NoDa Brewing Company Hop Cakes Imperial India Pale Ale

NoDa Brewing Company Hop Cakes Imperial India Pale Ale, 10.2% ABV and 118 IBUs (International Bittering Units) purchased from the local Harris Teeter grocery store here is brewed lots of Vermont Maple Syrup. Hop Cakes pours semi deep orange with a three finger white head with maple syrup aromas with a bitter hop resin notes with some citrus notes melt into you nose. Hop Cakes flavor is strong up front with a maple syrup rein bitterness with a bitter citrus fruit flavor coming in on the back of mouth and a very faint boozy note, with a big bitter syrup finish and a somewhat sweet yet faint syrup bitterness aftertaste with hits of a bitter resin citrus fruit with a full mouthfeel that is due to the amount of maple syrup used. NoDa Brewing Company Hop Cakes Imperial India Pale Ale is a big beer an is a interesting take on an Imperial IPA but the syrup and the hoppy bitterness make this on bitter hoppy beer which is good but I think that Hop Cakes is a B- beer. It would be a beer that you could drink a lot of, the bitterness would be overwhelming and would wreck your taste buds, but it isn’t a bad beer the maple syrup aspect add a nice touch to a beer with a hint of sweetness. I would recommend this just simply for the maple syrup, and yes I would hav NoDa Brewing Company Hop Cakes Imperial India Pale Ale again. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Southern Pines Brewing Company Reverse Nostalga New England DIPA

Picked up Southern Pines Brewing Company Reverse Nostalgia New England DIPA, 9.5% ABV local from Pop the Top Bottle Shop here in Charlotte, NC. This is a New England style Double IPA and New England style IPA have grown in popularity of the last few years. This IPA style uses the hop aroma and flavor without the bracing bitterness. Reverse Nostalgia pours a hazy deep orange color with a two finger deep white rocky head that gives off piney fruity notes with an aroma of grapes, faint pineapple and grapefruit that leads into a flavor of grapes faint pineapple with a bitter grapefruit with very faint hoppy ands strong notes with a nice fruity finish and an aftertaste of similar fruits with a full mouthfeel. Overall this is not a strong taste as it would suggest but it’s up there and it is smoother for double IPA and getting a B- here. It has a strong flavor hitting the back of the mouth and that holds it’s no higher than B-. Would I have this again? Yes but not right after the first one, then your mouth would be wrecked and everything would taste the same. But I would recommend Southern Pines Brewing Company Reverse Nostalgia New England DIPA. It’s was good for a strong DIPA. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Birdsong Brewing Company Honey Pie Double IPA

Birdsong Brewing Company Honey Pie Double IPA, 8.9% ABV which I picked up from the local Harris Teeter grocery store. Honey Pie Double IPA is brewed with local North Carolina harvested Cloister Honey, and pours a deep orange color with a slightly off white two finger head that does leave behind fluffy lacing, giving you sweet malted notes of bitter grapefruit, orange and some honeydew melon that then take you to a big sweet malted bitterness of some orange, grapefruit and some honeydew with a sizable honey flavor note that follows, with a bittersweet finish and a bitter melon grapefruit aftertaste that is lingering with a booziness and a full mouthfeel. I was going into Honey Pie Double IPA with good expectations and I have come to the conclusion that it was too much and I didn’t find this beer as good as I was hoping, so I say it deserves a D. I think the honey and the bitterness combined to really wallop you with bitterness but the sweetness does keep Honey Pie Double IPA from being the worst beer and I actually like most beers from Birdsong Brewing especially their IPAs. But this Birdsong Brewing Company Honey Pie Double IPA just wasn’t one Birdsong IPA I liked. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Hi-Wire Brewing gimme the brut Double IPA

Hi-Wire Brewing gimme the brut Double IPA, 8% ABV, is a new originating in California style for the past year where brewers use combination of Pilsner malt, wheat, corn and/or rice in the mash and they add Amylase enzymes that reduce the beers final gravity. These brut IPA are generally low in bitterness with gimme the brut Double IPA have only 20 IBUs. Gimme the brut Double IPA pours a yellow color with a tight but rocky white heads giving off a slightly fruity hoppy aroma with a dry juicy like note that leads to a slightly fruit hoppy orange flavor that is a little bit like orange juice on the middle of the tongue and dry on the back or the tongue that continues into the the finish of this beer with a little dry fruit aftertaste and low bitterness. Gimme the brut Double IPA is not overly bitter throughout but has a nice low/faint hoppy not that comes in. I give Hi-Wire Brewing gimme the brut Double IPA an A-. It’s a good beer but not as sparkling or effervescent as you’d like for being a brut IPA. But good and yes it was a bit refreshing, and one that I recommend tying. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Rogue Ales 10 Hop IPA

This beer Rogue Ales 10 Hop IPA, 10.10% ABV 2ith 78 IBUs brewed in Newport Oregon is a double IPA brewed with 10 different hops such as Rogue Farms Liberty, Independence, Revolution, Keven, Adair, Rebel, Newport, Yaquina , Freedom & Alluvial Hops as well a Rogue Farms Dare & Risk, Goldpils Vienna Malts, Rogue Farms Hopyard Honey, Dextrose, Kolsch #2 Yeast, & Free range coastal water. 10 Hop IPA is part of a series of beer that has started out as 1 hop and gone front there and there is no telling how far or how many hops will be going future beers. 10 Hop IPA pours a deep orange color with a big four finger white slow head that gives you a slight sweetness in the aroma with bitterness and malt notes that takes you to a flavor that is big with an alcoholic boozy note with a semi-sweet honey note in the middle of the mouth with a hoppy flavor on the back of the tongue with big boozy bitter finish and an alcoholic bitter aftertaste with a big full mouthfeel. 10 Hop IPA does become more alcoholic as it warms. This is a big IPA but a good IPA and gets a B+. It has bold flavors without big way too hoppy and bitter, but it has enough to make it a big double IPA. You definitely know this is 10 hop IPA. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Funky Buddha Brewery Huki Idol Tropical IPA

