Southern Barrell Brewing Co. Beach Bully Pale Ale, 5.4% ABV, is made in Bluffton, South Carolina. I was gifted this beer along with a few others that by my good friends and neighbors. I will review the others later. Thank you to them. Beach Bully Pale Ale pours a yellow color and has a cloudiness to it, and it has a two and a half finger white sticky head. The aroma is fruity with citrus and mango. There are bitter hoppy notes as well. The taste is similar to the way it smells. There is mango and citrus among a nice bitter/hoppy flavor that does fade as it passes over your tongue. Beach Bully Pale Ale finishes with a light bitter fruit flavor. The aftertaste is bitter and with a slight fruit note. Southern Barrel Brewing Co, Beach Bully Pale Ale is refreshing and good. I give this a B+. It is slightly more IPA-like than Pale Ale. But it is not too much like an IPA that has an identity crisis. It’s more of a hoppy Pale Ale. I recommend Southern Barrel Brewing Co. Beach Bully Pale Ale. Please be kind, be safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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