Tool Beer Ms. Velvet 2018 Edition

Tool Beer Ms. Velvet 2018 Edition, 9.0% ABV, from Denmark and brewed in De Proef Lochristi Belgium I picked up from Pop The Top Bottle Shop here in Charlotte. Ms. Velvet is blackcurrant & plum triple ale that pours a red/purple color with a one and a half finger thin white head that fades into a little halo with some lacing, with aromas of bright fruity notes, mostly dark fruits with some slightly alcoholic notes that take you to a dark fruit flavor with slight sour alcoholic notes with some bitterness on the back with a dry dark fruit finish and lingering sour/tart dark fruit dry aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. I like this but I think it’s good as a sour fruit beer and okay just as a Belgian Tripel, I give Tool Beer Ms. Velvet 2018 Edition a B-. The tart dark fruits give this a nice refreshing quality and get through the 9.0% ABV but just a little. I would recommend this but after 3 or four pints you’d be over the fruit and the 9.0% ABV, But it’s a good beer for, just one or two. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly

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