much easier to open and recycle. There are number breweries that can beer and there are some that only can their beer. Oskar Blue Brewery is on that only cans all their beer. Originally started in Lyons Colorado, and recently built a brewery/taproom in Brevard North Carolina. So depending on what part of the USA you are would determine which brewery you beer comes from. Here is on of Oskar Blue’s year round offering, Mama’s Little Yella Pils, 5.3% ABV, a Czech Pilsner. Mama’s Little Yella Pils pours yep you guessed right, a yellow, light gold color with a big rocky three finger foamy bright white head that seem to stay forever, and from thick foamy lacing around the glass. I found decent amounts of light streaming though a healthy amount of carbonation bubbles. The aroma on Mama’s Little Yella Pils is a little breaded with nice pale biscuit scents. The aroma is altogether big and bright. The taste is clean, crisp, and easy drinking with nice clean breaded biscuit flavors. As the beer becomes a bit warmer the German Specialty and Saaz hops shine through. The mouth feel is light and crisp, with a clean refreshing finish. The after taste is just a pinch of a very faint hoppy taste with a nice semi faint biscuit flavor. Overall this is a wonderful, refreshing, clean, crisp, and easy-drinking pilsner! Oskar Blue’s Mama’s Little Yella Pils get an A+ here. I really can see this beer as an everyday beer. Mama’s Little Yella Pils is one well-crafted Pilsner, and I like the fact that it’s in can, that’s a little different. So I do highly recommend Mama’s Little Yella Pils. So go out and try Mama’s Little Yella Pils and see what you think of it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

The Beer News

Here are this week’s happenings in the Charlotte, North Carolina area!

  • Wednesday, March 27th. Crowned Sparrow Co.: craftXcraft | Carry Your Beer. Legion Brewing Co. 6:30 pm=9 pm. Tickets at eventbrite.com. Get an early start to celebrating Craft Beer Week and join us at Legion Brewing to make your own custom Beer Caddy! It’s the perfect size to take home your favorite beers this week, whether it’s six bottles or two crowlers! Choose your own paints and stains, as well as from four different designs at check-out to customize your piece! Everything you’ll need to make your own beer caddy is included in this class! In this class you’ll learn:

    – Basic construction techniques for building your caddy.

    – How to work with paints and stains to get full coverage on your piece.

    – How to work with vinyl stencils to get crisp, clear lines and a sharp image!

    Legion Brewing will have their delicious craft beer on tap and available for purchase, as well as their in-house menu of tasty eats!


  • Wednesday, March 27th. NOLA Brewing Co. Release Party. Flying Saucer. 6 pm- 12 pm. We are welcoming this sought after brewery to Charlotte by tapping up some of their great beers.
    – 7th Street Wheat
    – Hoppyright Infringement IPA
    – Dreaded Sour Ale
    – Hopback Cadillac Imperial IPA
    – Wild Gose 


  • Thursday, March 28th. IPA Series Release: Gravity Rides Double IPA. Birdsong Brewing Co. 3 pm -10 pm. The IPA Series continues throughout 2019 and just in time for Charlotte Craft Beer Week we’re excited to bring you the next brew in the series: Gravity Rides Double IPA!

    Join us for this limited release brew on Thursday, 3/28/19 at 3pm!

    Mosaic | Chinook | Idaho 7
    Hop heads rejoice! We chose the brightest and best hops for this juicy, piney Double IPA. Inspired by our favorite West Coast IPA styles, Gravity Rides has strong orange citrus and pineapple aromatics with a
    hint of grassiness for a smooth, hop forward drinking experience.
    8.7% ABV

    You can expect to see a very limited amount of Gravity Rides hitting fine retail establishments the week of 4/1/19.    


  • Friday, March 28th. Catawba Brewing and Bold Rock Picnic Party & PB&J Eating Contest. Flight. 6 pm-9 pm. Do you love Peanut Butter and Jelly?
    Do you love beer?
    Help us celebrate the release of our Peanut Butter Jelly Time beer into the market at Flight Beer Garden and Music Hall.

    We will be having a PBJ eating contest starting around 7 pm, and the winner will receive an awesome prize pack presented by Catawba Brewing and Bold Rock Cider!

    Contest rules will be as follows: The person who finishes the most “Uncrustable” PBJ sandwiches in 4 minutes is the winner. All participants will receive a pint of Peanut Butter Jelly Time Brown Ale with their entry fee. Entry into this contest will be $10 (cash only, please!)

    All proceeds will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina. Participants and guests are also encouraged to bring non-perishable food items to be donated directly to this charity.

    Come out stuff your face with PBJ and drink for a good cause!


  • Friday, March 28th. NoDa Bandito Release. NoDa Brewing Co. 3 pm-10 pm. Join us tonight for the NoDa Bandito Release Fiesta on the patio (or inside) for a few pints of our favorite Mexican Style Lager (4.9% ABV) and plenty of tacos from TIN Kitchen.


  • Saturday, March 30th. Burgers, Brews, and Buds Festival. Legion Brewing. 12 pm-6 pm. We’re kicking off Charlotte Craft Beer week with our annual Burgers, Brews and Buds Festival! The parking lot will be filled with live music, vendors, new merchandise, fresh-grilled burgers from a local farm, and of course cold beer. This is a free, family-friendly and dog-friendly (outside only) event, so bring the whole crew!