Funky Buddha Brewery from Oakland Florida which brews this beer, Huki Idol Tropical IPA, 8.0% ABV is a new North Carolina Distributed beer. Huki Idol a double IPA brewed with passion fruit, lime, and mint with Mosaic hops. Huki Idol pours a hazy yellow with a three finger white head that has a good retention giving off an aroma of tropical citrus fruits with a nice bitter scent with a topical flavor upfront with a bit of a hoppy mint in the middle of the mouth that it is juicy through to the back of the mouth where you get more of a bitter minty flavor that finishes with a tropical mint citrus flavor and a juicy bitter mint aftertaste that lingers on your tongue with an orange juice like flavor with a fuller mouthfeel. Funky Buddha Brewery. Huki Idol is a great beer with interesting ingredients that are great for warm weather and is deserving of an A+. Solidly brewed and balanced with great a refreshing taste. This Huki Idol doesn’t really taste like it’s a double IPA nor does it drink like an 8% ABV beer. I highly recommend Funky Buddha Brewery Huki Idol. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Knee Deep Brewing Co. Lupulin River Imperial India Pale Ale


Imperial IPA can be big & strong or they can be really big & strong. Some can be upwards of 18% ABV and near 100 IBUs. This Knee Deep Brewing Co. Lupulin River Imperial India Pale ale, 8.0% ANB and 76 IBUs is probably in the middle when it comes to imperial IPA. Lupulin River Imperial India Pale ale out of Auburn Placer County California pours a light orange color with a four finger white head giving off dank fruity aromas with earthy bitter notes and has a flavor of grapefruit (peels and all) with bitter earthy pine and slight dank oranges with a mild bitter finish that grows slightly more bitter as it fades into a bitter grapefruit aftertaste with touches of an orangey note all with a lighter to somewhat medium mouthfeel. This is not so big tasting for an imperial IPA but you do taste it’s 8.0% ABV even more so as it warms. Lupulin River Imperial India Pale ale is definitely an A. Solid IPA flavors and bitterness without going to the extream keeping it more on the easier to drink side of things. Lupulin River Imperial India Pale ale is something with trying and yes it comes in six-packs. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!    

Champion Brewing Company Fruitless Double India Pale Ale


I have noticed that Champion Brewing Company Fruitless Double India Pale Ale, 8.0% ABV with 70 IBUs is quite popular so while I was in the Good Bottle Co. and decided to pick one up. This beer is brewed exclusively with Mosaic hops. Fruitless Double India Pale Ale pours a slightly hazed orange color with a one and a half finger of white head that quickly falls into itself leaving very little behind but aromas of malted grapefruit with piney bitterness that makes for a taste of slightly grapefruity upfront with nice malt touches with a earthy garlic note in the middle then a bitter pine note on the end that finishes with a malted bitter finish with earthy bitter aftertaste with a light to almost medium mouthfeel. Champion Brewing Company Fruitless Double India Pale Ale is okay, I give it a C. It has a little fruit flavor and that not enough of the flavor and it has a real bitter finish. It’s not the worst but not one I’d go back too. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

Tröges Independent Brewery Nugget Nectar

Tröges Independent Brewery Nugget Nectar, 7.5% ABV with 93ish IBUs is a quite popular beer produced in Hershey Pennsylvania once a year by dry-hopping with Nugget, Warrior, Tomahawk, Simcoe, and Palisade hops. Tröges classifies this as a Imperial Amber Ale but I have heard some call it a double IPA. Nugget Nectar pours a clean straw orange color with a one and a half finger white head with aromas of hoppy caramel piney resin with a little bit of orange that then give a taste of slight caramel orange with dank resin bitterness with some earthy pine notes onion the middle and back of the tongue with a bitter faint mango orange finish and a big resin bitter aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. This is a big bitter beer that is a bit in your face towards the end and for me that hurts this beer a bit. IU give it a B-. Everything about this beer up until the finish is pretty good then hits a little snag. I can see why this is popular, it’s not so west coast IPA which helps it to stand out and it’s not around all year which help make it cool. I wouldn’t recommend have several Nugget Nectars the flavor would be too much after two or three. But I would recommend trying Tröges Independent Brewery Nugget Nectar. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Hop Bullet Double IPA


This is a new springtime beer from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Hop Bullet Double IPA, 8.0% ABV and 60 IBUs, this double IPA is brewed with loads of Magnum Hops a Lupulin Dust. Hop Bullet pours a golden yellow color with a two finger head with some good retention giving off bitter orange and big pineapple and west coast IPA aromas that pull you more pineapple taste with nice big bitterness, a bit of orange and some slight grapefruit, melon with a nice west coast hoppiness on the back that has a nice strong bitter fruited finish and a big bitter earthy aftertaste with a medium mouthfeel. This is good but they can do a little better than this, Torpedo is a little better than this, but this has a touch more fruit flavor to this. Overall not a bad double IPA, it gets a B-. As Hop Bullet warms the bitterness becomes evermore present and strong and the fruity flavors are toned down a bit. I do recommend Hop Bullet Double IPA, it good. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!