Westbrook Brewing Company Peanut Butter Shake India Pale Ale


Here is another Shake IPA from Westbrook Brewing Company, this one is Westbrook Brewing Peanut Butter Shake India Pale Ale, 7% ABV and is non-homogenized brewed with Cascade, CTZ hops, dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Conan Yeast,  Carapils, Oats, Pale, Wheat malts, Lactose, Peanut Butter Powder, and Vanilla. Peanut Butter Shake pours a deep dark yellow with a three and a half finger white creamy sticky head, giving off a nice sweet nutty peanut butter aroma with a light bit of hops. The taste does follow the nose with nice sweet nutty peanut butter flavor with just a hint of vanilla with a nice light bitterness that is very faint with a light citrus note toward the back of the mouth that finishes with a nice vanilla bitter peanut butter vanilla flavor and continues into the aftertaste and lingers with a light hoppy grass note. Westbrook Brewing Peanut Butter Shake India Pale Ale is quite an interesting beer even for an IPA, and a good one too getiing a B+. I’d never think that peanut butter would be used in an IPA and done well. It does have a little tiny clash between the peanut butter and the hops but nothing to trun in terrible and yes I would recommend trying Westbrook Brewing Peanut Butter Shake India Pale Ale. Please Stay Safe and please enjoy responsibly Cheers!  

Westbrook Brewing Co. Pineapple Shake India Pale Ale


In the past, while back I reviewed a similar beer to Westbrook Brewing Pineapple Shake India Pale Ale, 7% ABV, and that was Peach Shake India Pale Ale. Westbrook brews six different Shake IPAs including this one. Pineapple Shake is brewed in Mt. Plesant South Carolina with Cascade, CTZ hops, dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Conan Yeast, Citrapils, oats, Pale, Wheat, Pineapple, lactose, and vanilla. A lot going on it this IPA! Pineapple Shake pours a cloudy pineapple yellow color, which makes sense because it’s got pineapples in it, a three-finger fluffy white head with good sticky retention. Pineapple Shake gives an aroma of sweet fruity pineapple notes with a light bitterness that is strong on the bitter side which leads you to its flavor which is yes you guessed it a light sweetness of juicy pineapple at first with hints of a light vanilla note with bitterness throughout that grows more bitter as it passes over the tongue and through your mouth. Pineapple Shake finishes with a nice bittersweet tropical pineapple that lingers into the aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel that is almost on the fuller side. Westbrook Brewing Pineapple Shake India Pale Ale has a lot going on like I said earlier and that all seems to work, I mean I think that pineapple and an IPA go very well together, and I give it an A. The sweetness of the pineapple is elevated with the addition of the lactose and vanilla and blends nicely with Citra hop bitterness. It’s a well-brewed beer, one which is definitely a must drink. Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!   

Dssolver Aku Askew Double India Pale Ale


Dssolver Aku Askew Double India Pale Ale, 9.6% brewed with pineapple, lime juice, grapefruit, lime peel, toasted almond, and Lactose in Asheville, North Carolina and I purchased this from Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop, go check them out if you haven’t. Aku Askew pours deeper yellow with a one and half finger white head that fades a bit rapidly giving you nose aromas of sweet juicy tropical fruit juicy, pineapple with nice citrusy notes that call you to take a sip where I found a tropical pineapple juicy with nice citrus juices, but I did a bitter minty taste on the back of my tongue with some light hoppy notes that culminate into a juicy fruit finish with touches of sweetness and continue to linger in the aftertaste with a touch more hoppy bitter notes with a medium to almost full mouthfeel. Dssolver brews good beer but I found Aku Askew Double India Pale Ale to be just above average getting a C+. I think the slightly strange flavor of mint the I got could be from the toasted almond interacting with all the nice juicy fruit flavors, that’s where I found Aku Askew Double India Pale Ale to fall off a bit. Would I have this again? Probably not right away seeing how has a big ABV and a barely above average flavor profile. I am not going to rush back to have this and you should try it just once. Please stay safe at home and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!      