    PLUS, we’ll be releasing our new Blood Orange Juicy Jay IPA at the festival – don’t miss it!

  • Saturday & Sunday, March 30th & 31st. Triple Can Release. Wooden Robot. TRIPLE CAN RELEASE! SATURDAY 03.30.19 AT NOON
    Join us Saturday, March 30th for the Triple Can Release of Pilmatic, DDH Mosaic & Double Juice Island!

    Can Release Details:
    Pilmatic – Pilsner: $12 (+ tax)
    DDH Mosaic – Double Dry Hopped IPA: $14 (+ tax)
    Double Juice Island – Double IPA: $16 (+ tax)
    Sold in 4-packs (16oz) – No individual cans

    Sales will commence in the main bar at noon.
    * These beers cannot be consumed on premise *
    We will not be distributing these beers! Cans will be sold through our Taproom Only!
    Cans are available for pre-sale below:

    This beer will be FRESH! We will have a limited quantity of all three beers on draft. Come party with us!


  • Tuesday, April 2nd. Sour Tap TOWER Takeover. NoDa Brewing Company. 4 pm-9 pm. Our sour beers are coming back to life on Tuesday, April 2nd, in celebration of Charlotte Craft Beer Week! These brews will be taking over our sidebar for you sour beer fanatics. No tickets are required for this event!

    Here’s the line-up:

    1. Boba Brett | 6.7% ABV
    American wild ale that serves as the base beer for a number of our sour offerings. Aged for a year in oak foeders with a complex blend of Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and pediococcus. With notes of tropical fruit, melon, barnyard funk, and tartness, this beer was the beginning of our sour program.

    2. Lacto Calrissian | 6.5% ABV
    Golden Sour Ale brewed with 100% local Epiphany malt, NC Triticale (hybrid wheat/rye malt), and oats. Aged in an oak foeder for a year on a special blend of Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces. Lactic tartness reigns over a complex farmhouse funk.

    3. Berliner Weisse | 3.5% ABV
    Our take on a classic Berliner, brewed with spelt and fermented on a mixed culture of Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus, giving it some barnyard funk with a tropical, fruity tartness.

    4. Welcome to the Farmhouse | 5.3%
    Farmhouse Ale brewed with spelt (an ancient grain), refermented on the blackberries and brett culture used for our Blackberry Boba Brett bottle release in 2018. Complex fruit and barnyard notes.

    5. Pour L’amour | 6.2% ABV
    Saison brewed with NC Triticale and torrefied wheat malt. Aged for a year in oak barrels on a blend of Brettanomyces. Crisp with pure farmhouse funk.

    6. Crandaddy | 6.2% ABV
    Saison brewed with Epiphany malt and aged for a year in wine barrels on Brettanomyces, then refermented on cranberry puree.

    7. Lupulin Farm | 6.2% ABV
    Saison brewed with Epiphany malt and aged for a year in wine barrels on Brettanomyces, then dry hopped with one pound per barrel each of Citra and Hallertau Blanc.

    8. Ancient Funk | 5.2% ABV
    Saison brewed with spelt, an ancient species of wheat cultivated since approximately 5000 BC. Aged for a year in oak barrels on Brettanomyces.

    We don’t host these classic sour favorites often, so we hope you are able to come by and experience this unique event. We’ll also be selling Boba Brett glasses as well as t-shirts!

Birdsong Brewing Co. Rewind Lager

Picked up Birdsong Brewing Company Rewind Lager, 4.0% ABV from Pop the Top Bottle Shop last week. This is a traditional Czech Pilsner that pours a clear golden color with a two finger head that fades quick into decent lacing giving you aromas of crackers that are slightly floral and crisp that lead into a taste of dry cracker crispness that has a little faint hoppy note with a nice crisp clean dry finish and a cracker gain aftertaste with a refreshingly light mouthfeel. Birdsong Brewing Company Rewind Lager hits the Czech Pilsner on head nailing the style perfectly, this is an A- beer. It has nice clean refreshing qualities without being to plan and unassuming, and yeah this Birdsong beer is on that I recommend trying. It goes down smooth and easy. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Edward Teach Beer Co. Belgian-Style Blonde

We’re back and with new local beer from Edward Teach Beer Co. in Wilmington North Carolina and this is their Belgian-Style Blonde, 7.2% ABV. Edward Teach Beer Co. since 2014 is a newer brewery here among the many different NC breweries. Belgian-Style Blonde pours a deep gold color with a quickly fading white head that does leave some minimal lacing behind that fades halfway through drinking this beer, and gives off a semi-sweet aromas with some sour notes flowing in with a brightness hitting your nose that takes you down to a sweet taste of yeasted slightly spiced sour notes with hints of light fruit with a nice spiced finish and a semi-sweet spiced aftertaste with a medium to almost full mouthfeel. This beer is exactly how the Belgian Blonde should taste, it’s an A beer and is quite tasty as well as a bit refreshing in a little way. This Edward Teach beer doesn’t overpower your mouth with lots of flavors, it just hits it with a well-balanced amount, this is one beer I highly recommended. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!