Sugar Creek Brewing Company Atmosphera Tripel


I have recently gained a new appreciation for the Sugar Creek Brewing Company here in Charlotte North Carolina, over their beer dinner at Reid’s Fine Foods a couple weeks back, and which I put a post up about that. This is Atmosphera Tripel, 9.7% ABV. This beer is found in a big champagne type bottle. Atmosphera Tripel pours a deep orange murky color with a one and a half finger of clear/white head that quickly fades away, leaving behind an aroma of boozy sweet fruits and a slight yeast note. Atmosphera has a strong alcoholic note as well. Taste is fruity at first then you get a slight yeast like note, then you get a bit of the alcohol come in but it slightly smooth on the back of the mouth that gives you a slightly boozy fruit finish and a sweet after taste of the fruits. This doesn’t drink like a beer that is 9.7% ABV, but it still drinks bit strong. I give Atmosphera Tripel an A+. Atmosphera is as good as the Belgian Tripels if not better. I like to see breweries in the US brew great Belgian style beer, especially here in Charlotte. I recommend you pick up a bottle and try it! Atmosphera is a beer that I would bring as gift to a dinner party, classy looking, tasting, and local. Trifecta! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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