Throwback Thursday: The Olde Mecklenburg Brewer Copper Amber Ale

Every Thursday as of now I will be post an older post, a good post. This is Throwback Thursday.IMG_0719

This is my favorite brewery Old Mecklenburg Brewery, and this is one of my favorite beers that they brew, Copper amber ale. This is an authentic Dusseldorf-style Altbier. This is a “lagered ale”. They use barley malt and noble Hallertau hops. Copper is 4.8% abv, and is a full-bodied, full-flavored yet amazingly smooth and refreshing. OMB Copper is a year round beer and it is their flag ship brew. Cooper pours a nice rich amber color with thick whitish head. There is a nice scent of the malted barley and a light wisp of the Hallertau hops. Cooper as a nice clean taste with very faint hop flavor there, with nice malt flavors. This is alsoand crisp, as is the finish of this wonderful brew. I believe that Old Mecklenburg does a really great job of brewing they’re beers, and all the beer only come in a one pt, six fl oz bottles as of now, Olde Mecklenburg Copper get an A+. which to me make the beer seem a little special. That’s a nice touch. But you can get them is a six pack of the one pt, six fl oz bottles. That is a lot! Each sip of Copper is always better than the last until it’s gone. But then you’re happy that you just had one amazing beer and you want to go and tell everyone just home great OMB Copper really is. Well isn’t that why I am righting this. I mean I just think that everyone should at least try Copper. You won’t be sorry that you did. I never am. I love this stuff a lot. One of my favorites from my favorite brewer. Keep up the good work Old Mecklenburg Brewery! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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