Westbrook Brewing Co. Pineapple Shake India Pale Ale


In the past, while back I reviewed a similar beer to Westbrook Brewing Pineapple Shake India Pale Ale, 7% ABV, and that was Peach Shake India Pale Ale. Westbrook brews six different Shake IPAs including this one. Pineapple Shake is brewed in Mt. Plesant South Carolina with Cascade, CTZ hops, dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Conan Yeast, Citrapils, oats, Pale, Wheat, Pineapple, lactose, and vanilla. A lot going on it this IPA! Pineapple Shake pours a cloudy pineapple yellow color, which makes sense because it’s got pineapples in it, a three-finger fluffy white head with good sticky retention. Pineapple Shake gives an aroma of sweet fruity pineapple notes with a light bitterness that is strong on the bitter side which leads you to its flavor which is yes you guessed it a light sweetness of juicy pineapple at first with hints of a light vanilla note with bitterness throughout that grows more bitter as it passes over the tongue and through your mouth. Pineapple Shake finishes with a nice bittersweet tropical pineapple that lingers into the aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel that is almost on the fuller side. Westbrook Brewing Pineapple Shake India Pale Ale has a lot going on like I said earlier and that all seems to work, I mean I think that pineapple and an IPA go very well together, and I give it an A. The sweetness of the pineapple is elevated with the addition of the lactose and vanilla and blends nicely with Citra hop bitterness. It’s a well-brewed beer, one which is definitely a must drink. Please stay safe and please enjoy responsibly! Cheers!   

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