Spoetzl Brewery Shiner 1909 Heritage Lager Beer

This beer Coming out of Shiner, Texas, from the Spoetzl Brewery, is Shiner 1909 Heritage Lager Beer, 4.5% ABV. This lager beer was sent by KLG Public Relations, and I would like to thank them for this beer. This Shiner Lager beer is named for the founding year of the Spoetzl Brewery, 1909 by Czech immigrants to Texas. This lager is made with 2-row barley and noble hops, which are hops grown in Europe particularly Germany. 1909 Heritage Lager Beer pours a gold color with one finger quickly fading head. The aroma is typical lager, faint bread notes with a bit of raw barley. The taste is smooth with light bread notes. The mouth is full, and this beer really coats the mouth. This lager finishes with a slight beaded malt flavor. The aftertaste is semi-sweet and really sticks around and lingers. This is a beer that starts off okay and then it really grows on you. Spoetzl Brewery is Shiner 1909 Heritage Lager Beer is B-. This is not one of the top lagers buts it is good. I think its a B-. I think they are going for a wider appeal with this lager, and not just trying to please the taste buds of the craft beer enthusiast. But I think it will not make a craft beer enthusiast pour this out. I found it not to be so bad, kind of good actually. I will even recommend it. So try it sometime. Please be kind, be safe and enjoy responsibly! 

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