Stillwater-Artisanal Yacht Dry-hopped Session Lager


I have been posting mostly IPA beer reviews recently so I thought of not reviewing that style for a bit so here I  have Stillwater-Artisanal Yacht Dry-Hopped Session Lager, 4.2% ABV. I pick this up at Good Bottle Co. here in Charlotte. Thanks to them for having this and a great selection of craft beers. Check them out, Yacht pours a golden yellow color with a big fluffy three finger white head with great retention, leaving be beautiful lacing with a faint earth hop note on the nose, and some crisp malts, grains, and a slight semi-sweetness. Taste is light, slightly hoppy at first with some crispness and semi-sweetness with a touch of a slight bitter note on the end. The finish is slightly crisp with a little hoppy note then leaves a hoppy yet sweet and crisp after taste. Yacht is an interesting take on a lager beer, the hops here don’t over power the rest of the flavors on this beer. So with that said I give Stillwater-Artisanal Yacht Dry-Hopped Session Lager an A-. The hops add another layer to an other wise one side style of beer, and work well here, and the low ABV add another plus to the beer making Yacht easy to drink as well as crisp. This is a good beer and one that you should try, and go over to the Good Bottle Co. and pick up some. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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