Stone Brewing Fear. Movies. Lions Double IPA

No you are not seeing a labeling mistake on this can of Stone Brewing Fear. Movies. Lions Double IPA 8.5% ABV. It is supposed to be upside down, because of their saying Leave No Stone Unturned. This double IPA is made with Loral & Mosaic hops, and is a 2019 gold medal winner at the San Diego International Beer Competition. Fear. Movies. Lions is her only beer I’ve seen that comes in a sixteen ounce six pack instead of the usual four pack sixteen ounce. Fear. Movies. Lions pours a light copper gold color with a two and a quarter finger white head with some good retention. The aroma is bitter, there is onion, garlic, a bit of light fruit. Taste of Fear. Movies. Lions is somewhat similar to its aroma, there is onion and garlic bitterness with hoppy fruity notes, and a medium mouthfeel. Fear. Movies. Lions finish strong with bitter notes of a light fruit flavor and has the same in the aftertaste that linger with a hoppy bitter note. I found Stone Brewing Fear. Movies. Lions Double IPA to be good and slightly on the song side, I say this double IPA is a B-. The onion, garlic and fruity notes clashed together in a microscopic way. But it was not terrible enough to make me not like this beer, I do recommend Stone Brewing Fear. Movies. Lions Double IPA if you like IPAs. Please stay safe and enjoy responsibly! Cheers!

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