Omnipollo Oaxaca Mango Margarita Slush IPA

From Omnipollo Brewing in Stockholm, Sweden, Oaxaca Mango Margarita Slush IPA, 6.5% ABV, brewed with Lactose Sugar, Mango, Lime, Grapefruit & with vanilla added. Oaxaca Mango Margarita Slush IPA pours a yellow color with a three finger steady fading white head with fruity aromas of mango, grapefruit with a nice sweet note. Oaxaca Mango Margarita Slush IPA taste has a nice similarity to the aroma with nice grapefruit and mango with a piney sweetness on the front of the mouth and on the middle with a bitterness that start in the middle of the tongue and grows as it washing to the back and finish with nice bitter fruits and piney with a bitter grapefruit, mango aftertaste and a medium mouthfeel. Ominpollo Brewing Oaxaca Mango Margarita Slush IPA was a little more bitter than I though it was going to be but still a good beer, and I give it a C+. Oaxaca Mango Margarita Slush IPA is slightly better than average but the bitter piney flavors took over the fruity sweetness muddling them a bit. The fruity flavors that I did taste weren’t bad they were just not as forward tasting or as predominant. I would have Ominpollo Brewing Oaxaca Mango Margarita Slush IPA again and yeah you should try it for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Trophy Brewing 90° Underneath The Palm Trees Pineapple Hopshake DIPA

Trophy Brewing Co. 90° Underneath Palm Trees Pineapple Hopshake DIPA, 8% ABV from Raleigh, North Carolina and purchased from Pop The Top Craft Beer is riding the wave of milkshake IPAs and this is brewed pineapple, Lactose Sugar, and Vanilla. 90° Underneath Palm Trees Pineapple pours a hazy pineapple juice yellow color with three and a half finger of pillowy white foam that slowly dissipates into some nice lacing, with tropical juicy aromas of sweet pineapple and citrus fruits with hints of a faint hoppy note. 90° Underneath Palm Trees Pineapple has an easy drinking taste with juicy tropical pineapple, orange citrus, with a nice sweetness and a low hoppy note on the end, that finishes tropical juicy and has an aftertaste of nice ripe sweet fruits that beckons you for another sip. 90° Underneath Palm Trees Pineapple is a really good beer that is easy drinking and refreshing. I give Trophy Brewing Co. 90° Underneath Palm Trees Pineapple Hopshake DIPA an A+. It doesn’t drink like it’s an 8% Double IPA which I highly recommend trying as this might become my new favorite! Cheers! please enjoy responsibly!

New Sarum Salisbury Brewing CO. Griffin Series Princess PeaHazy IPA

I went out to Pop The Top Craft Beer Shop for a few beers and brought back New Sarum Salisbury Brewing Co. Princess Peach Hazy IPA, 7.0% ABV & 20 IBU (International Bittering Unit)from Salisbury, North Carolina which is brewed with Blood Peaches and Lactose into what is called a Milkshake IPA. Princess Peach pours a hazy medium yellow color with a two finger white head with a sweet aroma of vanilla fruit, peaches, a nice bubble gum acidic notes hitting your nose with a vanilla bubble gum flavor upfront then slightly hoppy in the middle with a fruit peach acidic flavor come on the back as the hoppy flavor slowly grows, and finishes with a little hoppy fruity sweetness. Aftertaste is sweet and peachy with a light acidic note and faint bubble gum with a medium mouthfeel. Sarum Salisbury Brewing Co. Princess Peach Hazy IPA really surprised me with its uniquely delicious flavor, which none were out of place. Sarum Salisbury Brewing Co. Princess Peach Hazy IPA is well deserving of an A+. A really well brewed be with awesome milkshake fruitiness that is very tasty. I highly recommend trying this beer. I will come right back to this again! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!